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This time its for real.


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Now is the time I have to do this. If I don't I can just see my health going downhill even more and not being able to do anything with my children. As it is, I am in pain in my back and hips every day just moving around, this is not normal and I don't want to live like this.

Really putting on 20 kg in 6 months is a lot and I am really feeling it, since I already was around 20-30 kg overweight, but at that time I was doing CrossFit and paleo, and feeling so strong, and healthy.

I am now going to do the whole 30, but without eggs, in case that contributes to my inflammation.

I joined a gym yesterday, but will only be doing things like aqua classes, pilates reformer and yoga classes. These are suggested by my physio until I get some of this excess weight off.

Lately I have been taking way too many painkillers for my liking, and they have barely made a dent in my lower back pain. Having my physio here the other day helped, he also used acupuncture. Its just all so tight in my back, so those classes at the gym will help.

Its not normal to be in agony everyday, and to have a headache every second day, then to live off painkillers. We had some major upheavals happen recently and ive been more stressed so again turning to food but this has to stop, I can't have my children learn this behaviour, I just can't.

I tried my first pilates reformer class this morning, and I enjoyed it, it was not easy, but I can see how it will help my body over all, especially all my pains. Right now I feel like an old woman hobbling around :(

Yesterday we went to take my children swimming, and I tried to put on my swimwear I had not worn in around 10 months or so, and I could not pull them over my thighs, it was humilating, as then I had to tell my children and husband I needed to buy new ones to go swimming. :( That was the final straw, so today begins my whole 30 + I have a lot of healing to do, that is my first goal, but also to get some of this excess 50-55 kg off :( That is so much weight, its crazy.

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OK so again I got off to a bad start.

But today I am day 3 of my whole 30 +.

The real kick in the pants for me, was realising my 2.5 year old has digestive issues (never has normal poo), and that he needs to be dairy free, so currently our whole family is dairy free. The coffee cravings have not been as bad as past times of trying this so I am hoping I can kick the habit.

Back to my son. I stopped breastfeeding him at 14 months, which I really regret now, as I breastfed my oldest till 3 years 3 months, this was with out a break, so it had been just over 4 years non-stop when I weaned my youngest. I really just couldn't tolerate it anymore, but its just pure guilt for me now, as its my job to nourish my children. And stupidly then I started giving him cows milk to drink. Formula was never ever an option. Neither of my children have had a drop thankfully. But I do believe the cows milk combined with really crappy food over the last year or so for him, as caused his digestive issues. Day 3 of no dairy. We are also all drinking Kombucha, I found some that does not add sugar after fermenting. Also giving us all a probiotic for now, but will not replace the bottles, and make sure we get daily kombucha.

I still have itching in not so fun places, but has been like this on and off since my youngest was born. Any sugar or dairy seems to irritate it, so really have to keep on with this whole 30 and be super strict on myself.

Also my 2.5 year old since we stopped paleo the first time, seemed to think he was a vegetarian and was not eating any meat. But slowly over the last week or so have managed to get him to eat it, some anyway, so will work on that each day.

Am hoping it won't take too long for his poos to start being more normal. Thankfully due to ECing since birth , I actually get to see his poo in a potty rather than squashed in a nappy, so I can see when its better. Currently its just smelly mush, which is not good. He is still asking for a cup of milk, but seems to be not too phased when I say no. Its completely out of our house now.

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Today is day 5, yeah!

I have not been updating everyday, but I am doing OK. Yes I crave coffee, but have not given in.

Yesterday afternoon I was exhausted and after dinner read a book until I went to sleep about 9 pm.

Today is farmers market day. Only planned for meal 1. But will be home well before lunch.

Meal 1 - Egg cupcakes + bacon.

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You seem to be doing great so far! This is a wonderful decison that your family will thank you for. You only have one body and so far you definitely are headed in the right direction to health. Don't worry too much about the cravings. The first couple of days are the worst, but it gets easier! But you know you can still drink coffee? Dairy and sugar are both out, but you can use canned coconut milk.

Keep it up and make the most out of this health journey!

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Meal 1 and 2 - Leftover ribs.

Few grapes in between.

Meal 3 - Leftover ossu bucco with steamed kale.

Woke up this morning with lower back in agony (one issue ive had for a few months). Pain was so bad, I thought id go to Dr (which I hate doing) to rule out kidney as its in the same area. He sent me off for blood tests, and sent urine away too. I have an ultrasound on Monday morning as well.

I just want to be sure its not that, then if my back I know I have to be patient as I know there is no obvious injury (been seeing my physio who can't see anything major, and the pain keeps hanging around). I did ask the Dr if its likely to just be pain from being very heavy and he did agree. But Monday I will know. I took a painkiller this morning that has codeine in it, and I feel absolutely sick now, and have all day, I hope it wears off soon.

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Your energy seems to be better, which is great because it's a sign of improved hormonal response. Have you started your yoga class? I'm definitely not a doctor, but I've heard many times that it can help with back injuries.

I also though I'd share this video with you:

You might have seen it, but in any case, I hope it can provide you inspiration and motivation.

You're on the right track and you will get better!

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thanks for the vid, I have seen this before, and I think he is amazing. Thanks again :)

I did try yoga and pilates, and really struggled with it :( Particularly when requiring bending my belly really gets in the way. It sucks.

But I am enjoying the aqua classes, and it is a good workout, so will keep doing 3 x a week of those.

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So sick of this back pain.

Meal 1 - ground beef patties (with grated zuchinni in them) wrapped in lettuce with homemade salsa and homemade mayo.

Meal 2 - Same as meal 1.

Meal 3 - unsure yet, but will be something with ground beef. Yes well aware that is poor planning, but I am not normally that bad.

Will be lots of veg in it either way.

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Day 7 whole 30 +

Feeling like utter crap today, everything aches and I just feel overall not great.

Someone please tell me this will pass soon :(

I am having daily kombucha now (no added sugar after fermentation) surely this is not doing it?

I am less tired, but just feeling blah.

Meal 1 - 3 eggs fried in ghee + baked bacon + cherry tomatoes

Meal 2 - Left over ribs from the other day, didn't eat much as was not hungry.

Meal 3 - Egg foo yung from Well Fed. Been looking forward to trying this recipe.

Kidney ultrasound and blood test results tomorrow, so looking forward to hopefully ruling out a kidney problem. But if my back, I know its just going to be a long slow road, but at least I will know.

Aqua class Mon, Wed and Fri as well as walking dogs x 2 a day.

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I find myself craving sugar, bread or sweets when something upsets me or makes me angry.

Sometimes I think I am hungry but I am just bored, or over emotional.

When im craving sugar I used to eat various things, cakes, chocolates, biscuits etc.

During my whole 30 I am going to reach for kombucha instead.

When I eat sweet food like fruit, I find I crave more and more sugar.

When I eat salty foods like nuts I notice no particular cravings.

I thought id miss eating packaged foods, but I really don't miss them at all.

I didn't like id like eat as much vegetables as I am eating (although still could eat plenty more) but im actually really enjoying them.

I have the hardest time sticking to the whole 30 when I am feeling really emotional.

I have the hardest time sticking to the whole 30 when I am out shopping but this is getting easier.

When I eat a good breakfast, I feel amazing and energized.

When I prepare a healthy meal from scratch I feel really good, and like ive accomplished something good.

Since I started the whole 30, the only thing ive really noticed improved is my sleeping and generally waking up feeling more refreshed, but as the day goes on am still not feeling great. But I know I have so much healing to do.

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Any time... Maybe make sure you are having some starchy veggies most days especially the active days and fruit sometimes.... Pumpkin, sweet potato, even carrot. I found often the days that were harder I hadn't had any carbs. Enough fat too is really important. This was hard for me to get used to but after about four days when I could see I was losing fat faster than when dieting, I stopped being worried about eating the larger serve of fat when needed!

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Well I thought I felt crap before.

But the last 2 days I have completely lost the plot. Monday morning I found out I have gallstones. Gallstones! Eff it. It just makes me feel so crap. Then I have eaten lots of none whole 30 items, next day I get a nasty cold. Now I am exhausted, and just over all run down. It really is just a reminder it starts with food.

I am only 31, but I am so scared I have permanently damaged my body with all these years of crap eating.

Right now I just want to bang my head against a wall.This combined with my children refusing meat and wanting to eat fruit all day is driving me batty.

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Well today is my new day 1.


will be loading myself up with this today, as I really am quick sick with this nasty cold. Its nice comforting soup, never mind its almost summer and very humid today. This is what my body needs. Even my children seem to be enjoying it.

Started the supplements suggested by my naturopath today to help with my liver, and also hopefully break these gallstones down a bit.

She did mention that for every year of being unhealthy, it can take a month to heal. So I am in for a long 12 months I think :(

I do need to remind myself of this when I want to stuff up, because I do not want to be fighting this battle for the rest of my life. And my children telling their friends their mummy is always sick. No way!

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You poor thing Ayla... No wonder you had back pain! I had my gall bladder out when I was 24.... Over 20 years ago...

There is a great article about how to help a malfunctioning gall bladder naturally... I will send you the link... Wish I knew about this then. It is from a great site, the one that pointed me to here... Whole9. You must be finding it hard to eat the fat required for whole30 though..... I am not sure of whether I can manage it long term as I used to eat very little fat, just feeling my way ... My skin is certainly enjoying it though..

I love soup!

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Hey thanks so much for the link.

That pic shows exactly where it is on my back, but it does often spread to both sides it seems.

I am not so bothered by the fat really although I guess its why I am in constant pain LOL. I just ignored it for so long.

But ive started the supplements from my naturopath and ill try and get another scan in a month and go from there.

Today was not day 1, due to a coffee (yes im dumb). But tomorrow is day 1.

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Whole 30 day 1 again.

Meal 1 - compliant plain beef sausages + 2 eggs fried in ghee.

Meal 2 - Leftover sausages (cold) and home made salsa.

Meal 3 - Ground beef "burgers" wrapped in lettuce not bread of course (plus cucumber, julienned carrots, and salsa.

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any amount of gluten or dairy now sends me into agony.

My confusion about this whole thing, is the pain being in my back (kidney area) apparently it can stil be the gallstones. But the Dr said it would be in the front if really bad. I am worried if it does get worse, and I do end up going to the hospital that ill have to argue with the Drs, because they won't believe its my gallbladder, because of where the pain is. Even though I have the ultrasound showing the stones. I just hate hospitals and Drs :(

I just wish these crap foods didn't have such a hold on me. I was out around lunchtime today and had a chicken burger. Half way through I started feeling extremely sick and couldn't finish it. I am gathering due to the gluten, plus my pain started getting really bad again. On the way home I thought I was going to throw up.

I also woke up in extreme pain this morning, and nearly took pain killers, but knew I was going out, so did not want to be drowsy and trying to drive.

Why can't I just do a whole 30 without effing it up!

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argh the weirdest thing happened during dinner, I had pain/sick feeling in my upper abdomen, Ive never had anything like it. I thought I was going to throw up about 3 times. After a few minutes it eased so I continued eating. Since ive finished dinner, its still there but not as bad as it was.

Is this what most people feel during their gallstone pains?

The area of my back that is sore, is still horribly painful.

Maybe it does need to come out :( I don't want to be avoiding fats, but I guess this is what is causing the pains?

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