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Start Date: January 1, 2018


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Hi friends!

I'll be starting my second Whole30 on January 1st. I have two things I need to clarify.

1. On the meal template it says "add fat in the following recommended amounts per meal" and lists healthy fats. Do we pick one of those, two, three? Is there a limit?

2. My day typically looks like this:
-Wake up around 6am, drink water, eat breakfast, drink coffee
-Have lunch around noon
-Work 9am-5pm, then workout 6:30 to 7:30pm (I typically do yoga, TRX or a yoga-based fitness class)
-Go home and eat dinner afterwards

I know you're supposed to eat a pre and post-workout meal, but for me, it's A LOT of food crammed in to a short period of time after work/before bed. I'm not worried about eating a pre-workout meal, but since I workout so late in the afternoon, it seems like I don't have time to fit in a post-workout meal. Suggestions?

Thanks fam!

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I think I read on an older forum that the pre and post workout meals were extra 1/2 size meals in addition to the regular meals, but recommended more for the people who do the mega type workouts (marathon training, CrossFit, body building, etc.).  The protein/fat in the PreWO meal is to tell your body to get burning your fat, and the protein/non-fruit, non-starchy carb in the PostWO is to help repair the muscle.   A moderator may say otherwise but that is the way I interpreted it.

As for the added fats on the template, the recommendations are stating the minimum amount of fat to eat with each meal.  I haven't seen anything that puts a limit on it, but for heavens sake don't drown your food in it  :P.  Even good fats are only needed in moderation.  And don't count the oil used to pan fry a pork chop, chicken breast, fish etc, it's in addition to that. 

Hope that helps. 

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re: #1, you would add 1-2 "thumb"-sized servings total. The list is sources from which to choose.

re: #2 with that schedule you might not need a pre-workout meal per se, but you might find a mini-meal at some point in the late afternoon to be beneficial, since the gap between lunch at noon and dinner at 8 is a pretty lengthy one.  And for post-workout, you can probably just make your dinner a little larger on those days you do a workout.

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