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Hello, My name is Anne and I'm a sugarholic


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Hi folks! 

I'm on day 4 (start date was 9/10/17) and have had some cravings this week. I just read something that indicates not to head for fruit if having a craving. I have done that this week, as well as had a Lara Bar (Apple). I'll do better tomorrow! 

Haven't noticed much change other than I am feeling fuller than usual eating less food, and not feeling gorged when I have eaten the whole plate. 

This weekend is a test of commitment. Boyfriends birthday on Friday and I'm taking him to dinner. He is easy so Mexican it is--fajitas for me and that means I can splurge on the steak and shrimp! We also have a friends kid birthday then next day...which is what I'm more concerned about. I plan to bring my food to his place so I can finish preparing what I will eat. But one thing I need to plan on is snack foods. Any suggestions? 

Then we have dinner with his parents which is also a concern as they likely won't have items I can eat. So again, packing my dinner :-) 

looking forward to beating the sugar cravings soon. 



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I made it! Cravings are much better but still there--yet not hard enough for me to act on them. Had sashimi at dinner with the bf and family. 

The lunch at the kids party was melon and prosciutto and cashews. I was going to eat chicken but i ended up just cooking it there and taking it home. I'm tired of chicken ;) 

Day 10 today! Woot!


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