Starting January 2nd!

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Hi, everyone

January 2nd will mark my first day of my first Whole30! I've done my food shopping, so New Year's day will consist of me cleaning out my fridge and cupboards, while I prepare food for my first week. I'm really excited to make this change, but also nervous. Does anyone have any tips for a first timer to help push through cravings? I have a feeling my hardest moments will be at night because I love to snack! I'm trying to think of some things I can do to help distract myself during down time at home. I love doing yoga, so I'm going to work on incorporating it into my Whole30 journey. Here's to a bright start in 2018! 

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Hi! Probably one of the best ways to help with the cravings is to make sure your meals are all big enough. If your meals are keeping you satisfied for 4-5 hours at a time, it's a lot easier to not snack. If you are hungry between meals, fix yourself a mini meal of protein, fat, and vegetables, or at least two of the three, and always make a point to stop and eat mindfully -- in other words, don't sit on the couch and eat without paying attention to the food, actually sit down and focus on the food as you eat. A lot of times snacking is more a result of boredom than actual hunger, so it's really helpful to pay attention to the food, and to why you're wanting to eat at that time.

As for down time, you could journal or paint or color or clean or organize something, write a letter, read a book, call a friend, paint your nails, prep the next day's meals, or even just go to bed a little early.

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