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Hi everybody!

I am prepping for my very first Whole30 and I just need you guys to help me to get Bananas straight; I understand that I should not have fruit as a single meal.. it should be eaten WITH a meal, like kind of a dessert? I like to eat bananas like pre- or post workout meals; or even for breakfast sometimes as I often have low appetite. It great nutrition, easy to eat and fills me up :) Is this out for Whole30? Can I only eat them WITH a meal? 


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You could eat nothing but bananas for 30 days and you would technically have done a Whole30, though we really wouldn't recommend doing that.

The thing about eating fruit on its own is that it can cause a spike and then crash in blood sugar, which can cause you to feel tired or hungry or to crave sweets.

We would encourage you to try to follow the meal template at each meal, even breakfast, because we believe that's how you'll get the best results from whole30, but if you try other pre- or post-workout options and a banana is ultimately what works best for you, that's fine, you won't be breaking any rules.

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