So excited to start!! Is this wrong??

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Hi everyone!! I will be starting whole 30 on Monday, Jan 06, 2020... I am really excited to get started but a little nervous... I have tried several diets but now ready to do a life change with my foods!! Not by choice but am willing to do whatever it takes to get my health back!! 

I decided to wait till after the holidays.  I know I will miss my Starbucks and chips and burgers... etc.. but I also know that the longer I procrastinate, the worse my health gets... so because of this I am looking forward to getting started..

I have just started reading the book and saw where the daily letters are no longer available but this forum is so decided to join... I also bought the day to day  book and hopefully that will help with keeping me in line!! I usually do really well on diets but never made it a lifestyle... my birthday is July 13... I will be 60 years old and have my daughters wedding in June so those are my big events that are inspiring me to get healthy along with improving my health.. i was diagnosed with Hashimoto & hypothyroidism. 

Praying I have found and made  the right choice with Whole 30!


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Hi Gma!  I'm really excited to get started, too!   I got the day-by-day book, also, and it looks like it's going to be really helpful.  In the past I've done logs in this forum, and the feedback and encouragement from other members as I post daily about my struggles, successes and meals has been incredibly helpful.  Also, if you text message, you can subscribe ($15) to daily texts from Melissa Hartwig Urban (I think there will be two a day):  Sign up at 

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@Ann have you gotten the text messages before?  I'm thinking about signing up for the extra motivation but not sure if I will find them helpful.  I know all the rules, just need to stick to them!

@Gma Lopez  It's awesome you are excited.  I was not- but I figured out a motivation for myself.  I'm going to set aside a certain $ amount for each day I stay compliant and if I make it 30 days I will let myself go shopping for new clothes at my favorite store (Talbots)!  If I don't make it, no shopping.  This is a good motivation for me because I normally don't let myself shop there because they are so expensive.

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