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Right, need to get back on track ! Came home from holidays over a week ago and haven't done too bad getting back to proper paleo on a day-to-day basis, apart from a wine & manchego fest when I hosted bookclub last weekend.

But today I grossed myself out by eating ice-cream! I defrosted the freezer and it was going in the bin...until I caved and ate 2 big spoons of Haagen-daz, and gave the rest to the kids.....I must admit it did taste good, but now I have this horrible coated mouth feel.

So am going to start my W3021 on Saturday, as I have an end of school year drinks on Friday. I'm currently on anti-biotics after a wisdom tooth extraction on weds and I'm sure my system would appreciate it. Cutting it short at 21 days as it's my grandmother 100th birthday celebrations on July 14th and I think that is champagne worthy.

I'll log my daily meals and exercise here. Would really appreciate input from the mods and anyone else on what I'm eating, would love to really optimise my portiosn & choices this time around. I did it before but I want to do it better this time.

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No I would say they are specially thick slices ("rashers" as we call them). I was dividing up a pack I got I got for the freezer yesterday & there were a couple of slices that were thicker than the rest, which I put aside for my lunch today.

How do I embed an instagram pic? The usual img icon above ^ didn't work.

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Ok, so yesterdays dinner was really good, I made this


Tasty! will post pics later


....I also had a snack of some home made (not by me) chicken liover pate on baby gem lettuce leaves. Then I went out for some drinks with fellow parents from school for end of term. 3 large glasses of Pinot Grigio.

and so to today, Saturday 23rd , day 1/21

Breakfast - feeling a bit ropey after the wine (even though I drank a full pint of water with each glass of wine!).

Coffee with coconut milk, half large apple & almond butter, boiled egg

Husband & kids will be going out soon and I'm going to go back to bed with Melissa & Dallas :D or at least their book!

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I skipped some of the science chapters and started reading chapter 8 on this morning. One thing I definitely need to apply & pledge to do for the next 21 days is eat is a relaxed, distraction free, grateful setting. I have always eaten my breakfast & lunch by the laptop (self-confessed interweb junkie) and it's time to stop. So today I had my lunch at the table, with my pretty vase of flowers. I must admit I felt a bit odd sitting there on my own and I plugged in a podcast on my iphone...is this ok?? like listening to the radio I imagine....and I fast-forwarded any bits that might stress me out (I did not want to listen about human rights violations in Mali over lunch!)

So lunch was, a big salad of spinach, baby gem, cucumber, tomato and half an avocado with my mustard vinagerette, followed by 2 poached eggs ( my first time poaching, they were a bit underdone) on a bed of sauteed mushrooms & onions left from my burger dinner yesterday. And then a cinnamon coffee with coconut milk. I shook my beaker not realising it was opened spraying precious coconut milk around the kitchen :(

Will post photos after dinner.

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The meals without distraction is a really tough one for me. I'm an information junkie and spend an awful lot of time in front of the computer. If not that, then my nose is buried in a book at meal time if I'm eating on my own. Sometimes even in company with my book loving house mate.

One problem I have is esophageal spasms that seem to be worse when eating in company, especially with conversation. Maybe relaxation exercises or something before meals. Something for me to work on too.

Oh NO for the coconut milk disaster.

Tasty looking pate on bibb lettuce. Have to try that. Mmmmm

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We'll both work on it. There was a bit on balanced bites podcast recently about the importance of not being stressed when you eat. Stress releases cortisol and that shuts down digestion because your body goes in to flight or fight mode.

Forgot my new rule very quickly and ate my dinner in front of the tv with the kids, the movie Big, remember that?!

But it was delicious. Thai red fish curry. Made with a box of veg that included pak choi, tender stem broc, onion, red pepper. Compliant curry paste, coconut milk, and I added a small sweet potato and spinach. Oh and the fish! It was a pack including salmon, smoked coley and cod.

Montage of the day :)


eta 8.30 pm - 6 macadamia nuts and a mug of herbal tea. Not actually hungry but I haven't been able to eat nuts for days because of my toooth extraction and wanted some.....

Meant to say also that I was *really* hungry from about 4.15 to my dinner and really had to distract myself & hold steady on not having a snack. That is a habit/need I want to get away from but I don't think I could have made my lunch bigger....I was full when I finished.

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Sunday 24th day 2/21

9am (hurray for weekend lie-ins) boiled egg, plum tomato, 2 slices serrano ham. Half a large apple & almond butter. Black coffee. At table :)

1pm (in front of movie with ds) hard-boiled egg with mayo, spinach with dressing, plum tomato, chorizo. Was supposed to have half an avo too but it had gone bad :( 6 macadamias. Wanted sultanas too but they had veg oil and sulpher dioxide in the ingredients. Cinnamon coffee with coconut milk.

4pm Lemon & ginger tea (hunger is setting in)

5.45pm Mels comfort noodles (- almond crumb + bacon lardons) with rocket salad.

Sliced banana with coconut milk & flakes.


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Monday 25th Day 3/21

7.30am - boiled egg, serranno ham, tomato

10.30 am - Exercise, Burn Circuit 1 of Chalean Extreme, phew, this took it out of me, I haven't exercised in 2 weeks and haven't lifted heavy weights in 2 months.

PWO - 4 macadamia nuts

1pm - Johnny's chorizo scramble, cinnamon coffee w' coconut milk

4.30 pm - 10 fresh black cherries + 6 macadamias

5.30 - slowcooker chicken & spinach salad....

8pm - half an apple with hazlenut butter & mug of herbal tea


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Tuesday 26th Day 4/21

7.30 am - same as yesterday, had one slice of smoked ham & one of serrano

10am - Exercise, Chalean Extreme Burn Circuit 2

10.45am - 10 black cherries + 10 macadamias

1pm - leftoven chicken stew from last night with spinach

3.30pm - celery sticks & Mel's sunshine sauce to dip

5.30 pmish - plan to have spice rubbed pork tenderloin, sweet potatoes, and salad

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Wednesday 27th Day 5/21

7.30am - leftover over pork from last night, sweet poatato slices, egg, all fried in ghee. coffee.

1pm - lunch out - Cobb salad (hold the cheese) and I added the macadamia from my snack box. coffee

3pm - 15(ish!) black cherries and some coconut flakes

Planned dinner - paleo fried chicken ( I never eat fried chciken on a regular basis so I think I am ok with this :) ), salad, homemade coleslaw.

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Thurs 28th Day 6/21

7.30am - left over fried chicken, 150g cooked sweet potato (I bought lots on special a couple of days ago and cooked, portioned & froze them), dollop of mayo

11am exercise, chalean extreme, "burn intervals" + "ab burner"

12.30 left-over slowcooker chicken & spinach

6pm - salad with half an avo with vinagerette. Lamb steak. Home made coleslaw. Then I dumped the remaining half bag of salad in to the pan juices from the lamb - meaty salty greens :)

Bought some fresh blueberries and raspberries that I will have later with coconut milk & flakes.

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Friday 29th Day 6/21

7.30 am - fried (in pork fat) mushrooms, bacon & egg

9.30 am - Exercise, Chalean Extreme Burn Circuit 3

11am - coffee and a Nak'd bar (bit like Lara bar)

1pm - picnic lunch - gem lettuce, half avo, hard boiled egg w' mayo, tomato, serranno ham

4pm - small apple & hazlenut butter

6pm - egg foo yung w' prawns (reserved some for breakfast), followed by half a juicy mango with lime juice & rock salt (so good!)

I have some berries that won't last much longer so will have them later with coconut milk & flakes

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Saturday 30th Day 7/21

Exercise Rest Day

8am - leftover egg foo yung, apple & hazelnut butter

11am - coffee w'coconut milk, nectarine

12.30 pm - fried (in pork fat) mushrooms, spring onions,tomato, bacon & egg

3.30 pm - we had a lovely afternoon visiting Gorse Hill Gardens (a relative of ours), had some coffee there, and a tomato filled with egg mayo

6pm - huge salad of whatever salad items that were in my fridge so, mixed leaves, tomato, half an avo, tin of mackeral fillets, a hard boiled egg, and homemade coleslaw.

Later I will have the last of the mango with lime & salt.

I really need to get a grip on my fruit consumption don't I? do I? how much is too much?

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Sunday 1st Day 8/21

8am - boiled egg, 2 slices serranno ham, apple + hazlenut butter, coffee w'coconut milk

10 am - Exercise - Went to the Family Fitness Festival . I ran the 1 mile challenge with my 5 year old daughter, she took a - sprint till you're out of breath, then walk, repeat - approach and we did it in 11;30ish. My husband accompanied my son (age 9) and I was very proud when he came in almost a minute faster than last year at 7:18 :) Then myself & son did the orienterring course at break neck speed! Phew!

1pm - went to the "farmers market" at the same venue (though not so farmy - unless they farm crepes with nutella! ) But I did find something to eat - I got a steak burger with no bun, unfortnatly she didn't have plates so I had a bag of burger & salad :huh: I also bought some smoked bacon & compliant bratwurst sausages which I am looking fwd to trying. I also had a banana and a pretty good coffee

3pm - hard boiled egg w' mayo and a nectarine.

5pm - large green salad (i just poured oil, vinegar & seasoning in to the bag & shook it ;) ), roast chicken (no skin as it had brown sugar on it) dollop of mayo and hlaf a head of cauliflower I roasted with evoo & seasoning.

So another day with three pieces of fruit, I really am not going to lose any weight if I continue like this :unsure: . And it's only 6pm!

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7.30 am - Boiled egg, half an avo, apple & hazlenut butter, coffee

10am - Exercise, Chalean Extreme Burn Circuit 1

12.45pm - 2 bratwurst sausages (yum!) 2 slices smoked bacon, sweet potato & spinach. Cinnamon & coconut coffee

4pm - seranno ham & egg mayo

5.45 - chicken fajitas in butter lettuce wraps, topped with homemade coleslaw. So proud of myself - I made my own seasoning for the first time & it was yummy :)

Also - only 1 piece of fruit today, yay me!

eta - 9pm ish - cooking beef jerky & sampling it too...


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