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How far back in the day do you go to figure out what has caused an issue like bloating?

Yesterday, I added in one thing in the morning and seemed to be fine. Then for dinner, I added in something else and by the time we went to bed, I felt "squished" in my abdomen. When I looked at myself in the mirror, I could sure see why. I was really bloated.

I am kind of thinking that going back to my first meal would be too far back, but then maybe dinner is too soon to cause bloating that quickly? I don't really know how long it takes to digest something, or to not digest well.

Any thoughts?

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Reintroductions are tricky because it really is hard to know what is having an effect.

I went to dinner at an Italian restaurant last night and ate pasta for the first time in almost 3 years. My stomach felt fine, I did not get bloated, but I kept waking up during the night feeling like I needed to urinate. I think maybe the spaghetti messed with my sleep and/or bladder somehow. But I don't want to test it again to be sure. I will probably go another 3 years before I eat more spaghetti.

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I've heard the same as Holly. For me personally, symptoms show up 2-24 hours later. With digestive stuff, I usually feel the effects in a 6-12 hour window. If it were me, I would blame breakfast—something I ate in the morning could definitely mess me up by dinnertime!

I hope you solve the bloating mystery!

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