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Day 2 - Not Hungry?


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I'll be honest, I partied hard on NYE. Yesterday, my Day 1, I was completely hung-over. I stayed on track and ate 2 meals, even though I was not interested in them.

Day 2, still not hungry. I ate some of my eggs and veggies for breakfast. I have a wonderful, homemade soup for lunch, and I'm not interested in eating it.

I'm not sure if this is really a problem, but I'm hoping I feel hungry tomorrow. Any suggestions...or are you going to tell me that I'm just experiencing a 2-day hangover? :)

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You might benefit from taking a digestive enzyme like Now Foods Super Enzymes to help you digest higher amounts of fat and protein in your diet. Your body may be sluggish from food not digesting properly. Enzymes rarely need to be continued permanently, but many people need a little help in the beginning.

I agree about drinking a lot of water.

Out of whack hormones can depress hunger and one of the helpful things to do is eat anyway. I would not go three days without eating 3 meals per day.

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