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Newbie trying to place an order and have a few questions


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Happy Friday peeps! I am on day 19 and still navigating through this with y'all's help!

I looked at the supplement info and I am a little confused....

The Nordic Naturals fish oil either is 1000 mg or 1280 mg. the article suggested a daily amount of .25?!? So I guess first question is what translates as a dose? Also they have a fish oil of 1000 mg With d3. Would that be a good solution to take both my fish oil and getting my D3?

On the zinc, they are currently taking 15 mg and suggest Now Foods brand. When I looked that up 1 capsule is 50 mg. how does that work?

So I guess my questions are 1. Should I combine fish oil with D3 or just take the separate supplements? 2. How many mg would equal the .25? 3. How do I take 15 mg of zinc?

Another random question. I thought I would to able to access posts that I "liked" for later, almost like book marking them so I can reference for later....but I can't find my liked posts. Am I missing them? If not, is there another way to keep posts to reference for the future?

Thank you Tom and everyone who is so darn helpful!

Have a great day!


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The Whole9 recommends 2-4 grams of fish oil daily generally. That is 2000 to 4000 milligrams. That means you could take 2-4 1000 milligram pills.

You shouldn't try to get your fish oil and D3 together. If you can spend 20 minutes in the sun, you don't need a D3 supplement that day. If you don't get any sun exposure, take a supplement. I use Now Foods 5000 IU D3 myself. I take one on any day I stay indoors and skip it on the days I spend some time outside.

There are other brands that offer zinc in 15 mg capsules. Thorne Research is a good one and you can get it at Amazon.com. Personally, I don't take zinc because I get an upset stomach every time I do.

Liking a post on this forum is a way to tell the writer that you liked what they said. It sends a message to the person to let them know that you liked their comment and it lets other readers know of your "approval." There is no built in bookmark function in the forum. If you want to keep a record of things you want to look at again, you need to make a copy of the page address for future reference.

The Whole9 is basically neutral about taking multivitamins. I take something I get at the grocery store sometimes, but have gone months at a time without taking a multi. Actually, I am using up the last bottle I bought. I am not sure if I will buy more when I finish. If you want to take one, just find one that doesn't include a lot of junk in it.

And you are very welcome! :)

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The closest thing to a bookmark is to click the "follow this thread" button. Then whenever someone posts on that thread, you will get a message. It also handy to have your sorting by "unread posts". Then when you log on, you will see threads most recently posted in. Lazy person way of keeping track. :)

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