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Amy's Whole30 Day 1


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(In the past, I have been terrible at continuing food logs. I can do about 3-4 days, then I just forget about it. So I'm hoping to do better this time, although it's obvious that I already struggled on my first day.)

Ahem. Onward!

B: 1 porkchop, 1 red bell pepper, 2 handfulls spinach, with 2 eggs on top (like a hash). I ate this in two servings because it was pretty filling. So I had breakfast 1 and breakfast 2.

S: Munched on about a cup of aruglua. Had intended to make an actual salad, but I just love that stuff plain.

L: 5 oz tuna w/ 1/2 avo, 1/2 cup broccoli slaw

S: apple w/ sunbutter

Other random grazing: cashews, blueberries, few bites of chicken, HB egg, olives, carrot. When it is consistently 90 + degrees like it's been, I just tend to eat little bits throughout the day. No workout today.

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Day 2

B: 3 scrambled eggs w/oregano & sun dried tomatoes; banana w/sunbutter. Did not feel hungry until about 20 min before my normal lunchtime.

L: 1 chix breast with Moroccan rub; large salad w/red leaf lettuce, carrots, yellow squash & dressing from Paleo Power lunch book; 1/2 sweet potato; 1/2 cup blueberries w/coconut milk & cinnamon.

S: the last little bit of my salad

Pre WOD: banana & cashews

D: 1 chix breast with Moroccan rub on top of several handfuls of arugula; 1/2 sweet potato.

Challenge: someone brought in Panera baked goods at work today. They looked gross & unnaturally shiny, so I wasn't too tempted. I was bummed that I forgot to bring my sweet potato with me to the gym, as I intended to eat sooner after working out to see what happened. I am only 10 min away from the gym, but I usually stay and stretch/chat for quite awhile. WOD = metcon, and I felt pretty good.

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Hi Amy, i'm on day 2 also :)

I've been making a little protein shake that you might like to drink after the gym instead of the sweet potato on its own.

basically its 1/4 cup of egg whites, 50g berries and 50g of sweet potato, and some water. Blend it all together until the berries are somewhat smooth, and add a touch of cinnamon for tasting. Its soooo delicious, and i've got to say better than any protein shake i've ever tired ;)

keep up the good work on resisting temptation at work. I know how hard it can be, i sit next to the social club lolly shop :mellow:

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I don't know why I called this "Whole 30 Day 1" if I was just going to reply for each day. Dumb.

Day 3:

B: 3 scrambled eggs w/ chives and a delicious roasted red pepper/eggplant dip my roomie made (kind of like a baba ganoush);

blueberries & mango

L: big salad: various greens, 1/2 cuke, 1/2 avo, chix breast w/Moroccan rub; apple w/sunbutter

D: more of that salad, 4 slices bacon (U.S. Wellness meats, hey-oooooo!) 1/2 sweet potato; a few pickled asparagus spears.

S: sliced banana in coconut milk (roomie and I each bought a huge bunch of bananas at the store - trying to eat them while they're still optimal)

No WOD today. 5 mile race bright & early tomorrow!

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Thanks, Derval! :) Day 4:

Pre-race: Not much appetite. Few bites of sweet potato, few bites of chicken. Lots of H2O.

Post race: watermelon on site (yay!), followed by: 2 scrambled eggs (they each had 2 yolks, so I figured 2 were plenty!) w/chives & baba ganoush; 3 slices bacon, 1/2 avo, the rest of my sweet potato (about 1/3 of a big one)

Went to the beach with a friend, where we snacked on the following over the day:

cut up veggies, strips of chicken, Sunshine Sauce (ala Mel Joulwan), watermelon, a salad of tomatoes, red onions, cukes & avo with salt, pepper & red wine vinegar, and pickled asparagus.

last snack: a few macadamias; bananas, blueberries, & mango frozen with coconut milk and cinnamon.

I am falling asleep well - nice and tired at the end of the day, and my bedroom is very dark. I am waking up a few times in the night, though, either to use the restroom, from sore muscles, or just because. Hoping for better sleep as the 30 days roll on....

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Day 5:

B: not really hungry. Ate more of my beach snacks from yesterday (chix, sunshine sauce, raw veggies, plus some cashews)

L: more of same, plus coconut milk blended with 2 bananas & frozen mango chunks. Really all I felt like eating.

D: Finally *real* hunger kicked in. Bison burger (holy yum!), 1/2 avo, the last of those veggies, handful of arugula, baba ganoush.

S: blueberries & mac nuts

No workout today. Feeling grumpy because it's so hot (106F here!), not super hungry, calves sore from running yesterday. Doing ok with the cravings, but have been fantasizing about things to eat/drink when my experience draws to a close.

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Day 6:

1 sweet potato, 1/2 bison burger, 1 egg

1 apple with almond butter

**inadvertent fast** - didn't end up eating for about 8 hours. I don't know if that counts as a fast or not. What happened is, I'm a massage therapist, and my clients were back to back today. There is really not time for me to eat anything in between. Right afterwards, I went to a movie. I chose a surprise fast over a) eating chocolates for the clients at work or b ) eating anything at the movies.

When I got home:

red leaf lettuce with cukes, 1/2 bison burger, lemon & olive oil dressing

blended coconut milk, mango, banana, ice

a few cashews

I think I need to eat more. Today was a crazy day. Also, I am rationing the "good" meat, so definitely need to rethink what I am buying.

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Day 7

B: mixture of pork sausage, eggs & zucchini

S: apple & mac nuts

D: flank steak with avo/garlic/cilantro, grilled sweet potatoes, green beans with toasted almonds. random berries while cooking dinner.

S: coconut milk/banana/mango blend

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Day 8

1: mixture of pork sausage, eggs & zucchini

2: eggs w/gyro meat (safest option on a diner menu) (my request for no toast or potatoes was honored without comment. Nice!)

3: blueberries (many)

4: 2 chunks flank steak w/avo mixture on arugula

5: carrot & almond butter; a few pickled asparagus spears

6: chix breast, sweet potato, green beans w/toasted almonds; cup of "Egyptian Licorice" herbal tea

Today is the first day that I only ate fruit once. I felt that "bottomless pit" feeling a couple of times, but I'm unsure if it's true hunger or just my stomach feeling a little different. I was really productive today, getting things done around the house & feeling good in general.

Exercise: long walk w/dog; tabata GHD situps, pistols, & hand-release KB swings (it was fun!).

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Day 9:

1: egg/sausage/zucchini mixture, with avo on top. Small plate; unsure of exact amount. I stopped eating when I was full (hey-ohhhhh!) and took the rest to work for a snack.

2: apple w/almond butter

3: flank steak (2 strips) on top of arugula w/guac on top; cut up carrots & zucchini

4: little bit more breakkie mix

5: tiny bit of chix & sweet potato directly after WOD - just a few bites because I didn't feel like it, but still wanted to try

6: pulled pork (YUM - recipe from www.everydaypaleo.com) and the rest of the sweet potato

Once again, I only ate fruit once, and no one died. So that's nice. I loved everything I ate today (well, that post-WOD chicken wasn't great). We had a company BBQ to celebrate a milestone: hot dogs, burgers, chix breast, potato salad, and giant cookies. And soda - can't forget the soda. I was grossed out by all of that and was glad I brought my lunch. Not even an issue. I did have an unpleasant energy slump later in the afternoon - around 3pm - and all I wanted to do was crawl under my desk & sleep.

Exercise: short dog walk (20 min); front squat/pullup couplet with running in between. I was tanked! It was...not fun.

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Day 10 (1/3 of the way there!)

1: egg/sausage/zucchini mix w/avo

2: apple w/ almond butter

3: pulled pork on top of greens; 4 pickled asparagus spears

4: (here's where things got crazy) - I munched mindlessly on macadamia nuts. Like, hand from bag to mouth without realizing how much I was eating. I think I got bored/cranky at work and just started anxiously eating.

5: a bit of roasted broccoli. really not hungry after the Nut Incident

6: sliced bananas with a bit of coconut milk & cinnamon

Exercise: long, rambly walk w/dog :)

Feeling ok, accepting that I didn't do well with the nuts today. Other cravings going well and I am crushing my to-do lists. I mean...would I like some ice cream, wine, and/or falafel? Yes. Am I freaking out about not having those things? No. So, overall, I think things are going pretty well. My roomie and I are talking about buying a portion of a cow soon, and I'm looking forward to fewer grocery trips.

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Day 11:

1: 3 eggs, 3 bacon

2: pulled pork & roasted broccoli (large bowl)

3: Pre-WOD apple

4: Post-WOD HB egg; 2 whole carrots

5: banana with sunbutter

exercise: CrossFit total style WOD. Medium dog walk.

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Day 12

1: pulled pork, roasted broccoli with 2 sunny eggs on top. I'm becoming a big fan of the meat/veggie/runny-ish eggs on top combo. Fills me up for a long time!

2: nectarine, several spoonfuls of almond butter, 1/2 avocado w/sea salt. Obviously didn't feel like making anything and just picked at random stuff.

3: the rest of my mac nuts, which were a much more reasonable portion today. Glad that I made the bag last almost 3 weeks!

4: Steak w/olives & tomatoes

5: bananas w/coconut milk & cinnamon

Challenge for today: going out for dinner with the fam to celebrate Grandma's bday. I feel pretty confident that I will be able to get a good salad with salmon on top or something similar. But sometimes my family's craziness can be a trigger to EAT ALL THE THINGS. Update to follow. :)

**UPDATED** - it was harder than I thought to get something W30 compliant. Everything on the menu that I thought might work had risotto, a breading, a dairy-based sauce, alcohol in the marinade, etc. Although, side note, how awesome does chive cream sauce sound? I know! Anyway, ended up getting a NY strip that came with a tomato/olive tapenade. It was served with potatoes, but I just didn't eat them. Not the most satisfying meal, but I remained compliant. Dessert was at a family member's house - cake/ice cream. I am pleased to say that it didn't even look good, and I am an ice cream gal for sure. No one gave me a hard time about it, either, which was awesome.

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But sometimes my family's craziness can be a trigger to EAT ALL THE THINGS. Update to follow. :)

I SO get this! I have a fmaily "do" on Saturday, I'll have finished my current w21, but I don't want to go tooo crazy.

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Day 13:

1: 3 bacon, 3 eggs with some amazing homemade salsa verde scrambled in; the best nectarine I have ever had in coconut milk

2: last bit (sad!) of pulled pork w/ salsa verde & avocado; sweet potato sauteed in coconut oil

3: post-WOD banana

4: ribeye steak; 2 skewers of red/yellow bell peppers & purple onion

Today was delicious and I felt pretty good over all. WOD was a toughy with power cleans and weighted sled pulls. I just made meatballs with garlic and chopped kale, and I am excited to have them for breakfast tomorrow. :)

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Day 14:

1: 3 garlic/kale meatballs/2 sunny eggs w/ salsa verde on top; a few chunks of raw bell peppers; blueberries. YUM.

2: apple w/almond butter

3: ribeye steak w/a handful of raw veggies (bell pepps, zucchini, etc)

4: more blueberries w/coconut milk & cinnamon. Blueberries are in season here, which means they are cheap and SO delicious.

Thanks missmary and Derval...the veg of the day was green beans, which I am kind of over...it really wasn't an issue. If they'd had a better veggie selection, I definitely would've been all over it, though!

Behold my grumpiness. Not sleeping well; low grade sore throat. Took an honest rest day and just lounged like a champ, watching a friend from my gym kick butt in the CrossFit Games :) I don't want to kill all the things, exactly, but something is definitely amiss.

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great job making the family event work for you!

don't be afraid to ask for what you need at a resturant, though. I travel a bit for work, and often don't have a choice about what resturants we go to. You would be suprised how easily they can adapt a meal for you as long as they have the stuff on the menu. For my best resturant meal so far I ordered a burger (hold the bun and the fries) from one entree and asked for them to sub the arugula salad from one of the other entrees (hold the cheese and sub olive oil and vinegar). It was perfect. so, I guess what I'm saying is maybe they could have given you some other yummy veg instead of the potatoes...regardless, you made it work. :)

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Day 15:

1: shredded sweet potato (hash brown-esque), 3 bacon, 3 eggs

2: 3 kale meatballs on top of arugula & sprouts

3: apple w/sunbutter

4: (dun dun dunnnnnnnnnn) went to Qdoba. I just didn't want to cook anything. Sometimes that happens. Had 2 servings of chix, plus fajita veggies, pico & guacamole. They charge an obscene amount of money to get something like that there.

5: banana, blueberries, coconut milk.

Exercise: long dog walk; lots and lots of house chores, including moving furniture.

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Day 16:

1: 3 garlic-kale meatballs, 2 whole carrots w/sunbutter, 1/2 zucchini, 1 plum

2: 3 bacon, 3 eggs, pile of kale, handful of cashews

3: apple/handful of almonds

4: carrot (yes, just a whole carrot)

5: burger wrapped in a collard green leaf with sprouts, red onions, avocado, zucchini

6: blueberries & banana w/coconut milk

I highly recommend the collard green-as-wrap approach, as it doesn't tear easily. The only thing that would've made the wrap better is mustard, but I didn't have any that was compliant.

Over half way there! I have been experiencing too much anxiety lately. That "can't inhale very deeply, heart beating too fast" feeling. Not a fan. Just gonna sit with this and see where it goes. Exercise: short walk; 20 min AMRAP of run-OHS-box jump-KB swing.

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Day 17:

1: Cray-cray breakfast salad: arugula, beet, onion, carrot, & a burger w/homemade balsamic dressing; plus a random whole carrot while I was prepping it

2: 2 HB eggs; plum

3: 2 servings of chix, plus fajita veggies, pico & guacamole. Need to watch it; that's the 2nd time in 2 days I've leaned on Qdoba. Good thing I bought 4 lbs of beef brisket today!

4: burger wrapped in a collard green leaf; 5-6 pickled asparagus spears; blueberries

5: frozen mango w/coconut milk

Feeling connected to my food today (Qdoba notwithstanding), & loving it...all the veggies in my salad except for the carrot were from either my yard or my grandparents', & the burger is from US Wellness Meats. Note, I did not like the 75/25 blend of ground beef as much. Weird texture, & it made the house smell like a diner.

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Day 18:

1: 4 bacon; 3 eggs w/ leeks & baba ganoush (feeling very full after this meal!)

2: banana w/sunbutter

3: pulled pork w/onions & peppers; raw carrots & zucchini w/baba ganoush

4: mangos, blueberries, & a bit of almond butter

Not a big appetite day for me, and a rest day from CrossFit. 2 dog walks for exercise. I would REALLY like a glass of wine and am struggling with that a little. Or a lot.

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