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Whole 30 Melbourne (Down Under) style


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Thanks Keri! I have had some big improvements already cutting out dairy again, increasing good fats and going completely grain free rather than just gluten free. I want to make paleo eating my future lifestyle but havent yet got the right balance.... I am very optimistic that the guidelines provided here will help me crack that - stay tuned....

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Day 1

M1 hand size steak with lettuce, cucumber, 10 olives and balsamic at around 8am

M2 3 eggs cooked in a thumb of ghee with a tomato, carrot and stick of celery at 1230. Two cups of green tea.

Wasn't going to last till dinner so had a snack of a handful of cashews and some blueberries at 330

M3 hand size white fish, half a baked sweet potato, lots of broccoli, cauliflower and carrots, a few snow peas, some tomato juice and a quarter cup of coconut milk/cream.

Yay, a good first day

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Day 2

M1 large serve of ground beef, carrot, pumpkin and zucchini cooked in ghee at 8am

PreWO handful of cashews at 1pm (good I had a big breakfast...)

Aerobic 9 km slow run 66 minutes

M2 hand sized steak, half a sweet potato, lettuce mix, tomato and cucumber at 230 pm

This is supposed to be a post WO meal and not replace lunch... But busy this morning with kids athletics and busy again this arvo.. So not sure how else to do it? Was wondering if I should have added in fat since it is also lunch not just post WO ?? Not sure of the reason to omit fat from the post WO ... To keep calories down because it is an extra meal? Or more likely to speed up the absorption of the meal to aid recovery? Anyone care to comment?

M3 hand sized baked chicken with carrots, broccoli, zucchini and tomato cooked in ghee, a celery stick and half a mango and two brazil nuts at 830pm.

Hungry at 10pm... Wonder if it is from the mango.... Or not enough food due to the run... Time will tell. I am trying to keep fruit to a minimum as it does seem to cause problems.....

Happy that I got through day 2 even though the meal timing was bad today!

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I would've added in a fat...each meal should have it. I don't recall seeing anything about not adding fat post WO. However, I may have missed that along the way. I always eat a fat even if it is post WO meal. It hasn't hurt me...as far as I can tell. Wish I could be more confident in my response to this! I'm also curious now as to whether fat is not to happen for a post WO meal.

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Day 3

Off to a good start though had to drag myself out of bed today!

M1 chicken and vege soup with ghee and a few walnuts.... Last nights leftovers blended!

Post WO 4 brazil nuts and a glass of tomato juice (piloxing class)

M2 Large bowl of ground beef same as yesterday's brekkie and some coconut chips

Proud of myself today looked in a gourmet shop and a health foods shop and bought coconut oil, flakes, no sugar yeast spread to use as stock and some macadamias and NO bad stuff! Would have liked to find sugar free bacon and kale chips... Oh I also got some arrowroot which I see is tapioca. Not sure how I will go with this... I have a real problem with starches! I assume this one is okay whole9 wise because it is vegetable based not grain based like rice and corn flour.... I want something for thickening soups etc. I often use pumpkin for this but sometimes you want some instant thickening... Could also use nutmeal but am avoiding as I have a sneaky dragon hiding in this re using for pancakes, desserts etc... Same also for coconut flour. SUGGESTIONS welcome.....

Post WO handful of macadamias and a carrot (30 minute run approx ) around 4pm

M3 hand sized steak on lettuce, cucumber, tomato, 6 olives, celery, rainbow salad with sesame plus 5 strawberries, 10 blueberries and a few spoons of coconut cream.

Made a batch of salmon and sweet potato cakes for breakfast and some baked pumpkin and sweet potato for post eorkout carbs! Gleaned frommforum posts!

Day 3 done!

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Woke up exhausted again today, good I skipped Pilates in favour of an extra couple of hours sleep. Even my stomach was asleep today wasn't really hungry...

M1 sweet potato salmon cakes (egg and veggies and ghee and some seeds) and a glass of tomato juice at 745am

M2 last of the ground beef and veggies and ghee at 1230... Got asked what was in it... I have noticed that any dish with ghee in attracts attention as in wow that soup smells great what's in it when it's only plain vege!

Pre WO handful of brazil and macadamia nuts 5pm (aerobics class) nearly went for a nap instead...still tired today. Got distracted and forgot my post WO snack... Hope it doesn't matter....

M3 baked chicken, sweet potato, sesame salad from yesterday, snow peas followed by 10 strawberries in coconut milk at 8pm. Found dinner hard to get through but feeling hungry now... Genuine or consequence of the fruit??

Phew, day 4 done!

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... Do not use fruit as your primary post work out carb, and add little to no fat... That's where I got the idea from....

That's what I have read in the forum as well - after my WO tonight I wanted a tsp of ghee with my boiled egg, but suddenly I remembered- no fat. I wasn't that hungry though so I didn't add it.

Does it have anything to do with using your fat storages instead of adding them after a WO? I don't really know either.

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Day 5, still tired and kept dreaming I was driving with my eyes closed and couldn't wake them up despite the accident risk... At least it wasn't a food dream!

M1 the last of the chicken veggie soup with some coconut oil and two walnut halves

Post WO (a walk and a hard yoga class) 4 macadamias and some baked pumpkin chips.

M2 2 boiled eggs and salad with olives at 12pm

Snack a quarter of an orange and two brazil nuts at 4pm

M3 last of the sesame salad, steak cooked in coconut oil, a piece of sweet potato. Still hungry so had a boiled egg, glass of tomato juice and a quarter cup of raspberries with same of coconut milk

Day 5 done. Much hungrier today.. Wonder if it's a symptom? Not quite up to wanting fish and broccoli so I guess so! Wish I could have my cocoa powder in hot water but I think you can only have cocoa as a spice.....

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Do you feel full and satisfied after meals until your next meal? I mean, if you are tired you're might not eating enough fat? On the other hand I think it is normal to be tired, at least the first half of W30. Listen to your body and let it rest for a while if it wants to.

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More rest would be good! A number of times I have felt full and satisfied after meals but a number of times I have felt hungry almost straight away.. Especially after fruit! But I think mainly the hungry feeling is my body detoxing, not true hunger. I might up my fat amounts just in case though, thanks for the suggestion!

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Day 6 here already, 5 days down, now to focus on the next 5.

Have only been having fruit once a day or less but it seems to be giving me an upset stomach... Or maybe I am just adjusting... Better than the alternative at least!

As per the daily email, I will post the change I have noticed the most as losing fat... Was a change I was after but not the top priority which was hunger management... Have noticed an improvement in this but still too early for consistency. I am staring to feel less physically exhausted but strangely have had insomnia the last 2-3 nights... Not a recent problem for me...

Anyway, soldiering on.

My first early morning class since whole30 and forgot to plan a Pre WO meal but managed body combat with enough energy so that's good. No post WO either but breakfast straight away.

M1 2 eggs, tomato and spinach fried in ghee, handful of coconut flakes.. Will that be enough???

Yep busy at work so made it to 12pm

M2 slow cooked chicken on the bone casserole with approved yeast for flavour and arrowroot to thicken

Pre WO handful of mixed nuts (70 min slow aerobic run)

Post WO 2 salmon and sweet potato cakes

M3 at subway! Grilled chicken salad with olives and avocado

Busy all day so no time to stress about food!

Day 6 done!

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Day 7

M1 eggs with lsa, coconut milk, coconut oil, 5 strawberries 8am

Post WO half size steak with pumpkin chips (circuit class)

M2 work lunch salad plate with tuna and boiled eggs, handful of coconut chips

M3 chicken and veggie curry cooked with coconut oil and milk haven't had it yet but about to as off to twilight kids athletics tonight.

Still quite tired but busy and active and not slowing down at all. Today felt easy, even managed a short nap. I like that I can be preparing dinner or chopping fruit and automatically reach for some and then think, hang on, I can wait for dinner, I'm not really hungry, just used to snacking or being hungry!

Needed a snack tonight since dinner was early so had some cantaloupe and nuts at 830. Have to keep telling myself that wasn't cheating!!

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Still quite tired but busy and active and not slowing down at all. Today felt easy, even managed a short nap. I like that I can be preparing dinner or chopping fruit and automatically reach for some and then think, hang on, I can wait for dinner, I'm not really hungry, just used to snacking or being hungry!

Great. When my hand is about to go in the raisin box or grab for "something" during making dinner - I mentally say "take some water instead". One - three glasses goes down and suddenly I'm almost too full for dinner ;)

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Thank goodness for water Hannah LOL

Well, on to day 8

Pre WO big handfull of walnuts (50 minute spin cycle class)

M1 chicken curry leftover from last night and my first coffee since starting with a bit of coconut milk

Must remember to Pre boil some eggs and freeze some precooked meat for when I do need to eat extra. Carrot sticks and olives with a few nuts would also be good!

M2 mince stuffed baked pumpkin with ghee, coconut chips small handful

M3 2 poached eggs in bokchoy soup with sesame and olive oil, some olives and a carrot!

Both the above from Tom.s website

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Day 9

M1 last of the chicken curry with coconut milk and flakes, glass of tomato juice, half a grapefruit 7am

Snack carrot sticks and handful of macadamias 1030am

M2 2 boiled eggs, carrot and cucumber, warm blueberries with coconut milk at around 1pm

M3 tomato, lettuce, olives, seeds, balsamic, mince withe veggies and coconut oil, sweet potato at 7pm.

Was starving when I got home but strangely felt good because I knew I had plenty of compliant food in the house and that I could each as much as I liked so no need to panic!

Still hungry at 9 pm so had a carrot and four brazil nuts.

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Day 10

M1 eggs, coconut milk, lsa, melon at 8am

Post WO (boxing class) a boiled egg and some sweet potato. Really needed it, severe muscle fatigue despite 48 hours since last WO.

Now to look up some recipes to plan my next meals/shopping? Mmm chicken pie, cauliflower rice and zucchini soup sound nice...

M2 steak, avocado and salad at 1220

Post WO (40 minute slow run) veggie soup and steak, a few macadamias at 330pm

M3 beans, carrot, chicken pot pie with almonds and ghee at 7pm

Yay ten days down

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Day 11

So it's happened, right on schedule too! Last night I dreamed I ate cheese, and a muesli bar with oats and sugar. I was just staring to feel bad about breaking my whole30 by accident then I woke up phew!

Pilates at 6am, undecided whether to have some nuts before to wake my body up for exercise, decided against it

M1 tomato juice, 2 walnuts, 2 egg omelette with mince and veggies cooked in coconut oil

M2 chicken pie yum at 12pm

M3 mince and veggies on tomato, lettuce, avocado (taco-free tacos?) at 7pm plus canteloupe and sweet potato.. Felt a bit shaky before dinner... Not enough carbs? So should be right now.

Can't say I've eaten a taco in the last ten years anyway but this taco free taco was great... bursting with freshness and texture! Must have again!

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