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Reintro: Everything But the Corn, and Menstruation


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Hello! I wanted to post about my reintro so far. 

  • Day 1 of Reintro, on Saturday, I had a dried chickpea snack in the afternoon and a good portion of black beans with a shrimp salad at a Mexican restaurant, as well as some peanut butter that morning. The peanut butter affected me slightly, but the other legumes seemed to be just fine!
  • Day 2, I had a bowl of brown rice and tuna for lunch. I saw on these boards that the brown rice can be harder to digest than white rice, but I seemed to be okay in digesting it. The one difference is how tired I felt afterward. I guess it was the carb load! I ended my day with some organic corn tortilla chips and salsa with friends...and I ate almost the whole bag! Yeah bad decision. But even when I first started I could tell the corn was hard to digest.
  • I think I am going to try again with another round of gluten-free grains with real corn on Friday. We shall see how things go.

So Far, corn has been the only issue. Before Whole 30, I had some digestive issues, so I am surprised to not have as strong of affects with the other foods I have tried thus far. The way everyone talks on this board and in general is that you have MAJOR affects, but I'm just not seeing it. I have LOVED doing the whole 30, and have seen all kinds of NSVs, but as I reintroduce, I am not seeing much of a difference. Thoughts?

Finally, in a separate issue, I am starting my period soon. Would any moderators recommend doing reintro after menstruation? Would this be significant in detecting how different food groups affect me?

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People are most likely to post about major effects, so those are what you'll read about most, but not everyone experiences that. Some have major issues, others are less noticeable, and for some, they don't notice anything during reintroductions, but if they add something back to their diet regularly, symptoms that had cleared up on their whole30 start coming back. And some never have any issues at all.

As for doing reintroductions during your period, it's up to you. If you usually feel pretty miserable during that time, it makes sense to wait, so you know if the miserableness is food related or period related. If you don't usually have many symptoms, go ahead with the reintroductions.

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