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I can't tell you how I excited I am that in two weeks time my family will be making our first Disneyworld trip!!

What I'm not so excited about is the eating part! I will be a week out of my first whole30 at that time. Not sure what I will have reintroduced by then...probably not much! I've already spent some time on the disney websites looking at the restuarants that I can eat whole30 or whole30ish meals, but I want to be prepared for what I'll eat when my kids want an ice cream bar, etc. Vacation will not be the place I find out how my body reacts to dairy! :P

I would love some ideas for some easy and quick snack packing ideas for this adventure. The only thing that has come to mind is almonds and craisins (love this combo!) but I need some more grab 'n go ideas. I've thought of some fresh fruit and veggie packs, but I don't know how realistic that will be! If you could provide me with some ideas for items I could bring along on this trip from home I would greatly appreciate it!

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DocIKY -

Disneyworld is one of my favorite places. It's also the worst food experience I've ever had. Granted, we were trying to eat in the lower-end cafeteria style places (we were going on a Disney cruise). So, I'm really glad you're planning to bring your own goods! If it were me, here's what I'd pack:

Cold cuts, as compliant as you care to be

Apples, carrots, grapes, celery, etc.

Dry roasted nuts or seeds, for some salty crunch

Raisins, craisins, dried apricots

I'd be totally open to experimenting in restaurants and do what I could to eat big meals there (especially breakfast). Since you're not W30 you have a little room for flexibility. I can highly recommend the bacon wrapped meatloaf at the Wolfgang Puck restaurant at Downtown Disney.

Have an INCREDIBLE time!

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Beef jerky!! You can make your own very easily. I'd have beef jerky way over ice cream any old day..but I am weird like that. I've had those turkey legs many times. I think they are deep fried (who knows what oil they use) but at times like that you just have to do your best and go with the flow a little.

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Thank you! I am so so so excited about this trip, I'm nuts over Mickey mouse (as evidenced by my office decor!) and this trip is just as much for mommy as it is for my girls!!!

I've worked hard to slay my sugar dragon and I don't want the happiest place on earth to rekindle that flame! I already made a few reservations at a few of the nicer restaurants, will pack lots of my own and definitely keep my eye out for those turkey legs!

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