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February 1st?


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I missed starting Whole30 in Jan and am trying it in Feb.  I received all these nice emails for Jan.  Was that a one time thing?


I am ordering WHole 30 meals from Eat The 80s (dont know why they call it that), but could use some guidance, especially as Feb is not even 30 days.  


Ordering groceries know from shoppin lists, but hope I am doing this right.  Any advice appreciated.


I've done Keto before with success, but new to this. 



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A Whole30 is 30 days. The fact that February isn't, doesn't matter, you just keep going for 30 days. I'm not sure about the emails -- if you've kept them, you could look back at them on the appropriate days, or you might look to see if there's anything in them about signing up to get them again. 

This page has links to the rules and helpful articles: https://whole30.com/do-the-whole30/ -- is there something in particular you're wondering about or need help with? 

Also, Eat the 80 explains their name here: https://www.eatthe80.com/about/, just because i got curious and looked it up for myself.


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@bellhopboy I just finished my 2nd W30 (woohoo!) and I’d say the single best thing you can do to get through it is plan your meals well in advance. Write your menu, write your shopping list, plot your leftovers (eg roast chicken one night means cold chicken x 2 days lunches etc), get some good freezeable/microwave pots or jars for saving meals, and plan your lunches, breakfasts and pre/post workout snacks not just your evening meals. Do most of the thinking on eg. Sunday night then you don’t have that ‘what shall I eat’ thing all week. I do mine for a full week ahead, but even if you do a few days and shop more frequently it will help. 

also: cook double. If you’re doing a W30 meal, cook extra and freeze. I cook 2 full Sunday dinners  (I’m in England, we love a Sunday roast!) every Sunday and there’s my lunches done for the whole week. I portion up and keep them in the fridge, grab one on my way out to work. prep is your best friend here! 

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@bellhopboy also: I did keto for years too (successfully, lost 42lb and kept it off for 2 years) and I find the principles very similar (except the dairy of course, although some strict keto diets don’t include dairy) - you’ll know the principles of getting your fats in etc. I am a runner and I have certainly enjoyed having potato on W30 as of course they are not keto friendly. It’s interesting because in my first W30 in July I probably ate more carb than in the entire year prior to that (and I really had the carb-fear after having none for so long!) but it made me realise that actually I can tolerate more of it than I thought, and it’s the type of carb that matters. 
good luck! 

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1 hour ago, Lorna from Canada said:

I was wondering how you are doing @Saiee! I'm day 33 of W60 @bellhopboy - technically W30 #5 for me. Had a great January - wanted to keep going. Happy to support.

@Lorna from Canada Thank you for wondering I got through Friday, had 2 fried eggs and a banana there as I never had a chance to get groceries.  I did try to change my soup up some and used stew meat. I found even browned that I did not like that as much so going back to ground beef.  I am trying to Donate or toss many foods that I have that do not meet Whole 30 so temptations are down.    

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@Saiee @Rebecca001
I think that's the problem isn't it? That packaged ones are so accessible that they make it easy to over indulge. I, personally, would never eat so many of those that they would ever become a problem for me so don't see the difference between those and a Thrive market W30 salad dressing. They're more of a SWYPO for me though so I'd probably avoid them in lieu of something else.

I think, at this stage of the game, we need to be thinking about these things in relation to the W30 Good Food Standards

The food that we eat should:

  1. Promote a healthy psychological response
  2. Promote a healthy hormonal response
  3. Support a healthy gut
  4. Support immune function and minimize inflammation.

While doing a W30, we should add in number 5:

  1. Compliant to W30 rules.

This is the focus I am taking now to figure out what these rules look like for me - #1 is the most difficult. Those FWNBs are a big problem for me. Hubs and I were just talking about this - how do we move forward and what will our rules be when I am done W60 at the end of February (he's doing W30 principles with a weekend beer :D

Anyway, I'd say if you could eat them without going mad for them then you'd be okay but that's not an official statement, is it now ;)



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