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Red Yeast Rice supplements


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I think this one may stump the Mods. I apologize in advance and ask anyway.

I take a supplement called Red Yeast Rice to keep my cholesterol under control. It's been used for centuries by Chinese herbal medicine and in the 1970s the Japanese were able to isolate lovastatin and monacolins, both cholesterol lowering drugs, from the red yeast rice.

So my question is whether red yeast rice is compliant. Yes, it's rice which is not compliant, but it's been exposed to a benificial mold and is somewhat changed.

For more information on red yeast rice, here's a link to the Wikipedia article.

Thank you.

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I'm going to say no (unless this is prescribed by your Dr of course)

Yes, it's been exposed to 'beneficial mold' but ultimately it's still a grain, which is off limits.

Think of it in the same terms as greek yoghurt which contains beneficial bacteria but is still off limits because ultimately it is dairy.

Hope this helps.


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