Am I doing this right?

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Hello! I started my Whole30 on January 1, and I’ve read through the rules and things but I just feel like I’m not doing all of this right. I have found it really hard to put together meals and find a balance of fats, protein, and fruits! I was wondering if someone could give me some feedback on what I have been eating in a typical day? 

Breakfast: pre-made Sweet potato + Apple breakfast bake (made with coconut milk, cubed sweet potatoes, walnuts, raisins, ghee, eggs..) I found this recipe online in a list of Whole 30 compliant recipes. I also have 2-3 fried eggs and sometimes throw in a piece of chicken sausage. 

Lunch: Grilled chicken, broccoli/asaparagus/cauliflower (veggies change day to day), sweet potato (sometimes top sweet potato with fruit + almond butter) and sometimes have a chicken dog. 

Dinner: Pretty much the same as lunches, but sometimes in a different variation... I have made things like turkey-stuffed green peppers, sautéed shrimp, and I made “breaded” chicken using almond meal, cumin seeds, and paprika. I also sometimes top certain foods with guacamole! 

I also eat a piece of chicken before my workout and a “protein smoothie” after. 

I find myself wanting to snack and I’ve had the occasional Rx bar or LÄRABAR. 

I do workout and I typically eat a very high protein diet, but I worry I’m eating too much fat and not enough protein. 

What can I do? Am I headed in the right direction? Help help help! Any advice appreciated! 

Thanks :) 

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Hi Lindzzeys - 

Here's the link for the meal template:

Ideally you want a palm-sized piece of protein, 1-3 cups of veggies and a "serving of fat" - the serving sorta depends on what you're eating (check out the template), but generally a healthy spoonful.

Breakfast bakes could be considered a SWYPO recipe even if it's technically compliant, but only you know if it's a trigger food for you. Also, be careful with the Lara bars that you're not using them to deal with sugar cravings.  

It actually looks like you're not eating enough fat! If you're hungry between meals, make sure both your protein and fat amounts are appropriate for you.

With pre and post work out meals, make sure you're eating a little bit of fat with your protein in your pre meal and a little bit of vegetable-carb (potato, squash, beets) with your protein in your post meal.

I'm sure a mod will come along and give you even more advice. Make sure to drink a TON of water. Thirst sometimes masquerades as hunger.

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I'd mainly switch up that breakfast. Make it an egg bake with veggies instead. Top with some avocado or (my personal favorite) a spicy mayo and off you go. :) 

Unfortunately, just because someone lists something on a blog or listicle as compliant, it might not really be in the spirit of the program. Those recipes to me read as a bread pudding/french toast masquerade. 

Totally agree with Randi in that you're definitely not going over on the fats. If you do, you'll know. Like, you won't be hungry for half a day. 

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Hi @lindzzeys, I also agree that breakfast could use a little changing. I would honestly stay away from the breakfast bake, and try to follow the template, especially trying to get more veggies in for thing in the morning. Also, remember breakfast can be anything, not just "typical" breakfast foods. If you are looking for something easy in the morning, pre-cooking and reheating things like frittatas are great.

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