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  1. mergthemagnificent

    starting tomorrow

    Marie, I suggest you join another post with people starting tomorrow....there is one already underway. That way you will have more support.
  2. mergthemagnificent

    Day 41 no weight loss

    Oh, AmyAllyn, I am so sorry this feels discouraging - especially since it sounds as though you are knocking it out of the park in term of improving your health. I am with Shannon - concentrate on those NSVs while you stick with it. You are doing such good things for yourself. Don't let one number define who you are....and don't believe it will never change.
  3. mergthemagnificent

    Starting May 5th too!

    Hope you two are doing well. Maybe join the Newbies thread so there are more people to support you? I'll be checking in either way. Keep on!
  4. mergthemagnificent

    Newbie and scared but ready to try

    What I am noticing so far, day two, of this journey is the small, almost hourly decisions I can make toward wellness and self-love. Taking a nap or lie-down when I need it, eating lots of veggies at each meal, asking myself if I am really hungry, or just bored, or having some other emotion that needs to be listened to - not buried under something else going in to my mouth. Many little decisions, every day - almost every hour.
  5. mergthemagnificent

    May 5th - day 1 whole30(3)

    I would add an S - because when I am stressed and not thinking about myself and my food needs enough, I go crazy and try to soothe with food/alcohol. It doesn't work.
  6. mergthemagnificent

    Newbie and scared but ready to try

    To all three of you: BRAVO! You've taken the most important step and I am right with you. This is a series of decisions made to love yourself in a really good way - not in the "oh, I want a cappucino" way. I have been on this road before, but need to fine tune some behaviors - and I can learn a lot from each of you who have kicked the alcohol help me out too - and I will do what I can for you.
  7. mergthemagnificent

    May 5th - day 1 whole30(3)

    Hey, Kwantum....I started today. I have done it before also, and have started many more times but stumbled. My motivations are to look and feel as good as an exercise teacher of mine who transformed herself with clean eating. I started a 30 day yoga challenge today to get back to a practice I love - and it really was HARD this morning. Lots of stiffness where there used to be ease. I want to put the two together. I also want to get a handle on my relationship with wine. Too much, too often (2 glasses a night) and my aging body really doesn't handle it well any more. My husband drinks every night, but seems to be unfazed by it - unlike me. For me, putting some form of exercise together with the meal planning and food awareness is a key helper. I hope to lose weight also. Today felt good, but there were MANY little moments of thoughts like: "cmon, you can go get a smoothie" or "a skim cappucino won't hurt". In each case, just 15 minutes of something else seemed to push the thoughts away.
  8. mergthemagnificent

    anyone starting Sept 11???

    Day three for me and still so ready for bed by9. I can't wait for tiger blood since it has been awhile since I felt that well. Tried to put on a pair of slacks this am, and it was so depressing. I am 15 lbs above where I feel good and now can't wear some of my skinnier clothes....oh crud. I prepare/dress some kale and keep compliant chicken salad on hand....a fallback breakfast when I am sick of hardboil d eggs and homemade mayo. had lunch out today w a fri me who gladly went to the shish kabob spot....was really hungry late on by found some leftover coleslaw in the fridge...whew. Nomnompaleo chick wings for dinner....doing great so far but now, well, off to bed. Tiger blood, hurry up! (I know, ten more days at least) hang in there fellow campers. Let's get each other thru.
  9. mergthemagnificent

    Starting on Labor Day

    Ok, so I am not a newbie....logged in via Facebook since I couldn't get my password to work....maybe just has been too long since the last time. The wine thing is also really HUGE for me. When I can address that, I do so much better overall. It really is a gateway item for me. i wanted to let you know I have jumped to another group starting on the 11th. I was too relaxed in my start up this past week....and made a couple of rookie I am starting over. good luck everyone!,, I will check in with you later
  10. mergthemagnificent

    Starting September 11th

    Hey, June,....come join the thread started by Margot. We have a few folks together there starting tomorrow!!!
  11. mergthemagnificent

    anyone starting Sept 11???

    I am with you all. I tried starting last week, thinking Incould do a "relaxed" know, just a little bit of goat cheese in the salad....etc. DOES NOT WORK FOR ME, at least not until I have finished 30 or longer...I am at the top of my weight range and feel tired a lot of the time. I want to lose the pounds, but mostly want to just FEEL BETTER....those famous NSVs! My husband likes to eat cleanly also, but he has enormous discipline, he won't protest when I work the program, although I will make some slight changes for his adding cheese at the end...but not on mine. My biggest challenges are the hour or so when I get home from work. Hubs pours wine (I do kombucha on my 30) but I am also inclined to snack on nuts then....which is another thing that did me in last week....cashews from Costco are roasted in peanut oil...non compliant!! so, need to go buy ghee and a crap ton of veggies to make this work. LAdy49er, your post really touched my heart. How great that you are in it for your daughter and giving her a shot at a better relationship with her body and well being. BRAVO to both of her. Tell her I think she ROCKS!!! let.s go, Margot, Sytera and Lady....this will be a GREAT chance to learn and be strong.
  12. mergthemagnificent

    Tigers and Turtles - 2016

    Here I am....back in my old form....recognize the meditating bear???
  13. mergthemagnificent

    Starting on Labor Day

    OK, team....I've found my old identity....phew, feels better.
  14. mergthemagnificent

    Tigers and Turtles - 2016

    Ok, that worked. Now I can go back to saying how glad I am to find you all here coming home for Christmas. I am in for Jan +++ w30 but need to get my butt in gear about it, which takes more effort than it used to BECAUSE IT IS BIGGER THAN IT USED TO BE Well, Merry Christmas everyone See you after and may 2017 bring many delights to us all.
  15. mergthemagnificent

    Tigers and Turtles - 2016

    Oh arrgh!! I wrote a long first new reply and it doesnt seem to have posted. Will keep this one short as a trial.