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Day 4, making big changes, craving my old habits

Jill M Edwards

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Sometime around the time I turned 30, I decided that I would run a marathon for my 40th birthday, something epic to ring in this milestone, instead of the normal, drink too much, eat too much, feel horrible the next day celebration.

In January, I turned forty, left the icy high desert of Wyoming and ran the DisneyWorld Marathon in Florida.

Despite all the exercise and training that went into getting ready, along with a regular exercise regime, I am at least 50 pounds overweight, still feeling bloated, asthmatic, I have nightly acid reflux and excema, just a general feeling of dis-ease.

A FB friend kept posting about her Whole30 (she is getting ready to start her 2nd Whole30), and another friend has been telling me about how detrimental grains are for a couple of years now. I checked out the whole30 link on my FB friend's page and started checking it all out.

So with that, here I am day 4. My two kids are still eating the same stuff they have always eaten, My husband eats what I make but adds whatever he wants to his, this hasn't been as hard on me as i thought it would be.

Day 1 and 2, the eating was a bit of a challenge, the bigger challenge, severe headache, and a "weird" stomach ache.

Day 3: felt ok, no headache, super sleepy. Realized I haven't needed any antacids or my inhaler.

Day 4: Feeling good, not really hungry between meals, as they are satisfying, but I am craving everything and anything that I can see laying around, Cheez-its, chocolate, buttery noodles, pizza, bacon (with sugar, can't find any breakfast meats without), my husband's ice cold Blue Moon Agave beer. Ugh. Haven't caved and I won't, but I have probably had a little too much fruit this afternoon, like 3-4 servings, I didn't have any fruit with breakfast or lunch and I am not planning on any for dinner, the cravings have passed...for now.

So far, I have learned that I had eaten a lot more "junk" than I realized, a handful here, a sip of something there, I actually LIKE being more consciencious. Starting to figure out how to slowly implement these changes into my kids diets and excited to see where this journey will lead.

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Sounds like you're on the right track. A great tip I've learned on the forum is to store all those off limits "food" items in a large tote so that you don't have to see them every single day - out of sight, out of mind. Your kids and hubby can find what they want and should be responsible for putting things back in the tote. I bet they would be willing to support you in that way!

I am certain that you will continue to see amazing results!

Best wishes!

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It helps to avoid fruit until after your sugar cravings die off. The sweetness of fruit keeps the sugar cravings alive and they are better off dead. Eating protein and a little fat is actually the best food to combat sugar cravings. A handful of olives and a piece of leftover chicken is a good choice.

Hang in there!

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Thanks for the tips!

Tom, I think you are right, I will try steering clear of fruit for a few days and see how that works for me.

Jeanye, My kiddos are 2 and 4, the 4 year old can probably work on the tote concept, we'll have to work on the pesky 2 year old and husband :)

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Day 5: I feel really great, not sure if it is related, but I have been suffering with Plantar Faciatis since just before my son was born (so 2.5 years) my foot pain is miraculously gone! Could it be????

Breakfast: 2 hardboiled eggs mashed up 1/4 cup sweet potato and a sprinkle of hazelnuts (actually tastier than I thought it would be), coffee with a splash of coconut milk

Suprise trip to Fort Collins to be with my Dad for foot surgery with no meals packed.

Lunch at Snooze, an amazing breakfast/lunch place where I showed amazing control: 2 poached eggs on a bed of wilted arugula, asparagus, red peppers, mushrooms, and onions, black coffee

Snack: Pre Tom's advice, big bottle of water and a small mixed fruit salad, about 1.5 servings, from Whole Foods for my drive home. Not too shabby considering my sister was in the passenger seat with a big bottle of chocolate milk and giant chocolate bar...sigh.

Dinner: 3 giant grilled prosciutto wrapped scallops with grilled baby portebella mushrooms, onions, red peppers, yellow squash.

Been drinking lots of water, but feeling very thirsty.

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Day 6:

Breakfast grilled chicken breast, left over grilled veggies (mushroom, onion, peppers, squash )on a big bed of mixed greens.

Snack: handful of kalamata olive

Dinner: pork roast with carrots, broccoli, cauliflower.

Feeling freakishly fantastic, went to my Aunt's 60th birthday party, didn't feel tempted by cake, ice cream or cocktails.

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Day 7:

Breakfast: 1/4 cup pumpkin, 2 hard boiled eggs smashed into it, sprinkled with chopped hazelnuts

coffee with coconut milk

Lunch: Grilled chiicken breast on top of a big salad with 1/2 an avocado

Dinner: Shrimp stirfry served over mixed greens, side of Asparagus with a little clarified butter and lemon juice.

Feeling not quite as fantastic tonight.

I am really tired after my Crossfit class today and feeling achy.

Constipated, I am usually REALLY regular, but I haven't gone yet today, right before dinner, I got the worst tummy ache and pretty serious bloating. I know once I remedy this (use the facilities) I am going to feel great...ugh.

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Hi Jill!

Congratulations on day 7! I hope your freakishly fantastic feeling will return soon! For what it's worth, I was very backed up the first week of the whole 30 but I just lived with it and it passed. Eating a large sweet potato every day helps. Also, I get a really bad stomach ache every time I eat avocado :( Rest and recover days, sleep, as well as more food always helps with the tiredness. You don't eat very much! Good luck!

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GoGo, Do you think I should be eating more?

Day 8:

I am feeling so much better today!!! Wow, last night was rough, but it passed, thank goodness.

The best part of today, the first 4 customers at my coffeeshop this morning commented on "how great I look" I didn't really even notice this until my employee told me, "that is 4 now" totally put a spring in my step. I went through my closet to get rid of some clothes that have been too small for so long that i am just giving up. Decided to try a few of them on...they all fit. Yay Whole30!

Breakfast: Left over shrimp stir-fry scrambled into 3 eggs

3 cups of coffee (I forgot I had already had two until I was feeling the effects of having 3)

Lunch: Tuna on a bed of greens with avocado and lemon juice

Snack: One date rolled in unsweetened coconut flakes

Dinner: T-bone with onions, portabellas, asparagus on a bed of greens.

Feeling good, planning a step aerobics class at 5:45 a.m. tomorrow.

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I have been 100% compliant until tonight which as totally accidental.

Had sashimi for dinner with what I thought were coconut aminos ( which I think are compliant) about thirty minutes after dinner I am mid asthma attack, I have two patches of excema just appearing. I started looking at everything I ate for dinner, they were just liquid animosity, made out of soy. Arrrggghh. I must have grabbed the wrong ones off the shelf at our co-op. Needless to say I am having a violent reaction.

My question is, do I have to start my whole 30 from scratch, or can I just chalk this up to a stupid mistake?

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