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The OTHER ovary... Evil Twin?


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Since turning 35, I've had this situation or felt I've had a situation of really bad PMT/PMS from one ovary and not so bad from the other.

With one ovary, I can usually handle stressful things with work or family with a bit of wisdom, lightheartedness and a laugh although I do have a tendency to cry more easily with that ovary.

With the other ovary (shall we say the "evil" twin) my blood pressure goes up, I'm snippety, I'm finding I could handle things a little bit better than I could have, I'm jittery and well sometimes I feel like going in the parking lot and busting knee caps with people who've pissed me off that day. Oh yes and I could have a full on cry festival for an hour!

This is SOOO not the image I want for myself.

So does this happen to other ladies or is it just me? Last month I was GOOD! Fine! A little bit of a cry...

Could it REALLY be possible that those 4 soy lattes I've had in the last 3 weeks could have effected me THAT badly???

Thanks for your thoughts?

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Hi Ladies,

Thank you for your replies.


I did have some concerns about my hormones between my 30's and turning 40 it was terrible so angry, easily stressed, teary. I hated it and hated it for my family. I went to my local doctor who put me on the pill to help calm things down and it only made me sicker with massive headaches and then he put me on another pill which made me break out with a rash all over my chin and cheeks! Then I went to a natropath who put me on PPMP and CPIP, I also started taking something called Vitex as well as selenium. After about a month I was a different person after 3 months I was a different person. So the return of some of those old behaviours was REALLY unwelcoming!

I'm going to blame the soy here. SOY IS TERRIBLE FOR YOU, HORMONALLY.

Did you have hormone concerns originally? I can't remember...Either way, soy's a big thing here, especially in regards to estrogen levels. Totally not surprised.

I'm SO glad it's not my ovary! :)

Soy messes with people. Really bad. Soy is evil :angry: not your ovary. Hee hee!

But my question/statement to you both is can't I just have one coffee a week with milk? I mean milk upsets my tummy but it's not as bad as how soy makes me crazy. I have no other vice.

What's the protocol there?

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You're post-Whole 30, so it doesn't matter what you do. :)

If it were me, I would always choose the upset stomach over messing with hormones. I'd actually try cream instead (fewer milk proteins there to affect GI stuff), and then experiment with goat's milk first before I went back to cow's milk...but yeah, if you accept the consequences of your occasional food choices, then you're free to have whatever you want post-W30.

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ChangingWays, had you tried coconut milk in your coffee? It makes a luscious latte, has plenty of good fat and has a delicate taste. It may hit the spot for you without the detrimental effects of soy.

If milk upsets your stomach, and soy upsets your life, your body is telling you something. Personally, I wouldn't ignore it...no matter how much you enjoy your lattes. You're worth more than that.

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Like others said, try creamer, try whole milk, try coconut milk. We found my husband can't do skim or 2%, but he can do whole milk. My son has to have whole milk due to an allergy to the preservative BHT in the vitamin D they add back into the skim and 2%.

I went Dairy Free 6/7 years ago-- it made me "SCARY" to be around. It only took one period and made me a believer that no one should be eating soy-- our house had been soy free since then.

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