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Day 30

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My husband and I made it! We are on day 30 and I had been seeing great results and changes up until about day 24-25. My skin was much clearer and smoother, I had energy, I didn’t look bloated. We went out of town for a quick trip and while eating out for dinner, I ordered a basic salad with steak and I’m afraid the vinaigrette had something bad in it. Since then, I’ve had these weird  bumps on my arms. I’ve had them before and have been diagnosed with eczema but I’ve shown no signs for quite a while. Now I’m feeling like a failure at the 30 days! Any encouragement gladly accepted haha. 


Other than this, I’m feeling good. I am ready to be done with the limitations as I feel it’s starting to affect my mentality towards food and other people. I follow the Whole30 Instagram page and this week’s blogger was talking about how she became obsessed with food in an unhealthy way and I could really relate to that. I’m nervous about reintroduction, especially because of what I’ve already shared here. Any tips? 

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I would seriously contact that restaurant and ask them for a detailed ingredients list for that vinaigrette and also find out if the steak was marinated (and if so, what was in it). If you haven't seen any issues during your W30 and suddenly the eczema flared up after eating, then something obviously caused it... and it's likely either food-related or environment-related, of which the food is probably the easiest part to check out.

(I've got no insight into avoiding food obsessions, I'm afraid. A thorough reintroduction phase taught me what to expect when I "go off track", so to speak, and I'm very good about asking myself if it's really worth the potential side effects when I think I want something I know might not treat me nicely.)

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  • Whole30 Certified Coach

@Sambux89 I have struggled with obsessing over food since I was diagnosed with anorexia in high school.  I've been fully healthy for years now (~8 yrs).  The Whole30 has actually helped with obsessive thoughts/feelings and that is why I decided to become a coach. Here are some of my tips of things that have helped me:

1. Making meals less about the food and more about the people.  I consciously have to change my focus from food to the conversation but by doing this, I find more enjoyment at these events.
2. Planning ahead of time. I find that the weeks that I meal prep and specifically have each meal planned out beforehand, I think less about food during that week.  This also goes for going to dinner with friends or a holiday meal.  I plan ahead so that in the moment, I have no anxiety about food.  If it is a holiday meal, I bring a dish that I know everyone will love that I enjoy as well.
3. Talking back to the inner voice in your head.  You really have to focus and practice this! Remind yourself that it is OK to indulge!!  Sometimes its hard to hear anything else when the voice in your head sounds so loud.
4. Talk to someone about your feelings or if you don't feel comfortable talking to someone about it, journal your thoughts! Write down how you're feeling and reflect on them objectively! Sometimes it helps just to get your thoughts out onto paper.
5. Intuitively eat.  This one can also take practice but there are a lot of great resources out there to help guide you through this.
5. Most importantly, know that you're not alone and that there are a lot of people who support you!

Overall, the goal is to be healthy and feel your best! We are all different and your food freedom will look different than others.  It's all about balance! :) 

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