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What to drink during low-intensity workouts?


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I know, I know - "water" is the best answer! And when I'm doing a whole 30, that's what I drink. But when I'm in Food Freedom mode, I'd like to have some other options. I'm trying to reduce my psychological dependence on drinking BCAAs with every workout - I've gotten to the point where I'm vaguely panicky at the thought of workout out without them! 

What do you drink during workouts? Specifically:

- with/without stimulants

- with/without calories aka insulin response 

On power-training days I'll have BCAAs, coconut water etc. But on low-intensity days BCAAs aren't necessary and I'd love to hear your ideas for alternatives. 

Thanks in advance!

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Put a label on the container of BCAAs and write "for power-training only". 

If it's a low intensity day and you're not sweating buckets, drink water. I teach 5 group fitness classes a week and go to CrossFit 3 times a week. When I'm teaching - all I drink is water. When not on a Whole30, I throw some BCAAs in my water for CrossFit. When it's the middle of summer and I start sweating when I get out of bed, I'll throw a nuun tablet in my water bottle when I go to teach (these are not Whole30 compliant). 

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