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Planning a meal for non w30 people for social evening


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Hi- can I ask you to look at this menu with your w30 and non-w30 heads on and help me decide if it’s ok. 
guests: 2 adults, no food allergies or issues. Very polite people who will eat whatever I make and say it is marvellous regardless. Plus my husband (ditto- the guests are his parents!) plus me (the only w30 follower) 

However I do want to impress them and for them to genuinely like the meal, plus I’d quite like to impress/surprise them as they think I live on kale and seeds and I’d like to impress them with my delicious menu! 

so: I am going to do this Persian sumac chicken with tomato salad https://www.taste.com.au/recipes/sumac-chicken-persian-tomato-salad/2db0fcfb-d83a-4393-a2f5-08e9e1ee65c1

obviously omitting the molasses. 
I’m also going to do a sweet potato , lime and cauliflower tray bake (I think in USA you’d call this a ‘sheet pan’ dish?) which involves dressing the veg with lime juice, oil , cumin, chilli and roasting it, then adding spinach. 

I’ll do a cauliflower rice and a ‘real cous cous’ and some pitta breads for the non-30s 

instead of hummus I’ll do a tahini and lemon blend with aioli to make a hummus like dressing. 

What do you think? I should add here in the uk we are still limited to outdoor socialising, so this will be eaten on our laps in the garden, which does limit the options as it’s got to be easy to eat without a table. 



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This all looks amazing!

The only thing I would do differently is maybe make a baba ganoush instead of a mayo/tahini 'hummus' if you're expecting people to eat it in volume like they do with pita bread and normal hummus... It just seems it would be a bit rich given that it would be basically sesame seeds and mayo - it would be delish if you're using it as a dressing to drizzle on the chicken tho.  Just my two cents.

Your meal looks great and I think it will be VERY impressive for them to see what variety you've been eating on Whole30!

Here's a recipes for baba that is Whole30 compliant and I know a lot of our folks on here have made this one before.  https://www.everylastbite.com/2018/11/27/baba-ganoush/

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