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Thin basic mayo


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Ok. So I am planning on starting either tomorrow or Saturday, and I decided to make a batch of basic mayo in preparation. I used an immersion blender and maybe didn’t pour my oil in slowly enough. So I ended up with very thin, runny mayo. Is it usable, or will I have to throw it away? I really don’t want to pour all that money down the drain!

Thanks for the help!

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If it tastes okay, use it --  it may be more a salad dressing or sauce you pour over foods than a thick mayo, but it won't hurt anything. It might thicken up in the fridge too. Or you could blend in another egg or egg yolk, possibly your egg was not quite as large as what was used in the recipe.

Also, with the immersion blender, you don't have to pour the oil slowly.  Dump all the ingredients in a jar and blend. Like this:  https://thehealthyfoodie.com/fail-proof-home-made-paleo-mayo-whole30-compliant/. Might be slightly less oil than the other recipe calls for.

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As Shannon said, there is nothing wrong with a mayo that does not emulsify. Emulsions are tricky sometimes.

The easiest mistake is adding very little oil to begin with.
Pour about half a cup with your egg (plus salt), use your inmersion blender (down to the bottom, don't move it at all) until it emulsifies, that is, when it begins to get thick. Then add some lemon juice or vinegar and pour slowly up to another half a cup.
I'm sure adding it all to begin with works perfectly, but I've always done it this way because it allows you to measure how much you really want to make and get the perfect thickness - no matter the egg size.

Also DON'T THROW AWAY the one which did not emulsify! Fixing a mayo is very easy :)
Start all over again, with an egg and - instead of oil - some of your not-so-perfect mayo. When it emulsifies, add pour slowly te rest of that mayo and more oil if you see it fit.

PS: Room temperature eggs work better, but they are usually not a deal breaker. If you keep having trouble with mayo make sure to leave one egg out of the fridge for a while before you make it.

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