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Starting Thursday October 13th 2022

Fingerling Potato

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This is my third bout on Whole30 in 5 years. My brain just does not want to focus on eating properly. 

I seem to get in my head that I want something and that I will want it until I fulfil the desire. I know this is all in my head and perhaps an excuse to just eat that item that is no good for me and it needs to stop. 

I truly want to be that person that looks at such food and thinks, "Ew, I do not want that in my body." I know I can do it because I did it with soda and then diet soda and I swore no one would ever stop me from having my (only) ONE diet soda a day and here I am 5 years later and just the thought of drinking one grosses me out. 

So it is time to bunker down and get strict! 

I am planning the meals for the week. Heading to Costco tomorrow for some bulk things. I am looking forward to egg bites! I love those so much but just dont like taking the time to prep anything. I am 50 and my body is slowing down and things must change! 

I certainly will need encouragement and hope I can do the same for the rest of the community.

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It is really hard to be motivated to post as it is soooo inactive in here. So I skipped a few days but totally on track.

I was already mostly eating gluten and dairy free so I think I may skip the "flu", or at least I am hoping. 


Day 4

I feel great but cravings!

Had to go to Walmart yesterday and the smells of the foods, SNOWBALLS omg I love snowballs. But at the same time, I went without them for many years. Why did I want one SOOOO bad yesterday? Now here I am thinking about that pack of snowballs a day later. UGH

Another thing,

I have been on and off of Paleo for a couple years now. I have purchased things that were "paleo" and had read the ingredients and they truly were. Now my favorite Taco seasoning that I KNOW had no rice flour in it NOW HAS RICE FLOUR! WTH!?! 

Read your labels folks. Apparently Paleo allows rice now. Whoda thunk!?! Frustrating as one of my meal plans was for taco salad. 

I am glad I caught these things before I ate them but these are some of my frustrations. 


Yesterdays meals....


Breakfast Egg bites made in my instant pot, salsa and half an avocado

Lunch leftover Chicken legs with black olives and carrots and heirloom tomatoes

Dinner More leftover chicken legs canned spinach and more black olives


I hope someone reads these posts. 

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Hey there!

Making your own Taco seasoning is SUPER easy and a bunch of us (friends and family of mine) have found this one to be EXACTLY like the Old El Paso in the yellow envelope... altho if you don't like this one, there are loads of recipes online.  I usually make a triple batch and then store it in a mason jar in my  spice rack so it's ready for whenever taco night happens.

Also, in order to get it to thicken up, I add 1 tsp of arrowroot powder or tapioca starch to the recipe (more if doubling or tripling).


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Hey @Fingerling Potato I hope your W30 is going well.  If you try the tapioca starch to thicken, does it have a taste.  I can't do arrowroot powder (yuck).

I hoped you skipped the "flu."  I did this time, I think because I was eating mostly W30 before I started too... well my meals anyways.  Snacks is a whole different story.


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@Fingerling Potato I was checking to see if my old on-line DragonSlayers pal Sugarcube was still on this website and as a result saw your post - I just posted in the success stories thread, you might find something there to relate to, no guarantees of course.  I had the exact same experience with taco seasoning that used to be compliant (McCormick hot was, regular and mild not) and am glad I found this recipe.  I too make batches of frequently used spice mixes and store them in mason jars - breakfast sausage seasoning, italian sausage seasoning from meljoulwan.com (I hope it's OK to cross post), plus some Penzey's blends are pretty good too.

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