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How to tell if I need to be on the AIP

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Hi All-

So in my log I have been noticing a few things and wondering if I can make some conclusions:

-When I eat tomato/pepper based foods I cannot sleep, my throat hurts, I am bloated and my fingers swell

-When I eat eggs and nuts (and some fruits), I get bloated and constipated (no matter how much fiber I eat and water I drink)

So based on those things, I am wondering if I need to be on the auto-immune protocol? Or if not, does anyone have any explanations/theories as to why this may happen and how to remedy it? It is so discouraging and uncomfortable having such a distended belly that I look pregnant!!

Thank you!


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You should stop eating these foods if they are causing you trouble. You may have some problems with your gut that these foods aggravate. If you feel much better soon after you stop eating these foods, you will know you've made a good decision.

Your gut might eventually heal and allow you to eat these foods again, but you should probably wait several months before attempting to reintroduce them to be sure your gut is fully healed. Some people can reintroduce some foods and some can't.

Whether you should adopt the full autoimmune protocol is unclear. I would probably eliminate only the foods that bothered me unless when I began to look at the overall plan I found that most of the AI problem foods bothered me.

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Thanks for posting this! I have CFS and IBS. I was thinking I might have to go on a low FODMAP at the end of this thing to try and pinpoint the food/foods causing random puffiness under my eyes and lots of watery tummy. I have taken a probiotic, and I am going to ride this out to the end before rotating stuff in and out. I'd like to see if I even out by the 30 days - if this is just my body adjusting. I have already noticed that bell peppers cause me grief, so I am trying to keep them out, but I love them so much!

Besides these things though, my overall change is awesome on the good days. I still have some emotional ups and downs, but I'm only on day10...I still have lots of time to take it easy, adjust, explore some things I need to address.

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