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  1. Here I am....back in my old form....recognize the meditating bear???
  2. Ok, that worked. Now I can go back to saying how glad I am to find you all here coming home for Christmas. I am in for Jan +++ w30 but need to get my butt in gear about it, which takes more effort than it used to BECAUSE IT IS BIGGER THAN IT USED TO BE Well, Merry Christmas everyone See you after and may 2017 bring many delights to us all.
  3. Oh arrgh!! I wrote a long first new reply and it doesnt seem to have posted. Will keep this one short as a trial.
  4. Well, folks, I dunno what happened, but I had one heck of a time logging in there for awhile. At least I could read your posts and SMILE at the stories, sliding pie crusts, rebellious bread dough, bathtub negotiations, and Crimsann's incredible capacity to be around cupcakes while doing a whole 30!! You are fantastic...all of you! I am back from joy trip, all 48 hours of it, to NYC with the hubs. We had a great time, once we got through the flying stuff, which sends him to the literal edge...but we had what was almost a second honeymoon, minus the sex ( we are old) and it was very sweet.
  5. I am also in, Susan and Crimsann. Starting a day late (today), and will do a modified version between June 24 and 27
  6. Nancy, so glad to see you back on the screen. I know you have been a comfort to your family, snorting and all. I believe laughter is so important at times like these. Glad you were able to give them that gift, a sell as the many gifts that come from just being YOU. Crimsann, thanks so much for sharing the meal plan....very great ideas. So, each week you plan 2 meals and make enough of it to cover all 14 meals ( minus meal 1)? That is surly one way to simplify....don't you get bored with rotating two things out for all those meals??? I've given up looking for a great 30 days ahead when
  7. GLOP. Went to a garden party (WAY too fancy for me) today and ate bad stuff. FEEL LIKE GLOP. Going to bed. Tomorrow is another day. Sigh. Let's hope this is a good week. Supposed to have a taste of summer here this week....a few days of that and I will start complaining about the heat OK, I am actually better than that sounded....just a bit irritated w myself for sliding off the rails.
  8. Hi, everyone. Nancy, sorry for your loss. I LOVE my SILs...just don't see them enough. Kudos to them for living with my love able but rotten big brothers whose favorite trick in childhood was to tie me up in the garage and leave me there until Mom and Dad wondered where I was. No wonder my favorite thing to do was to go hide in a neighbors dog house, with their German shepherd who lived there, or to climb the tree behind our shed and get up on the roof, out of sight. My poor hubby, he is living with result of these coping mechanisms.... My fish...yes, 60 pounds, just for the two of us.
  9. Bpaitsel, Looks like we posted At the same time, so I didn't see your post until now. Wow, two deaths in your family, I am so sorry. YOU ARE ALSO FREAKING FEARLESS to have come out on the other side of THAT as level headed as you sound....and now selling your hous? YOWZAH! so very wise of you to keep taking good care of yourself. We know we do better in times of stress and loss when we are rested and hormonally even from making good food choices.... Life is just better in or near the whole 30, especially because it includes our crew!!
  10. Crimsann, thanks. Your logical way of approaching this is really helpful. By keeping the outcomes we want in mind, then we apply the rules (or bend them) to get us there. I like your self imposed rule of "ok if it is planned ahead of time"....and some of your other structures. For sure, when I adopt an "I will just improvise" approach to adapting the plan it is far too easy for improvising to become a full time way or acting. Lindy, I find I have a strange time with eggs sometimes....usually just phlegm in the throat (apologies for the TMI), but it does seem to happen more frequently, al
  11. Nancy, Crimsann, Lindy, Bpaitsel, Susan, C Ceseaux....hi! Crimsann, thanks for your ruminating on longer programs. I love things like that , counterintuitive but true. I am planning to start TOMORROW and was thinking of only 30, but will at least go through all of June....could be longer IF I am able to do what you do, Crimsann, in allowing some flex on that compliant ingredients flexibility, or do you let it all go for two days and then get back to business?? I dunno, in that regard I think Nancy and I are such thing as a little that, Nancy!
  12. Hi everyone! I LOVE this group - each of us on our journeys, climbing over (or carrying) our own rocks, but also seeking and finding the sun and thew cool breezes of enjoying life and FEELING GREAT. Miss Lindy, your cold water swims absolutely take my breath away - just thinking about them! I am so impressed and so appreciative of you for reminding me about bone broth. bpaitsel and nancy, and everyone suffering from deep loss - thanks for sharing what is happening in your lives. I've been swimming thourhg mud with a very depressed husband and resulting family uproars - a broken
  13. Hi there, T&T buddies! After a LONG vacay from following this thread (when I actually missed you all) - here I am plugging back in. I'm up to date on all the posts and cheering you on, everyone. Love the shopping basket discipline, Crimsann (and the sneaky workaround, Nancy)...and appreciate all the tips and recipe ideas, etc. I believe the last time i squeaked up was when I was screeching off road in my speeding car...I was staying silent then about starting another W30 in April since my birthday was in the first week and I didn't want to rain on my own parade... But, let m
  14. Btw, in case any of you also are struggling with alcohol restriction....I got an email todayom the whole life challenge people (I did one of those before I found w30).... Anyway, the writer said that it takes the liver 10 hours to process the toxins in alcohol from one drink....and during that time the liver is NOT processing the fat from the food you have also, give the liver a break and let it do its whole job without overloading it with alcohol.... Are you listening, Merg???
  15. Hey everyone, so glad to get some time to check back and catch up. I have been Slammed at work, struggling to keep up good eating plan but responding to stress by, guess what? Stressing my body with crappy foods and Miss Lindy, I love your cooking lesson. I think you were around when I first learned how to make bone broth and several moderators and forum members rather gently suggested I might be growing jars of bacteria instead...hmmmm. Now, when I've had some broth in the fridge for a few too many days, I just pour it out....weeping a bit as I do. As th