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Day 3- Nauseous and Shaky

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Looking for some help on this one.

Woke up on Day 3 after a decent enough night sleep. Lingered in bed for about an hour- didn't feel hungry at all and my body was tired. The moment I stepped out of bed, I started to feel shaky like I was going to pass out. Then I got serious waves of nausea and was on the verge of vomiting a couple of times. I tried to force some food into me- some eggs with mushroom + spinach and berries. I'm drinking water too.

Here's what my diet so far has looked like:

Day 1:

Eggs w/mushroom + spinach and Berries

Spinach salad with green beans, blueberries, chicken, and balsamic vinegar

Shrimp + green beans for dinner

Snack: Banana and Almonds

Day 2:

Eggs w/ mushroom + spinach and berries

Spinach salad with avacado, hard-boiled egg and chicken

Snack: Banana

Dinner: Okra + Broccoli + 1 1/2 Turkey Dogs

Background on me:

Struggle with IBS-C, lactose intolerance, and recently an acid stomach (dyspepsia). On NuvaRing birthcontrol, probiotic caplets, 40mg omeprazole for acid reflux, vitamin d, b12, and fish oil.

I'm 23, 4 ft 11", and 107 pounds. I'm not a huge eater.

My goal with the whole30 is to try to heal my digestive system and rediscover how my body relates to food so I can make healthy food choices for my IBS-C and Acid Reflux.

Please someone let me know if this is normal. I have to go into work in an hour and I don't want to have to call in sick. I am very discouraged.

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Thanks for the quick response!

I got the flu shot this year, and I actually just got over what was probably a mini version of the flu over the weekend before New Years. Feeling a bit better after shoving the eggs and berries into my body.

I'm going to have Imagine Chicken broth for lunch at work today and bring a hard-boiled egg and apple- just in case I need something extra. I'm also going to get some SmartWater on my way to work and get those electrolytes in my body. I'll just take it all hour by hour.

I start my period next week- would that have anything to do with it? My hormones are definitely whack during this part of my cycle- so maybe in combination with the diet, it's making things a little more intense.

Let me know if you think of anything else.

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It's very possible you are getting sick, there's a lot of icky stuff going around. However, I have a lot of the same health issues as you (IBS-C Acid Reflux, etc) and I woke up with the exact same symptoms as you from days 3-5 of my first W30. The dizziness and shakiness were really bad. I added a banana to my breakfast of eggs, avocado and veggies. I upped my water intake and started adding some starchy veggies into the mix, such as a sweet potatoes and butternut squash, every day. By day 6 or 7, those symptoms went away and have never returned. Hopefully you aren't sick, and this is your just your body adjusting. Good luck.

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Thanks for the tip, LRM! I'm actually feeling a lot better- still no appetite and tired, tired, tired- but otherwise okay. Hopefully, my icky feelings will pass after day 5 like yours did!

I'll start working the sweet potato into my daily meals. Also, one of my goals for the month was to drink at least 64 fl oz of water a day and I've been doing great with that so far. I'll just keep that up, try some starchy carbs, and hopefully I'll be good to go soon enough!

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Thanks Robin-

Adding that sweet potato in at dinner made all the difference. I had it with cinnamon, ghee, and salt. TOO good. I'll be making sure I eat one every day- and butternut squash too! Thanks for the tip! I feel SO much better today!

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