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Feasting before starting Whole30


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Every year I host a Galentines Day brunch and its like a delicious, less healthy version of Thanksgiving. It's a lot of carbs and sugar and cheese and mimosas. Its the kind of thing I hope to be able to enjoy in moderation in the future, but I am planning to start my first Whole30 at the end of January. I have an out of town wedding Jan 21 and was planning to start a few days after I got back, so it wouldn't be such a big shift since I'm sure there will be a lot of drinking and probably too much food. The problem I'm now having is that I'll also be moving in March, so I'd like the initial 30 days + some time for reintroduction to be done before then. February is wide open as far as particularly tempting events, so it seems the perfect time for me to jump into this. 

My question is this: If I had Galentine's Brunch a day or two before starting (like Jan 29), is it going to make the transition that much harder as I'm trying to kick my body out of junk food mode? Or is it ok to feast a little before getting started?


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I mean it is generally not recommended. Now I have done 5+ Whole30s and I can guarantee at least 2/3s (if not all)  I have gone crazy the day before. This time I did brunch with unlimited mimosas and del taco the day before....probably not the best idea. Also the two months before my eating was out of control (part of the reason I wanted to do a Whole30). I don't think this time was significantly worse transitioning than previous ones where my eating habits would have been better, but it also could be because I have done so many that it is like riding a bike. I do think my carb flu was worse this time. Most I have had little to no carb flu and this time I definitely had two-three days of it.

Maybe eat mostly Whole30 the week before and make the brunch the exception? That way your body will be mostly used to it.

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I traditionally do a round starting the first work week back in January after serious debauchery in the weeks beforehand. I don't think it actually makes it harder - usually it comes as a bit of a relief (including this time, where I'm not on a strict round but working towards a healthier food freedom!).

I guess I just don't think that there's a bad time to start. 

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