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  2. toriathequeen

    One week to go...

    Thank you to everyone who responded. I’m eating more fruit and feeling a bit less constipated. I’m still waiting for the “Tiger Blood.” I’m bipolar, so I take medication to help me sleep since I get manic sometimes. I sleep for eight hours. I usually manage stress with yoga, but I’ve been so busy prepping food and cooking that I’ve missed many classes this month. Also, the studio in January is very busy with more people than normal, and I tend to practice more at home. I also journal every day that helps with stress. I work as a Team Trainer at Whole Foods, so I’m on my feet and moving around all day and/or night. My schedule is erratic! I had my thyroid checked just a couple of months ago, but I need to get the results. Thanks for the reminder! I’m still dreaming about eating foods not on the Whole30, or drinking alcohol, and I haven’t had a drink in seven years! Could my cycle have anything to do with my outcome?
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  4. pd1224

    Siete Queso

    Thank you. I did not buy.
  5. heb2014

    Anew in Arkansas - Round 2

    Day 13 (1/24/2020) M1: Breakfast casserole + coffee w/ almond milk M2: Adielle's sausage w/ stone ground mustard + carrots w/ avocado ranch (went to Walmart at lunch - ate late) M3: leftover chili Day 14 (1/25/2020) M1: eggs + bacon + coffee w/ almond milk (made the kids and husband steel cut oats) M2: leftover teriyaki pork M3: out for a friend's birthday - ate a salad (brought my own dressing!) Made chicken broth to use in meals this week Day 15 (1/26/2020) M1: eggs + bacon + coffee w/ nutpods (made the kids and husband homemade biscuits to go along with they looked good) M2: chicken salad M3: Chicken Pot Shepherd's Pie - took a version of chicken pot pie I make, except using arrowroot to thicken instead of a roux, and topped it w/ mashed potatoes instead of pie crust. It was delicious, but didn't turn out like I expected because the potatoes sank into the filling instead of staying on the top. I'm guessing shepherd's pie should have less thickened broth than pot pie to help support the potatoes. But this made about twice as much as expected so I'm thinking we'll get 5 meals out of it - less cooking this week! Also made Zuppa Toscana w/ sweet potatoes for lunches. At the birthday dinner on Saturday, a friend asked how the Whole30 was going (because I may have been grumbling about not eating pizza); I told her that I do feel better and that's when it hit me....I really do feel better when I eat this way. Eggs/breakfast casserole with eggs is a little monotonous and there are some things I miss, but I'm back to the point of remembering how bad I felt before my first round in September, and this does make a difference.
  6. Hi Everyone! Day 27 here (OMG)! And I am still soooo bloated – and have no consistency if ya know what I mean… I have tried incorporating more fats in my meals, and avoiding high fod map foods – wondering if it is time to try that magnesium supplement everyone is talking about regarding this topic. Before W30, my gastrologist prescribed me having Metamucil daily which I stopped on W30 figuring I would become more regular as the time went on due to the low inflammatory foods. But now its day 27 and still no luck. I have included a sample of my meals below (I do realize there are a few high fodmap foods in this, this is just an example). SO – my first question is, should I try the magnesium tablets without knowing if I am in fact magnesium deficient? Also, which magnesium supplements do you recommend? Second of all – since I am still feeling bloated on day 27…is now the time to re-evaluate if I should add another 15/30 days for my whole 30? Would you suggest that I do add more time? OR do you suggest going through the reintroduction anyway and see how I feel? Other things that may be helpful to know: I was diagnosed with esophageal ulcers and a hiatal hernia in October - unsure they cleared up yet. Thank you! Any help/advice is greatly appreciated! Rock on whole 30ers! B: 2 hard boiled eggs, butternut squash, brussel sprouts (includes olive oil) L: Chicken Wings & Salad with Tessemae’s balsamic vinegrette D: Burger with Avocado, Pickles, Potatoes, Snap Peas & Asparagus (includes olive oil) S: Almonds
  7. w30virgo

    w30Virgo Round 3 January 2020

    Day 24, 25, 26 Good morning! Can't believe how close we are to 30 days. I've decided that I'm actually going to do a Whole31, since I'm planning to reintro cheese on Superbowl Sunday. I've been feeling really good this weekend into this week. I'll do a little recap below: Friday night: We had the Buffalo Chicken Salad for dinner - I tried to make Whole Sisters Dump Ranch, and really struggled to get it to emulsify. I normally use the Basic Ranch recipe that can be found on this site, so I think I'm going to keep using it. Otherwise, it was good. We went to pop punk karaoke with our friends at a local bar and had so much fun! I couldn't get to sleep until around 3:30 AM though, even though we left the bar around 1. I made the mistake of having a cold brew at like 9:30 PM (I just wanted something that wasn't water, and thought it was funny that the bar had it) so I'm not surprised that I had trouble sleeping. Otherwise, we had a really great time. I honestly didn't mind being sober for the most part - it was one of the first times that I went out so late, to a real bar, sober. I couldn't believe how many people I saw who were really, really drunk - it was concerning. When I asked my boyfriend if that was normal (he regularly will have alcohol free months, and continue to go out with all of our friends, where I tend to isolate myself during Whole30s or other times that I don't drink), he said it was, that there were always plenty of people who were too drunk out at bars that late. Really eye-opening for me. Anyway, we drove to the bar (another benefit of sobriety - saving on Ubers, and I spent $0 at the bar after my cover), and drove one of our friends home. That was a much better experience than being drunk and carsick in a stranger's car. Saturday: I was only able to sleep in until 7:30. Felt a bit rough when I woke up - tired, obviously, with a sore throat from yelling and an ear ringing from the loud music. But, blessedly, no hangover. I had a slow, gentle morning, and when Dave woke up around 9:30 (he always sleeps late on weekends), he made us a quick breakfast, and we decided to go out to run some errands. If we had been drinking the night before, this never would have happened. We would have laid around the house all day, and probably ordered delivery food, spending more money and making ourselves feel worse. I'm chalking this up as a major NSV - something that really didn't happen in other rounds, either. It's great to see how much I can learn and grow with each round. So, anyway, we went out to the suburbs to go to the mall and do some Christmas returns and exchanges. I treated myself to some new makeup at Sephora - I really didn't feel like I should be spending money, but we saved so much Friday night that I didn't beat myself up over getting a treat. We got Starbucks - nitro cold brew, while we were out. After we got home for our errands I got ready to go out again, to an organizing meeting for Bernie Sanders. That was...interesting...and when I came home Dave had made dinner. I had a really early night for the weekend, turning in around 8:30 PM. I'll write about Sunday and this morning a bit later.
  8. BabyBear

    Very hungry mommy 1st Time whole 30 Jan 2020

    Day 26 cont I survived, sort of. The boys ate all the left over roast and I was so slammed with number crunching I didn’t stop to eat. I asked them if there was any food left, their answer was yeah I think there is some of the meat left… I checked and it was microscopic pieces at best. Oh well at least they enjoyed it. 5:00 M2: sirloin steak and steamed broccoli with some olive oil salt and pepper. My hubby picked us up from dropping off my brothers car and asked where I could eat. I picked a place I know we all enjoy. When we sat down and once I had baby settled the hubby asked if I was done with my diet yet. I said no it last through January, I no longer correct him when he says diet. He looked sad, when I asked why he said oh no reason don’t worry about it. Then I saw it out of the corner of my eye. A fresh huge coconut cream cake (we would typically get a piece to share at home. So as we were ordering I was last and at the end of my crazy requests I asked for a slice of the cake to go “for someone very special” he tried to protest saying he didn’t want to do that to me, and I reminded him he wasn’t doing anything to me because I was the one that ordered it. It gave me sheer delight to bring him his cake and milk later tonight after we had everyone in bed. We snuggled as he ate his cake and we watched a little tv. My brain at first said you should go grab the berries so you don’t feel left out. I stopped and asked the questions I’ve been learning and decided I didn’t really need to eat anything to feel included and that felt freeing!
  9. Jillspin

    Day 23. Very Frustrated

    Thanks for the reply and encouragement.
  10. SchrodingersCat

    Guess who's back? Round 3 Day 1 on 28 January

    K, I have a plan. I didn't get my food prep done this weekend, but I have thai curry tuna patties and coleslaw for lunches (peri peri mayo on the side), and I have eggs and spicy kraut for breakfast. We're having fish for dinner tomorrow, as we do every tuesday, and I'll hit the markets at lunch for fish and for extra veggies and some stuff like compliant mustard. I might grab some lamb chops, too. It's a 4 day work week, so I'm just going to keep it super simple. Plus, it's a hot week so meat and salad is an easy fix for 2 of 3 meals a day.
  11. Bueller

    Whole 30 bodily side effect

    Yes I did actually start eating cashews during whole30. Never ate them before. That could be the reason why!
  12. Bueller


    Hey everyone? Could use alot of feedback here. I just finished Day 25 and have been experiencing alot of bloating these past few days. On Day 15, I felt really different, like I had lost so much weight, felt skinny & even LOOKED thinner. But now I feel like I'm gaining my weight back. I haven't really changed anything in my diet this whole month. Maybe not getting in as much water. I'm even going to CrossFit everyday. I'm not eating any FODMAPS either. No food that would cause bloating. It is just my body still healing from all the crap I use to eat before Whole30? I use to eat pretty bad.
  13. KarenandMike

    Day 23. Very Frustrated

    Hi Jill: I am a newbie to Whole30 but wanted to encourage you to keep going! Hold a firm positive mental picture of yourself succeeding - and do not permit this to fade - no matter what fear or worry creeps into your mind based upon the past. Keep seeking those positives you are finding - like stabilized blood sugar - that is AWESOME! My fasting blood sugar has reduced well too! I have my own health challenges that I walked into Whole30 with and have done 2 other simliar resets. I noted that I don't lose weight and see rewards as quickly as others. It takes me a few extra weeks to reap the rewards. This may be the same for you. I am planning to continue this a little more before I re-enter foods - we could do this together! I am sorry you are still feeling horrible - my husband and I are still somewhat fatigued on day 14 - but are minds are clearer - we're ecstatic for this wonderful positive! The timetables are general trends that they provide so people have a sense of what happens what you make these improvements to your diet. Not everyone will experience these things the same. I know it feels like a lot of work but YOU ARE WORTH a lot of work to be healthier. Eating processed quick foods may be easy but living with an unhealthy body is NOT easy at all. So we dice and chop and make all our meals - and we minimize our eating out - we are in this for the long haul, the long term gains. You are doing the right thing and you have been committed to doing what you could for a while now. I really want to ENCOURAGE you to hold on. Our bodies do not change overnight - give it some EXTRA time and I promise I will be here to blog it out with you. As my husband and I talk this through - we realize that there are some very serious decisions to be made about what if much at all we put back into our diet.......truth be told! Why would I add a muffin or cookie.....that truly only takes away adds nothing in health to us. Hugs and I am excited that you are heading into a compliant whole30 this week! You go girl!! Karen
  14. adperez79

    Food Dreams

    I am on day 16 and I’ve had three dreams that I know of. I have felt guilty in the dreams and chewed up the food and asked myself if I should spit it out (all in my dream). I wake up and laugh and sometimes crave the foods I dreamt of. I would tell yourself, “it’s ok that I’m having these dreams, I’m not doing anything bad.” As much as you need to tell yourself that. You’ve come so far and are digging so deep, it’s coming up in your dreams, that’s all. When I had my first dream of digging around in a basket of candy to find sugary hearts, I actually laughed when I woke up bc I remembered reading about the dreams. I think it’s all par for the course. Way to go on coming so far!!
  15. I have also experienced canker sores that I am sure have been related to excess stress - as well as low Vitamin B. I would recommend getting some extra B. I know - they are uncomfortable!!! Hope this helps, Karen
  16. Yesterday
  17. SchrodingersCat

    Guess who's back? Round 3 Day 1 on 28 January

    Ooh, just found a recipe for Chicken Marsala, I might prep some of that today to have over cauli rice, instead of the laksa chicken, coz I haven't got any fresh galangal and can't get any today. Brain is starting to do the whole "This is too hard, do you really want to start this week?" thing, and it needs to shut up!
  18. Laura of The Great White North

    2nd Time Around Starting Dec 27th

    @littleyellowdiary I considered a Whole45 or Whole60 as well. But I decided to start reintroducing foods. First up, legumes! So tonight I made chili with beans. I may still have some peanut butter also. I'm trying to keep this as single-ingredient as possible. @kirbz, I think a whole foods February sounds like a great idea! I am like you, either Whole30 or pizza, pop, and chips. I am looking forward to finding balance. Thank you for joining me during these 30 days!!
  19. lizziehall

    Very hungry mommy 1st Time whole 30 Jan 2020

    Isn’t it funny how your taste changes so quickly? You aren’t depending on that added sugar in everything (seriously everything!!) and appreciating the flavors of real food more. I’ve noticed the same thing recently. Also, a very good reminder to be kind to yourself and your body, I had uterine fibroids and they made my TOM so awful. Rest as much as you can and try to eat if you can stomach it (especially bananas!). Good luck to you, finish strong!!
  20. ShannonM816

    Chipotle problem!!

    For anyone unsure exactly what is and isn't compliant at Chipotle, you can review that here: Remember that in the restaurant, you can't necessarily just say you want the Whole30 bowl, they may or may not know what that is, though that option is apparently available on the app or website. If you go in and order, check the link above and specify each ingredient that you want in your bowl.
  21. Maria45

    Chipotle problem!!

    PLEASE be careful when going to Chipotle. My husband picked up Chipotle for me last night and asked for one of the Whole30 bowls. Luckily, I noticed that it did not look like the pictures on the website. I called and talked to the manager who confirmed that the salsa was not included, the guacamole was not included, they gave me a salad dressing that was not compliant(!!), and they were not sure if the meat was Whole30 compliant either. Please talk to the manager when you enter Chipotle and ask lots of questions about what you are getting... or don't risk it at all. The manager has my name down for a free meal when I go there again, but I'm not sure that it's worth having to go back to Day 1 because someone screwed up my order. Be careful!
  22. BabyBear

    January Whole30 Log

    Just when we think it’s going to be smooth sailing life pulls out all the stops and let’s us have it. Way to exercise those muscles you have been building over this past month to remain resolved in your plan! Congratulations the top of this mountain is in sight.
  23. BabyBear

    Very hungry mommy 1st Time whole 30 Jan 2020

    Day 26 the home stretch! 7:00 up with alarm and baby was up shortly thereafter. Got up and get my morning going. I really just want to lay in bed with my heating pad all day. However I’m at least able to function. When normally with this TOM I’m in so much pain that I literally can’t function and I’m often borderline going into shock. I have a very high tolerance for pain. I’ve had three natural births and all of those are nothing in comparison to the pain my body is in from my cycle. Ugh! So even though I’m uncomfortable and very bloated I’m glad the pain is manageable and not debilitating today. 8:15 M1 - 3 eggs with oregano and basil cooked in bacon fat. 1tbs of my homemade whole 30 ketchup. Raspberries and blackberries. Hot lemon water. Oh I had ketchup on my eggs… how I so missed this. Granted I can now enjoy my eggs with out a condiment if I so choose, but the ketchup was a nice addition. I honestly wouldn’t have appreciated it at the beginning of the month, but now as my taste buds shift I found the homemade ketchup quite tasty. I just have to make it through to this afternoon and then perhaps I can rest a little. I’m learning to be kind to myself and recognize that my body is doing a hard thing right now it’s requiring so much energy that I just don’t have much to spare. Instead of feeling frustrated at my inability to function I’m having some compassion for me and trying to give myself room to do less while my body is working through an internal molting.
  24. lizziehall

    January Whole30 Log

    Day 26 now, it’s so close! I’m moving back to school today so I’m struggling to find foods to eat around the house. I haven’t been grocery shopping because it makes more sense to me to just do it at school, but that makes these two days pretty tough. Yesterday I worked a double at work (10am until 10pm!!!) and forgot all the food I had packed.... it was rough. My boss also brought out all the new desserts to taste test along with a few salads that definitely weren’t compliant so it was so hard. I ended up ordering a salad with sushi grade tuna, olives, asparagus and hard boiled egg and added olive oil and apple cider vinegar but it was not at all what I wanted in that moment lol. By 10 I was starving again when my coworker offered me the cheeseburger she ordered and another friend offered me a slice of pizza, I was about to lose my mind. But I went home and ate the last of my meatballs and an RX bar because I thought I could use the extra calories. This morning was full of temptation too at hospitality Sunday at church because I hadn’t had time to eat before mass. I feel so full of complaints right now but these past few days have been tough! Earlier on I think I would have cracked but with the finish line in sight I pushed through. Now it’s time to go to school & grocery shop. Here’s to a great last few days!
  25. BabyBear

    Ann’s Struggles+Successes

    The FFF book is amazing! It has been so good, and thought provoking. Ooh Filet Minion covered in butter, I’ll take two please. I’m glad you enjoyed your dinner celebration with your family. I’m lucky we have no big celebrations in January to wrestle with. I will have my anniversary weekend with the hubby during reintro so I’m using what I am learning in FFF to decide how I want that to look for me.
  26. Ann

    Ann’s Struggles+Successes

    It's over, folks. Kind of. I made a deliberate and considered decision last night to go off plan. It was my son's 26th birthday, and I took him and my daughter out for a very nice dinner. I've been thinking about how I was going to approach this dinner since before I started this round, contemplating whether I'd go off plan and have a glass of wine. While we do eat out often, we only splurge to this degree a couple times a year (if that) -- $42 for a filet mignon is definitely a special occasion dinner! Anyhow, I decided in the end to have a couple glasses of red wine (shared a bottle), Then I saw that the filet came with whipped potatoes and garlic butter. I asked if they could bring the butter on the side, thinking I would only have it if I felt like the potatoes and/or steak would be greatly improved with it. But the waitress told me there was also dairy in the whipped potatoes. So I said what the heck, and just went for it -- put the dang butter on top of the steak as it's intended! And IT WAS SO GOOD. And then we had a "foofy" cocktail after dinner (the place is known for its variety of martinis). I had a Manhattan ("small batch bourbon with a dash of bitters and a hint of cherry juice" - I tossed the cherry garnish). So - two glasses of wine, one bourbon, and butter are my ultimate demise. And I don't regret it. It was an awesome dinner and we had a really good time. I guess my "well behaved" parts of dinner were that I didn't have even a taste of my son's dessert (although, I'm not generally a dessert person and don't struggle with the sugar dragon much), and the steak/potatoes/zucchini was probably the most compliant thing on the menu (but I would have picked it no matter what, since filet mignon is my fav). I plan to remain W30 for the next five days, so mine will be an imperfect W30, but it was a fairly perfect W24.5. I'm reading FFF right now, and hope to do a better job with reintroductions next week than I have in the past. Onward!
  27. GraceMelodie

    Day 29 - demotivated

    It sounds like you have quite a few NSVs: less cravings, better muscle tone, and better skin complexion! Extending your clean eating for another week or two definitely won't hurt you but ultimately you want to "find your food freedom" especially since you had issues with restrictive eating. If you truly are not missing anything you left out, maybe your "food freedom" is eating well everyday and eating all the healthy, nourishing food emphasized in the program. If you are really missing something that is whole and minimally processed, such as lentils or beans or oatmeal, reintroduce them and see how they make you feel. It has taken me 3 whole rounds and a few mini-resets to finally figure out my "food freedom" over the last couple of years. I am in a really good place and while I don't always have "tiger blood", I feel healthy and have fostered a healthier relationship with food. Congratulations for sticking to your first round!
  28. BabyBear

    Like an Onion

    Yay! have you read Food Freedom? I’ve been reading it and if you haven’t you may very well benefit from the part where it talks about designing your own reset if the whole 30 doesn’t seem to suit you. It’s very in depth on how to go about it. I thought about you this morning while I was reading and came to post on here in hopes that just maybe you would check it. And look you are already back. I had to challenge myself at the beginning not to focus on what I couldn’t have but rather on all the new delicious recipes that were waiting for me to discover them. This mindset has helped me immensely. I could not rid my house of my kryptonite because of the kids and the hubby. I couldn’t “punish” them just because of my own struggles. I also decided if this was going to be a lifelong change toward my health and betterment then realistically I had to learn how to make these changes with the kryptonite in easy reach. Ha all that to say I truly believe this is way more mental than a physical struggle. So I challenge you to spend 5-10 minutes first thing in the morning reframing your mindset and deciding what you really want for that day, and then using that as an anchor for the rest of your day. It seems silly. It did to me, but it really does help. Im so glad you are back! Truly I am!
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