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  1. Awesome! I got 2 5 mile hikes in this weekend. One in a steady rain (fell and cut up my knee and finger a good bit) and the second on a super windy and cold day with my bum knee. Definitely feeling some Tiger Blood type energy which is nice. No new food dreams thankfully but a lot of random dreams (bought a car that I'd never want to buy in one). So my sleep has definitely improved. Clothes are fitting that didn't fit before, brain much more nimble and my cravings are pretty much gone. There were 2 dozen donuts in our Monday morning meeting and they didn't even tempt me...although they were Dunkin Donuts which are kind of trash anyway in my opinion. Did a ton of meal prep yesterday but it was big stuff that will feed us for the next few days before needing to cook again. Sheet pan Sweet Potatoes/Kale/Egg breakfast and Zucchini Lasagna. Each one means 5 meals each for my wife and I.
  2. pags98

    Found at Family Dollar

    Okay good. I use them very sparingly and really only the freeze dried mango or blueberries from Trader Joes. I love both but they are not conducive to any movement (and I still haven't figured out how to properly cut a mango!!). Good news is they're too expensive to buy a lot to overindulge in and the packs are only sold as individual serving options. Even at TJ they're like $3.00/$4.00 a bag.
  3. pags98

    Found at Family Dollar

    Freeze Dried Fruit is not allowed? This would really suck for me as I've been using the freeze dried Trader Joe's fruit combined with Chomps for my long hikes. Fresh fruit bruised isn't very appetizing. Or is it because these particular ones are called "Crisps"?
  4. pags98

    January 2 Start Date! Anyone else?

    This Whole30 really is flying by. I was planning on doing an AIP after the first 30 days of standard Whole30 but am going to have to just do a normal reintroduction since I found out I'll be traveling to Costa Rica for an All Inclusive at the end of February. Will have to pick up the AIP version in March! Hope everyone's doing well this Friday. Remember to stay busy this weekend!
  5. pags98

    salad dressing

    Agree with Primal Kitchen but some of them can be way to heavy on the vinegar (Greek specifically). Goddess Dressing and Caesar are both good though! I also found that Chosen Foods makes a Lemon Garlic Dressing/Sauce that is absolutely the BEST dressing I've found and is compliant. You do have to be careful with Chosen Foods because not all of their products are compliant (often have honey). But if you can find that Lemon Garlic you'll thank me later.
  6. Can't believe we're almost halfway there. No running last night just a very vigorous ride on my stationary bike (averaged about 14.4 MPH hills and all). Had plenty of energy the whole time. I really need to get over my unwillingness to run in the dark. I also had the absolute strangest food dream last night and it FELT REAL. I was eating some chili that had corn in it and thinking to myself, "oh yeah corn is allowed now." Then realized after I'd eaten it that I was totally wrong. Fell into my old habit of "Oh well, I screwed up, I'll have a big piece of cornbread now too" ate it and immediately was freaking out. It's so strange how these come up, and odd that it's almost always foods that I really don't miss (Vienna Fingers the other night, now Corn in Chili??). I'd understand if it were cheesecake, pizza or pasta, but those two are most definitely not things I crave (or in the case of Vienna Fingers - even like!).
  7. I had my 5k this weekend and I was a minute off my best pace which sucks, but I attribute that to lack of training with the weather/early darkness we've been having. I have to exercise outside, the boredom of a treadmill is just too much for me. I can do a bike inside but that's about it. My legs just didn't seem to have the energy needed to keep up my pace. Otherwise doing great, having great sleep, did have a food dream (about Vienna Fingers of all things - I don't even like Vienna Fingers). 3 meals a day has been perfect this time (previously was not able to get away from snacking). Hoping I can get more (and faster) workouts in before my next 5k in Feb. I definitely have had pizza cravings of late. Fortunately that's the only thing.
  8. This may sound odd, but try adding sun-dried tomatoes to recipes you might normally use cheese for. I make a Kale Frittata and usually it would have cheese, but the sun-dried tomatoes give that bite to it. Also, in the zucchini lasagna I make it uses egg on top to mimic the toasty looking cheese. I love cheese, my blood type is cheese, but honestly in my now 3rd whole30 I haven't missed it that much and after my first one I mostly removed dairy from my diet due to the distress I found out it causes me. Another thing I've tried (but honestly not too much or too hard) is nutritional yeast.
  9. pags98

    January 2 Start Date! Anyone else?

    The Tikka Masala recipe was pretty simple. 1 TBSP Oil of Choice (I used ghee) 1/2 White Onion (I used a sweet yellow because it's what I had) 3.5 Pounds Boneless Skinless Chicken Thigh 2 TBSP Garam Masala 1 TBSP Red Chile Paste (I used Hot and it wasn't spicy enough so next time I'll put more) 2 Cups of Coconut Milk 3 Cups of Diced Tomatoes (recipe called for you to use the liquid but I'd dispose of the liquid - mine was a bit too runny) 4 Cloves of Garlic Minced Salt and Pepper to Taste Put the ghee and onion in the slow cooker and cook until translucent. Throw everything into the pot except the chicken and mix. Once everything is mixed put the chicken in and cook on low for 7 hours. Super simple and tasty!
  10. pags98

    January 2 Start Date! Anyone else?

    This week has been slow cooker week for me. I made a Chicken Tikka Masala Recipe and then a Beef Roast Recipe (that included Balsamic Vinegar ----so yum!). I didn't use it much my first two (I used pressure cooker mode but not slow cooker). This is a great revelation for me Feeling great by the way. How many we still have going now that we're at day 9?
  11. pags98

    RX Bars

    Maple is compliant per Whole30's official IG. However they are discouraged for all the same reasons the typical RX Bars are unless for emergency. And even moreso because they're so good and can bring out el jefe the Sugar Dragon.
  12. pags98

    Just started! Excited and scared..

    @mistysickmeier yes, sweets are definitely a big thing for me as well. I think it will take a few more resets to get me on the right path with sugar for sure! But I'm glad I'm reading Food Freedom Forever because it reminds me that that's "okay" and that it should get easier each time and allow me to be in control of my food. It became "easy" for me with Coke Zero because it just didn't taste good anymore when I had it again. The Sugar Dragon though is a mighty beast!!
  13. pags98

    Formerly vegetarian, on day 8, need meat help!

    What if you try canned items (canned tuna, canned salmon, canned chicken). Maybe that would help? Honestly Chicken thighs gross out my wife and she's a carnivore. Obviously just make sure they're "good" kinds without any of the non-compliant fillers some of the cheaper brands will have.
  14. pags98

    Just started! Excited and scared..

    @Victoria Stasiewicz if it's any help, when I completed my first whole30 in July, I was on a 60+ ounce per day Coke Zero habit for caffeine and just taste. It took me about a week, but the caffeine headaches went away with the help of just one cup of unsweetened black tea, and I completed the remainder of that Whole30 without any caffeine at all. I simply didn't need it. My energy levels stabilized for the first time in my life. While I've been off and on Whole30 since then (did one in September and now in the midst of another) the caffeine (and ESPECIALLY Coke Zero) addiction has been kicked permanently. I cannot possibly understand how I ever liked the stuff now after I tried it once I had been freed from it! I do still enjoy a tea every now and then...unsweetened.
  15. pags98

    Sweet potato cranberry cakes

    In my opinion this seems along the lines of a lot of the sweet potato hashes and such that are out there. The cranberries though - be careful I have YET to find a dried cranberry that doesn't have sugar in some form. I keep looking but no dice and I sure would love to add them to salads every now and then! Bear in mind that this is just my opinion and I'm not a mod, but it doesn't seem to rise to the SWYPO level like Paleo Pancakes, Muffins etc. I'll be interested to see what a more official voice says on this thread though because a lot of things I consider SWYPO seem to be considered okay and others aren't.