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White wine vinegar with concentrated grape juice


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Is this compliant? It’s Trader Joe’s white wine vinegar. I think it is since fruit juice is allowed as a sweetener but I still want to check on the concentrated grape juice. I’m on R1D18 and I don’t want to make any mistakes! I understand that wine vinegar is okay and that the sulfites are okay as naturally occurring. It’s the concentrated grape juice I am trying to confirm. Thanks. 


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42 minutes ago, Sandra A said:

I didn't think we could have sulfites.  Just found the below:


When it comes to additives, less is better, but only three are specifically out.

The Whole30 eliminates carrageenan, MSG, and sulfites on the program.

You can't have *added* sulfites. These are naturally occurring. If the sulfites were added, which sulfite was added would be specifically listed in the ingredients. MSG is naturally occurring in tomatoes and we can have those too :)

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Sulfites occur naturally in the fermentation process, so some will be present in the vinegar anyway.

"Contains sulfites" is the labeling method used (at least in the U.S.) to show that sulfites are naturally occurring. From what I understand, this is the case even if it's listed at the end of the ingredients like the one above.

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17 hours ago, Sandra A said:

This is so confusing :)

I've noticed from being around here in the forum for a while that a lot of people have a tendency to overthink things. 

Basically, we're removing a bunch of typically inflammatory things from Whole30 and aiming to go with fewer additives, including sugar. 


Apple - has sugar, but it's naturally occurring so that's okay. Applesauce with the ingredients apples, water, cane sugar - not okay because of the added sugar

Tomato - has naturally occurring glutamic acid (MSG), so they're okay. Broth with MSG listed in the ingredients - not okay because it's added

See where I'm going here? 

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