Wing and a Prayer

Starting 2/26/18 - First timer - Can you say determined?

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2 hours ago, DIversity said:

How does that work? Do some coaches work part-time as an "aside" of their regular work? Or full-time?

You'd have to talk to each coach to see how they do it. Some were already working as nutritionists or life coaches, and getting the Whole30 certification is just adding to whatever other licenses and certifications they already had, showing that they understand and support this way of eating. Others may not have been before but want to be able to help people. Some of them may do one-on-one coaching, some may lead groups, some may do in-person and others may prefer just online. 

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Hello all! So curious if all of you could stick to the program?

I got my Whole 30 book today, yay! It is the '30 day guide to total health and food freedom' book. Hopefully will learn a few things.

I'm on day 23 today and feeling good :). Lots of energy and less hungry. I have discovered some new recipes and they were all so yummy. 

@DIversity so good you sticked to the program despite you couldnt have those nice tarts!

@Amy Rose what is your breakfast casserole recipe?

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I'm still on the program 100%! It is getting easier to stick to this way of eating; it's becoming part of my life now. I love having great food already prepared and waiting for me in the refrigerator. I love knowing that I'm feeding myself quality food. And my body truly loves the feel of clean energy every day. I can feel the difference -- it's as if a lot of toxicity that I was used to has cleared from my system and I am lighter and more in tune with my world.

I will start my weekend cooking tonight. I'm planning on White Chicken Chili again, it was just so good last time. And I'll make some sort of beef-based or pork-based recipe as well. Any recipe recommendations are welcome!

@Liesjemy breakfast casserole (a true life-saver) is from this website: 

I make it in a 9X9 glass casserole and after it's cooked I slice it into 12 pieces and refrigerate. I scoop out 2 pieces every morning and microwave until nice and warm.  A tasty and easy breakfast for a sleepy non-breakfast-eater!

@DIversity, I am so proud of you! Leaving a party without breaking your own eating rules is so difficult. I hope you gave yourself a lovely reward for that.

Good luck to everyone this weekend!

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Hi All! 

It looks like the last message I entered didn't actually send... dang! Anyway, I have MUCH catching up on this thread to do!!! 

Even though I haven't bee around, I'm still 100% on plan. It's starting to get a little easier, praise Jesus! My friend that started it with me, fell off the first weekend, but that hasn't stopped me. Lol...

I'm so dang busy, it's hard to find time to post on here, but I try to catch up on what others are reading as much as possible, so thanks for keeping up the posting! 

Alrighty, now I'm going to take the time to catch up.

Have a great weekend!!!


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