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Started Whole 45?


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Hi everyone!

I actually started what is a Whole 45 (or may be longer) on December 28. So, I'm on Day 18 now. I waited to post because I've tried 4-5 other 'elimination diets' and never improved as much as I wanted.

I was diagnosed with Celiac (already had Graves Disease) in 2011. Although I'd gone G-F a month before my test, my blood results were off the chart and my intestinal villi were completely atrophied. Since I'd been sick for over 10 years (chronic fever and joint pain), I was just happy to have a diagnosis! However, going G-F (and then subsequently soy-free, dairy-free, grain-free, etc.) helped only to a certain point. I kept popping up with new food intolerances (corn, tomato, pork, buckwheat, rice, soy, quinoa, etc.) even though I'd moved to a completely whole-foods diet. Although I did feel better than before, every day was still a fatigue-filled "get through work and get back to bed". I tried several elimination diets, but would always find that one of the "safe foods" was actually an intolerance for me (like rice), so I'm improved a bit, but didn't get "better".

You might say the straw broke the camel's back when I missed the holidays this year due to a newly-developed reaction (at least measurably on a blood test) to peanuts, which was actually a reaction to all legumes, nuts, and seeds. So, I started looking for a new plan to try and found the Whole 30. I immediately bought the book and recognized myself in its pages. Since I was already avoiding many of the foods, I started with the autoimmune protocol. To be honest, I wasn't sure that it would help, but what else was I going to try?

Now on Day 18, I'm quite optimistic that this may be THE ONE. :) My joints are not painful now, and my muscles are remembering that my joints like to bend. My workouts actually feel like workouts! And, this may seem odd to say, but I can feel my body healing. My digestive system is just completely quiet and functioning. And all those incredibly strong, maddening food cravings are disappearing. For the first time, I actually believe I'm going to be better and that I'm not destined to be half-sick all my life. And hope is worth its weight in gold.

So, I'm on board for at least a Whole 45. I may add in some of the foods from the AI protocol after 30 (I miss the nightshades!). But for now, I'm just happy to eat food that doesn't bite back. Nice to meet everyone!

P.S. Thanks to all who've posted stories of success. That was great inspiration.

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What a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing!

Healing from serious gut damage like you have had can take closer to a year than a month, so I am glad you anticipate continuing with the process. Once your gut is damaged, you can add new food in tolerances. After your gut has healed, SOME of those in tolerances may disappear. My concern is that if you have been having problems with nightshades, it may be best to wait for several months before you attempt to add them back into your diet. If you try too soon, you may have a negative reaction that you may not have 6 months from now.

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Thank you all for your kind comments.

Tom, I appreciate very much your comment about re-introducing the nightshades. I know I need to skip the nightshades for much longer than 30 days, but since peppers and spice are my favorite additions to food, I told myself originally it'd only be for 30. Now that I'm on Day 18, I think I can put off introducing them for a while longer (i.e. the recommended 90 days). The peppers, spices with peppers, and chewing gum are the only things I miss now. But healing my veeeery leaky gut is more important. And I needed this reminder to keep my eye on the big picture. :) So, thank you!!

Briana, I appreciate your comment about the physiological and psychological also. I never would have believed that food was responsible for all of the symptoms I had for so long (and which became my new normal). I'm starting to have these bursts of energy and it's like my mind can't quite figure out what to do. :)

Susan and Kirsteen, I've read some of both of your posts as inspiration. So, know that you're helping people start to take better care of themselves!

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