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  1. pags98

    Starting Oct 1

    I won't be making it the full 30 days. Unfortunately I didn't factor in our annual trip to apple picking and pumpkin farm. I have my kiddos every other week and the ex-wife has them the others. Due to conflicts this weekend was the only weekend I could take them before Halloween which, in the case of pumpkin carving, meant we had to do it this weekend. Well there's a once a year apple fritter that I just "must" have. So I let that derail my entire weekend. I willingly did the fritter then my old habit of "oh well I screwed up now time to really screw up" reared its ugly head. The only good news about this is I feel terrible physically as a result so it reaffirms my need to keep a mostly whole30 diet. I did lose an additional 7 pounds this whole30 (technically I lost 21 from the beginning of it but I'm only counting the difference from my first to this one). Best of luck these last two days. I'll continue to watch the thread and your results! Incidentally I am back to Whole30 for the next full week until I go on a business trip next week which will also be as close to Whole30 as I can be given the constraints of my training!
  2. pags98

    Protein Bars

    Understandable. I just know that a sweet potato with cashew butter in one case and some freeze dried blueberries in another case got me up and over a hill, down it and back up it on my bike that I'd struggled with. I'll continue to experiment. I'll try the protein beforehand next time in lieu of carbs. Thanks for the reminder on nuts though. I keep getting conflicted in my brain as to whether they count as protein or fat and again got confused. Definitely going to change that post workout - although usually my post workout is just my dinner meal so it's rare for me to have nuts for that.
  3. pags98

    Protein Bars

    I tend to have some fruit before a workout and then nut butter or nuts afterwards depending on when I work out. A lot of times it's in the evening so I just have my dinner after a workout instead. RX Bars aren't exactly protein bars but many of them are compliant. The Pumpkin Spice one out right now is amazing. I Also like the blueberry one although it's too sweet. Just be careful as many have chocolate or peanut butter.
  4. pags98

    Starting tomorrow

    Good luck! Day 24 here for us October 1sters. Food much easier this time than my July Whole30. Willpower to get through it much lower (the been there done that effect). But it's gotten easier the last few days. Last week I was ready to just quit. This week I'm ready to see it through the next 6 days. Hopefully some others are starting along with you. Mondays seem to be the days most people start though so it might be a bit quiet. Post as often as you need to for support - the community is here for you!
  5. pags98

    Starting Oct 1

    Hopefully everyone is still doing well. It's been a bit quiet on this thread so either people are finding it easier or have given up. Hopefully it's the former versus the latter! I did a lot of meal prep yesterday and got a great haul from the farmer's market Saturday. Should keep me less bored this week with some wonderful new options. I was able to conquer a hill on my bike yesterday (TWICE) that I could only get halfway up even a week and a half ago so I think I've found my tiger's blood. I know I continue to lose weight because people keep making comments so that's another plus. My sleep has been amazing again this whole30 just like the last one and my energy level is just so steady. That's one of my favorite things about whole30. I also really do notice when I have a carb for a workout and how it boosts my energy. Before food was food and I never really noticed a difference between foods because it was all so bad. But I've done a sweet potato with cashew butter and also dried blueberries before my last two bike sessions and I could tell I had more energy to get through.
  6. pags98

    Starting Oct 1

    Oh two other things to note (hacks if you will) If you only get Guac, Lettuce and Carnitas make sure they ring you up for a "Triple Play" it makes the guacamole basically "free" If you have 3 items or less in your bowl it's a triple play which I believe they charge $4.99 for. The guac Is $2.30 or whatever and so your meal is under $8! This is another reason I don't get salsa. Second, ask for a BOWL not a salad. If you ask for a Salad they put lettuce in first then carnitas. If you ask for a bowl they'll put carnitas in first. Why does this matter you may ask? Because human nature often takes over and the employees put more carnitas in to fill the bowl. This results in you sometimes getting almost a double meat portion without paying extra! Then add your guac and lettuce at the end.
  7. pags98

    Starting Oct 1

    Carnitas, Lettuce, Guacamole for me. All salsas except the Corn are okay as well for everyone else. I just don't like spicy. @ShannonM816 thank you for the link. My wife was in straight break mode last night and I wasn't much behind her but we were able to get through it by going to bed lol.
  8. pags98

    Thickening Agents

    My wife made a very similar recipe. They're amazing!!
  9. pags98

    Starting Oct 1

    @SharynF I'd never even thought of that. Silly me! Thanks for the heads up.
  10. pags98

    Starting Oct 1

    My wife and I are both really struggling with cravings right now. Moreso than our first Whole30. I think the novelty of it has worn off the second time. There have been many times where we wanted to just say "scrap it" (although a different word from scrap!). Fortunately we've both hit those points at different times so we've been able to pull each other through. I never would have thought it would be harder the second time around. From a food perspective and preparation perspective it's easier, but from a mindset perspective it's definitely harder! NSV so far are my allergies/stuffiness are already better, sleep is very deep and my energy levels do not drop off at all. Made a Buffalo Chicken Casserole last night with Spaghetti Squash that will cover us for a few meals the next few days. I tasted a bit of it last night and it was amazing. Definitely looking forward to that tonight. Today's lunch will have to be on the road (Chipotle or Zoe's) due to a client meeting. I was looking forward to having the casserole for lunch but that's a no go with no microwave.
  11. pags98

    I can't live without Splenda

    @organrambo if I can kick my 60+oz a day Coke Zero habit I promise you can kick your Splenda with tea habit. I literally purchased a 44oz Coke Zero (why not it was the same price as a 20 or 32oz) each morning, drank it entirely, and usually had between 1 and 3 12-20 oz Coke Zeros later in the day. On my Whole30 in July I kicked it (my body revolted against me those first few days because of both caffeine and fake sugar). Now I cannot stand the taste of fake sugar and I don't use any caffeine at all. During the first few days I had some unsweet tea to help with the caffeine, but over the course of the Whole30 I even stopped that. So now, if I have a caffeinated beverage at all it's maybe once a week and really just for taste more than anything. I haven't had a Coke Zero (other than testing it out...and hating it) since July. You CAN do it. It's a matter of well....doing it.
  12. pags98

    New and doing Whole30 in Mexico

    Best of luck Azul!
  13. pags98

    Starting Oct 1

    Well we're halfway there! This weekend was challenging with the camping, but not as challenging as I thought. I prepared well. Honestly the only thing I craved despite having cinnamon rolls, bread, s'mores in front of me was the hummus. I consider that a victory over my sugar dragon. Of course I couldn't have the hummus either. :) Also went to the movie with my kids and despite them having popcorn I made it through that as well. Spent a TON of time prepping yesterday but most of it was idle time so not too bad. I did two pans each of Roasted Beets and Broccoli and a Spaghetti Squash. Eating the last of my compliant turkey in turkey rollup format today and then I have to get to cooking some meats. I realized that I have a business trip right as I should be in the midst of re-introduction so that may be my next big challenge. The beets I bought were untrimmed so I actually cooked the beet greens which I'd never had before. They were quite good! This morning I was greeted with some paleo muffins that a coworker made not knowing about SWYPO. I told her thanks and that I'd love to try the recipe in a few weeks. :) It had honey and vanilla extract in the recipe so wouldn't have been compliant even if it weren't SWYPO!
  14. pags98

    Starting Oct 1

    That's awesome @Betsie_n ! This weekend will be challenging for me simply because I'm going camping with my son's Cub Scout Pack. But I've bought some Turkey Breast that is compliant and am going to make some hard boiled eggs when I get home to have for breakfast tomorrow. Then I'll probably whip up some tuna fish with compliant mayo and relish to keep in the Yeti for dinner tomorrow night. Really not that hard when you have a plan I guess! Good luck everyone for the weekend!
  15. pags98

    Starting Oct 1

    Here on day 11 I re-discovered a place I love to eat. Zoe's Kitchen. When not on Whole30 I loooove their cauliflower rice bowl but the feta and tzatziki are offlimits for Whole30 of course. Zoe's has now included on their menu the items that are Whole30 compliant so today for a business lunch I had the Mediterranean Chicken, Grilled Vegetables and Potato Salad. It was amazing and I'm glad to have another option besides Chipotle for fast casual food!