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Best Christmas present ever. Turns fruit into soft serve almost like sorbet. The texture is so much like real ice cream I almost didn't believe its all fruit. Delicious!

Hate to be a party pooper but here's an excellent post Robin, one of the mods made a while ago about Yonanas.

The problem with the dates, and the yonanas, is that they're vessels for feeding your sugar dragon. Humans like sweet things, it's natural and unavoidable. And, there's nothing wrong with liking sweet tastes. The problem is, we will go out of our way to consume sweet things and often consume them preferentially over savory tastes. The thing is, sweet things tend to be less nutritious than savory things. Back in the day when sweet things were an occasional find, that was fine because our diets still consisted of 98% nutritious and savory. But now, we have all manners of sweet available to us from all over the world every day of our lives. And most of us have become conditioned to unnaturally sweet foods to the point of habit - even addiction. We want you to recondition yourself to the natural taste and (for lack of a better word) make-up of the foods you're eating. Break that need for a food-based reward. Eat some bananas, if you like them. Freeze them if you need something cold. But don't smoosh them around to try to make them into ice cream because we all know that ice cream is an unhealthy food habit.

Does that make sense?

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How are you incorporating this into your meals? If you are using it as a "dessert" I would ask you to consider why you are doing so.

This may make a compliant item into something you would like to eat "more" but think about the consequences of consuming it in this form. Are you changing your relationship with food? Are you just exchanging one item (ice cream) with this one? Something like this would be a slippery slope for many. I have seen plenty of banana "ice cream" which is then topped with chocolate syrup.

I would just say proceed with caution!

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