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Bec's quest for health


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So here i am Day 1 of my post whole30.

The reason i am posting in this section is; i feel that eating a piece of non compliant birthday cake ( not made by me, but by my wonderful friends, who tried very very hard to meet my requirements of sugar free, dairy free, and gluten free, however used gluten free flour, and honey. It was delicious, and i am grateful they tried, and i couldn't say no to my only birthday cake for the year) does count as ceasing my whole30 adventure, and i can't continue on with my whole30.

So i have decided to move onto a post whole30. This new log/journey will be me finishing off what wasnt finished in my original whole30. For those who followed and read about my journey (http://forum.whole9life.com/topic/4155-becs-whole30-base-for-life/page__st__20 ) will know i had some rather tough experiences in my 30 days, and i wasn't able to feel as good as i know i can with a whole30. I had stopped my BC, i was suffering a little with depression, and my body wasn't reacting how it should. I was going to make it a whole30+ but due to my birthday yesterday and the cake, i feel its not right to continue on, and its time for a new adventure.

So here i am completing my unfinished business.

I will be eating whole 30 compliant 95% of the time, and i am allowing the thought of dabbling in some wine, or nibbling a dessert style treat (mostly raw, as i have found some delicious raw food cakes and things i want to make for xmas) occasionally. I will see how i feel at that moment. And if at that moment i feel that eating or drinking something non compliant is special, thats what i'll do. But if after considering the moment and it doesn't feel right, i won't eat/drink that food.

I feel this will be the best way for me to move forward in my quest for health. I'm going to continue to not weigh myself as often, and reduce the amount of times i measure myself. These are important to me, as i still want to know where i'm going as far as weight loss, and cm lost, but i don't want them to rule my world.

I'll post here as i see fit, which will probably be daily, as i like posting. It makes me feel free, and a way to release my issues.

I think thats all for now :D

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Eeeeep its been 8 days since my last post. Life has just gotten in the way a little bit. I haven't fallen off the wagon though, which is great news for me. I have learnt a few things though in the last few days.

  1. I don't like wine anymore. I had a small sip a friends wedding on the weekend, and low and behold it instantly didn't sit well. So i think wine is out for me for now on. So thats no more alcohol.
  2. If i eat sugar no matter the time of day i don't sleep well that night
  3. That i love crossfit. Soo much goodness!!
  4. That i can have my happiness again.
  5. That going off birth control is not as easy as stopping the tablet.
  6. I still need to practice mindfullness eating, and find ways to distract me when i'm bored and in search for food.

So lessons learnt, things to work on. I'm back to eating compliant foods 95% of the time. Which is good enough for me for now.

I'm still not losing weight :( but my lifts in the gym are getting stronger, and parts of me are leaning out, which is awesome.

I am a little worried about xmas time though, all the yummy foods, is going to be hard to stay away from :blink:

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Instead of worrying about Christmas, pick those items that you absolutely, positively won't be able to enjoy the other 360+ days a year and enjoy. Plan on a few bites. Savor them. Make loud mmmm'ing sounds. But, IMHO, stressing yourself out about how to avoid them may be harder than simply enjoying. While I have declined a cookie exchange (who needs THAT many cookies?) I will be making my favorite ginger cookies. Like I said, I will savor and enjoy, then find coworkers to pawn them off on!

You have learned a lot of great lessons here for sure!

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Thanks KB0426 :)

Your advice is great. I'm thinking i'll allow myself dinner to "cheat", or eat how i want, which is usually paleo anywyas, and then i'll jump back on board from boxing day. I feel this approach will be better for me, and my body/mind. I'm allergic to gluten and lactose, so thankfully i can't go down those paths. But i feel sugar will be the huge focus.

But its only one day. And whats the worst that can happen in one day ;)

In other news i'm loving crossfit. Only completed my second wod today, and i think i'm addicted. It makes me nervous and excited all at once.

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I am a little worried about xmas time though, all the yummy foods, is going to be hard to stay away from :blink:

Congrats! In terms of Christmas, my family is VERY big into holiday cookies, pie, treats, etc that will be all around me the entire holiday season. We even do a Cookie Bake each year and everyone goes home with somewhere around 15 DOZEN cookies... Obviously this year will be a bit different for me.

My plan for the holidays is to bring my own treats that I know only have maple syrup, honey, or fruit to sweeten them! That way I can still share, have some treats, and not have all the bad effects of the added, refined sugars! Just a thought :)

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Thanks Rachael, i've been talking to my mum about what i should make to share with the relo's when we get together. Cos usually its all dreadfully wheat loaded, and SUGAR galore. So this year i'm actually thinking about making a raw food cake. With dates and almonds crushed as a base, and then avocado, cocoa and some other yummy ingredients added, it make like a mouse cake.

I''ve informed my mum also to let everyone know that i'm not eating sugar. so hopefull they don't make me something gluten and dairy free, thinking they are being nice. Cos i just can't say no to them when they do that. So i end up eating a piece even though i would have been happier without.

But thanks for the great ideas. i guess its all about being prepared, and having things i can eat, and i enjoy eating, readily available :D there is always loads of high quallity proteins available, so i'll just fill up on them :P

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Bit of a check in.......

Things are going well. I'm starting to feel great about everything, and my happiness is creeping back in, YAY :P

I'm still sticking to protocol almost daily. HOWEVER silly me decided it was ok to eat not 1 but 7 snack size peanut butter cups in one sitting. Well that was not the brightest idea i've ever had. I received a tray of 8 of them for my birthday over 15 days ago, and i was happy with them in the freezer, where i couldn't touch them. And well after a bit of dancing out with my girlfriends, i felt like a little snack, and after eating some sweet potato and still not being satisfied i went and decided to have one, and then one turned to two, and then i decided to eat the entire tray thinking at least that would stop the temptation during the week.

Well after devouring what i thought was all 8, i went to bed feeling rather ill. The next morning, i had a large glass of water, and some lemon and ginger tea, as my tummy was not approving of what i had done the night before. It took me a good few hours to fell ok about eating something. My tummy just didn't like what i did to it.

After grocery shoopping i was putting my foods away, and i found the last peanut butter cup, and without any hesitation i threw it straight in the bin, saying "no more, never again" as i threw it out.

So now i know i cannot eat sugar, or processed junk anymore. I think i've learned my lesson, and if i haven't the consequences are LARGE, lets hope i learn it all soon enough.

I hope i don't fall into a chocolate binge when i move to the UK, my friend who lives in belguim is insisting the chocolate there is better, and i can get sugar free, Hahah i hope he's righ :unsure:

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