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Has anyone seen my appetite? - Day 7


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After a rough day 6, I'm sitting pretty at day 7. The only problem? I have no appetite. I know I need to eat more but anytime I try to fuel up, I just can't. I love to eat, like really love to eat, so this is uncharted territory.  Is this normal? Is there anything I need to be doing differently in my Whole30 to keep this from happening? 

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15 hours ago, MelFig said:

Is this normal?


Loss of appetite at *some* point during the 30 days is fairly common. Unfortunately NOT eating only perpetuates the problem. We'd suggest maybe trying a new recipe - something with strong flavours usually works well - or go for comforting foods..... mashed root veg, chicken soup, scrambled eggs... Either way the recommendation is to plate up a template meal, eat from it as much as you can ensuring you get a little of each food group, then wrap up the remainder to eat as soon as you feel able ie. DON'T wait for your next meal time.

Lack of appetite is indicative that your hormones are off balance so you want to work at correcting that - three template meals a day will really help.

Hope this helps :)

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