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I started my first Whole 30  about 17 days ago. I just found this forum and I'm getting so much information. The beginning was a little rough but I think I'm in the swing of it now. I have already experienced better sleep, more energy and I've been in a great mood since I started. I am not that versed in cooking so it's been a learning curve. I am enjoying the program. I'm just wondering how much space did you put in between different Whole 30 cycles? I want to continue these benefits so I'll probably stick to Whole 30 going forward. :)

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On 1/26/2021 at 10:41 AM, BeKatastic said:

I'm just wondering how much space did you put in between different Whole 30 cycles?

Hey there BeKat! Glad you found the forum! And yes, @50andstillhere is quite right - it's dependent on individual needs and wants. 

I'm doing back to back W30s for this round with Jan 31 off in between for a glass of wine - maybe 2 :) I have more work to do around the structure of my eating and tightening some of the rules so, for me W30 #5 started in 4 days. I have previously done a W30, 4 months later a W45 and 3 months later a W30 where I finished very weakly because my mom was failing and I became her primary caregiver. My first 3 were amazing and lifechanging until mom got sick and that was a whole new challenge. This W30 has been awesome but I don't feel complete so, carry on I will.

Hubs and I plan to do 3 W30s a year moving forward: January, April and September feel like they will be what we need.

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@BeKatasticAnother option is to do the reintroductions after your 30 days, then go back to Whole30ish eating (e.g. not being so strict with things like added sugar in condiments or bacon/sausage). Reintroductions will let you know what foods groups are generally okay for you, and you'll be able to make informed decisions if you want to expand your diet in the future. On the other hand, if you're not missing anything, keep on keeping on! 

I personally like the idea of doing January and September W30s, though I've never actually done two in a year. I may do that this year. There is also the option of doing mini-resets (W30 for a few days or a couple of weeks) if eating starts to feel out of control, or after a vacation or other disruption to regular habits.

Sounds like you're rockin' your W30 - keep it up!

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