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Wild Rice

Alicia Jo Crist

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What's the deal with wild rice? I just finished my whole30 and will be staying mainly whole30/paleo. We are from northern MN and have a lot wild rice. Is wild rice an ok food to eat? It not technically a rice, i THINK it's considered a grain (?) It's not planted, it's a natural, wild food. I didn't eat any while I was whole30ing it up, but I would like to incorporate a few more foods in to my diet.That being said, i don't want to unknownly add something that will mess me up and all the hard work from the last month. I LOVE bread and pasta, so it was tough lol

Thank you!

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What's the deal with wild rice? Is wild rice an ok food to eat?

You know, as I read that the first thing that came into my head was,

"Eat it and then you know." :-)

I think that is exactly what Whole30 and the whole Reintroduction thing is all about, figuring out what are ok foods to eat for us.

The Reintroduction schedule as outlined in ISWF is very basic.

Dairy for example is so varied, I feel most dairy foods should be tested individually, and not lumped together as one.

And I think the same goes for non gluten grains. All those seeds have different nasties. Some we may tolerate well, others not so much.

(Isn't there some weird soapy stuff on quinoa that needs extended soaking and rinsing to get off? Or was that some other grain?)

If wild rice is something you'd love to have back in your diet, try it. Make sure you feel stellar before you start, that there is nothing else left in your system that bothers you. Then try it for several days, do not have anything else off plan, and see how you feel compared to how you used to feel on the Whole30.

And then you know how ok it is :-)

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