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Sorry for the Mortal Kombat reference, it felt appropriate.

Round 4, day 1!

If you've played along in previous rounds, you might know that I suffer from vestibular migraines which cause chronic vertigo and I first 'cured' them 18 months ago with Whole30. 

Unfortunately I also suffer from a distinct lack of willpower and the uncanny ability to let myself get sucked back into the vortex and put up with the suck that is permanent vertigo for the sake of laziness and convenience.

So here I am again. Monday, first day. Thanks to the lockdown I have absolutely no social engagements for the forseeable future and no reason not to do a round!

Started the day with coffee with almond milk. I was a black coffee girl but making coffee at home means it needs a little something, I miss the work coffee machine.

Meal 1: 2 poached eggs on spicy saurkraut with mayo

Meal 2: Tuna salad (tuna, dill pickles, mayo) in lettuce cups

Meal 3: Steak, grilled sweet potato, roasted veggie medley (radish, carrot, brussel sprouts) with olive oil and dukkah

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Day 30!!! This was by far the easiest round. I credit that to not even having the opportunity to eat out, having ALL the time in the world to prep and cook and shop, and having no outside pressures at

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Welcome back! I'm currently on Round 5 and also suffer from an impressive ability to revert to poor eating habits, driven by laziness and convenience! I actually don't mind eating Whole30. I love the food and I love the way it makes me feel. But dang, it is so much work (I mean really, how can a single woman produce so many dishes!?) and I just cannot get into Whole30-approved convenience foods... 

But, we're here! We keep trying so we deserve some credit for that! I wish you the very best and hope your vertigo is cured once again! 

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Thanks @kirbz! Humans can be so silly, we know whats good for us and feels good, and we still let ourselves slip. I don't mind the work so much (I'm not a convenience food person either, and we can't get most of them here anyway), but I work long hours sometimes, and sometimes I just want a glass of wine (or 3) and some easypasta and it just snowballs.

Round 4 day 2: I went grocery shopping and restocked on a bunch of stuff, currently making a batch of ratatoullie for easy dinner sides or to have a couple eggs in for breakfast. Tuesdays are market day, so I have fresh fish for dinner. I got a pumpkin for this amazing soup recipe someone posted on facebook, too.

I'm also going to be intermittent fasting this round, I know that's not recommended but I have done enough rounds to be able to customise and IF works for me. i just don't get hungry early and 2 meals just works.

Meal 1: Tuna, mayo, pickles, lettuce cups

Meal 2: Salt n pepper squid and flathead, Asian coleslaw with nuoc tham dressing, grilled sweet potato rounds


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Day 3.

I can't wait to start sleeping better, the last few nights have been rough though that's because I've had work stress, not because of W30. W30 usually really tones down my anxiety though, so I'm looking forward to that kicking in.

I'm really liking almond milk in my coffee, I'm finding!

Otherwise nothing to report, so on with the menu:

Meal 1: 2 x poached eggs on ratatoullie with kalamata olives and a generous dollop of fennel pepita pesto

Meal 2: Slow cooked pork chops in mushroom gravy, roasted veggie medley and mashed pumpkin.

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Day 4.

Aaaaaand there it is. A solid 8 hours sleep. Bliss. I had a presentation at work yesterday and I think that's whats been keeping me awake (I tend to go to sleep easily, but as soon as I've had a minimum amount of sleep I wake up and can't shut down again). So with that over, I slept like a log. I love W30 sleep!!

I did a deep freeze inventory yesterday and it was a bit grim - we have 9 lots of steak (yay!) 1 lot of pork chops, a huge roast lamb leg which is too big for 2 people and will wait for company, some homemade sausages which I can't remember if they're compliant so won't eat on round to be cautious, and a TON of chicken which is not compliant. I'm talking like 10kg of chicken breast that's marinated, and is a no-no. I also have some lovely homemade bacon which is also not compliant and some bits n pieces, but nothing substantial. I need to go shopping!!

Vertigo is still present but fairly minor, no crushing episodes for maybe 36 hours, which is nice. 


Meal 1: 2 eggs and jamon with roasted vegetables and a mayo based dressing

Meal 2: Steak I guess LOL, having looked in the freezer. Unless I pop out for something else. Probably with roasted/sauteed veggies. We shall see.



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Day 5!

Another good night's sleep. Vertigo is easing up, which is a blessing. Previously, it's taken anywhere up to 3 weeks for it to ease, so the fact that it's slacking off now is great. Plus, it makes it easier to stick with coming into weekend (when I still feel crappy even though I've been compliant for days, it's more likely that I'll say "stuff it" and have a glass of wine, or order takeout).

Meal 1: Tuna salad (Tuna, mayo, pickles, wholegrain mustard) in lettuce cups and cucumber boats

Meal 2: I have a massive hankering for slow cooked beef short ribs, so I'll go get some and cook them in a BBQ style sauce to have with mashed root vegetables, and sauteed cabbage and broccoli

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I'm soooooo tired. And my hands hurt. Like ache inside. I have just trying to read a new book and I couldn't because my hands ache so much that holding the book open was an effort. What the hell? I've not got arthritis or anything, its just weird.

But it's Friday and I'm having W30 sleeps and there's no alarm in the morning, so happy days!

Also, it's Friday, hubster is drinking wine (lets be honest, he's had wine every night this week) and I don't even want any.

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Happy Saturday! It's a lovely day here and lockdown restrictions have eased enough that we can take the doggo to the beach for a run (appropriate social distancing required of course). He will be so happy. He will be less happy when he get a bath after, but that's the trade off.

i can't wait for my headache to be gone, I'm drinking plenty of water but have gone pretty low carb (no potatoes or even sweet potatoes so far this round) so I'm guessing that's the culprit.

Off to the wholesale butcher this morning to stock up on meat, which will dictate dinner. Last nights ribs were just gorgeous. Actually, I'm thinking some nice seared flank steak with chimmichurri might be the go!

I put vanilla in my coffee this morning, just a tiny dash, for something different. Erm, no. I now feel like I broke my W30 with lcohol, for starters, and it was groooosssssss. It also made the almond milk split, which was super unattractive.

No idea on meals today, I have leftovers from dinner which might become meal 1, but we might have omelettes. Dunno, it will wait til the hubster gets out of bed! 


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Aw thanks!! I love to cook, and it's so much easier to stay on track when I keep it interesting.  Hubster has been at me to start a blog, but there are soooo many out there and I don't know that anyone would want to listen to me LOL.

Symptom check in - vertigo still present but way less intense, no major crushing moments. Still have a vague headache, but I also think I'm in desperate need of a remedial massage, as I've been working from home and my set up might not be very ergonomic. Way less bloated, oral allergy is calming down a lot and I haven't had heartburn since day 2. 

I started W30 in the second week of 2019, and did 2 rounds in the first half of the year. Second half of the year went a bit haywire, then I did another round in January this year, and this is round 4. Every round I do, it just ingrains more how much better I feel when I eat like this. 



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Happy Sunday Day 7!!

I'm getting into that W30 sleep cycle where I sleep REALLY well but can't sleep more than 8 hours, which is a good thing. It's the perfect rhythm. Off round, I will sleep 12 hours given the chance. 

I have fasting blood tests this week, my last sugar reading came back high (possible pre-diabetes territory) so they're doing the 3 month test to assess. This is part of the reason I'm back on round, and determined to make long term changes afterwards.

But vertigo-y this morning, nothing major, but it is there. 

My 2 best friends are in Adelaide and Paris respectively, so since lockdown we have been 'meeting' every Sunday night on video chat to cook and eat together. We choose a dish and make it while chatting, then hang out for dinner. Tonight is the first time I've done it on round, and the dish chosen is burritos, so I'm making all the components and having burrito omelette wraps with a side salad. Debating buying an avocado, I think I'll pass. I've tried to like it but it just doesn't work. 

Not sure on Meal 1 yet, we have some running around to do and I'll find something in the fridge later :)

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OK, so Meal 1 was leftover flank steak with a simple lettuce and cucmber salad, and a mayo/salsa dressing.

Meal 2 is pork carnitas, also on lettuce, cucumber salad, with fajita style capsicum and onion, salsa, and chimmichurri mayo

I also made pork crackling today, so that's getting a look in as a plated fat <3

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Day 8!

I made it through the first week, and the first weekend! I actually don't find weekends too problematic when there aren't social engagements causing angst.

I probably ate more fat than I needed yesterday, particularly with dinner, but there was crackling and we all know that if you don't eat it while it's fresh... lol

Today's plan:

Meal 1: A small red pepper stuffed with leftover carnitas and cauli/brocc rice, topped with nutritional yeast and a handful of raw cashews

Meal 2: Hmmmm. Maybe lamb koftas. Side of sauteed cabbage and broccoli, and some seared carrots and beans with lemon tahini.  

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Day 9!

I have today off work, so I went to an organic grocery to get supplies, they have so much W30 stuff! Yay!

Then I did a shop, came home and made 4kg of beef, smoked tomato and mushroom sausages. I have the ingredients to make chicken, spinach and pinenut as well, but I'm feeling a little lazy... I really should do it. The chicken will be find in the freezer but I don't want to waste the spinach. 

I was getting SUPER cranky making the beef ones, and just realised that it is 3:15 and all i have had today was a black coffee - I had fasting blood tests this morning and went shopping right after. Silly!! I'm making food and then I'll see how I feel about the chicken.

Meal 1: One of my lovely beef sausages with a pan-fried field mushroom with ghee and garlic and sauteed spinach.

Meal 2: Battered flake fillets with chimmichurri coleslaw and sweet potato wedges.


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h, the fasting bloods were for blood sugar, my last results came back at 6.3, which is high. Half expecting to be told I'm pre-diabetic, which would make sense with my weight gain and my lack of exercise. Good thing I'm already back on track!

Also noticing that my appetite is so much smaller. Skipping a meal to 3pm is NOT me, and when I had it I had one sausage (even though I cooked 2, because the rest were frozen in packs of 4) with my (admittedly large) mushroom and some spinach. It's great, coz usually I'm a volume eater. 

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