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Add fat to fatty meat?


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Should you still add a serving of fat when your meat is really fatty?

I am making a big batch of chicken wings for breakfast and lunch, with skin on, pan fried in a few Tbs avacado oil.

should I add a fat (such as sliced avocado or just eat with veggies and possibly a little fruit since they are already kinda a higher fat meat and fried?

What about other fatty meat like lamb, or beef or pork with obvious fat oh the edges

(don’t worry, I am definitely not afraid of fat! I eat lots of fat)


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Yum! For the fat, our meal template is a recommendation but really you should be assessing how you're feeling. Fat slows digestion and keeps us satisfied so if you find that you are feeling fine after your meal without another plated fat and you are going around 4-5 hours in between meals, you're probably fine. Play it by ear - there's no targeted answer here as far as specifically how much fat to have. 

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