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Hi @laurasuzanne - the allegations made in the class action lawsuit brought against LaCroix's parent company, National Beverage Corporation, are troubling indeed. However, the case is still in its infancy and the only information we have has been disseminated by the firm bringing the suit. We have not yet reviewed the complaint, nor do we have access to a copy of it at this time. Over the years, we have continuously been assured by LaCroix's parent company that the ingredients are natural. Unless and until we have conclusive evidence confirming all or part of the allegations made against National Beverage Corporation, all of LaCroix's product line will remain a Whole30 Approved beverage option.

Of course, we will continue to follow this case as it unfolds and will continue to hold all of our partners to the highest standards of both ingredient quality and integrity. We will provide our community with updates as we learn more. If you are troubled by these allegations, please make whatever decision feels right to you - even if that means completing your Whole30, sans LaCroix.

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