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A&J's First Whole30


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Hello, whoever might be reading this!

My husband (J) and I (A) just started our Whole30 yesterday (June 1), and while I'm following and will post on the June Whole30 Group thread, I also wanted to track what we're eating and how we're feeling here for that daily accountability/responsibility that it will bring.

I've read ISWF, and hubby is about halfway through. We're excited about eating cleaner and feeling better!

What we're hoping to see:

  • Better gut health – less bloating/gas, no more gut pain/heaviness after every meal.
  • Reduction of allergies (for me) – environmental, seasonal, animal, and maybe even some of my food allergies??
  • More stable moods – not living at the mercy of our blood sugar peaks and dips anymore.
  • A few pounds in weight loss, and more importantly, better weight distribution for better athletic performance.
  • This is a weird one, but I'm hoping for stronger fingernails! My nails are constantly breaking and peeling, and nothing has helped.

I'll post our Day 1 log soon, but right now I'm off to get Day 2, Meal 2 on the stove!

Please feel free to comment at any point with encouragement, commiseration, and/or tips and pointers. Thanks for reading!

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DAY 1 (yesterday)

What we ate:

  • Meal #1 – 9:15 am – (late breaky because it was Saturday) German bratwurst fried in EVOO, eggs fried in coconut oil, sauteed carrots and zucchini in EVOO, 1/2 avocado, black coffee
  • 2nd Coffee – 10:30 am
  • Meal #2 – 1:00 pm – cajun chicken breasts fried in ghee (delicious!), steamed carrots and green beans tossed in olive oil, fresh lemon juice, s+p
  • Snack for J – 3:00 pm – sugar-free chicken pepperoni
  • Meal #3 – 6:00 pm – scrambled ground beef, sweet potatoes, kale, and roasted almonds in EVOO
  • Mini Meal #4 – 10:30 pm – leftover chicken breast (1/2 portion), carrots, green beans, small handful of almonds – J just had a handful of almonds

I know eating so late is not ideal; I'd been babysitting for friends all evening and they had no compliant food in their house, so by the time I got home I was super hungry and feeling weak and crabby. I figured it was better to let my body know I wasn't trying to starve it, and I also knew I couldn't sleep with how empty my stomach felt. So I ate, and it was wonderful. I felt about 600% better after eating.

So far (halfway through Day 2), not snacking at all is the weirdest part. We are working to increase our fat and protein intake at each meal so we don't get hungry halfway to the next meal, but I already feel pretty stuffed after every meal. I'm sure this will even out over the next few days.

Also helpful is that I just got Invisalign last Wednesday, so it's a real pain in the butt to snack anyway. :) I have to run to the bathroom, take the trays out of my teeth, rinse them, rinse my mouth. Then after I eat, I have to brush my teeth and the trays and put them back in. Total hassle; totally helping me not snack so much.

DAY 2 (today)

I'll save the meal log for later, but I did just want to mention that I am feeling pretty hangover-y today. Probably about 60% intensity compared to a real raging hangover, ha. I woke up easily and early, but with a headache. J feels great today, no headache.

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Day 2 (yesterday, aka Sunday)




MEAL #1 – 7 a.m.

- egg scramble with bratwurst slices, chopped peppers and onion, and spinach, in coconut oil, topped with hot sauce

- avocado

- black coffee


10:30 a.m. – stopped for iced black coffees


MEAL #2 – 12:00 p.m.

- curry cilantro burgers (from here, YUM!) topped with homemade guac and hot sauce, wrapped in lettuce leaves

- jicama & carrot sticks

- (J also had 1/2 a portion of chicken and more guac as he still felt hungry)


3:00 p.m. – I had a snack – small handful almonds, carrot sticks


MEAL #3 – 5:00 p.m.

- chicken breast fried in ghee, topped with mango salsa

- spinach salad with strawberries and orange slices, dressed with EVOO and balsamic vinegar


Evening snacks – J had a chicken pepperoni stick around 7:00, and I had leftover green beans and carrots in EVOO and lemon juics around 8:15




Dinner last night was weird. I suddenly hate chicken and have no appetite for it. So I decided to mix my mango salsa with a can of tuna, which seemed a little dry, so I made the terrible decision to mix in some coconut oil (had no other options, although dijon might have been OK). It was yucky and I couldn't get through it. I ended up frying up an egg for my protein, and that hit the spot.


My appetite has been poor. If the meal isn't like 200% delicious and amazing, my whole body is like, MEH, no thanks. I'm forcing myself to eat so I stay nourished and don't run to fruit or nuts in between meals (or worse, to the grocery store for ice cream :huh: ).


Yesterday (Day 2), I was so lethargic, foggy, and out of it all day. I was even dizzy several times. I woke up feeling the same this morning, but I feel somewhat better now, possibly thanks to including some fruit in my last three meals?


TMI: I was constipated the first two days, but we're working now, I think.



Day 3 coming up later this evening!

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Day 3 (today!)


Here's what I know: I'm sick of coconut and I've developed a newfound hatred of chicken. Let us hope it passes.




MEAL #1 – 7 a.m.

- egg scramble with ground beef and spinach, topped with guac

- jicama sticks

- blue, black, and strawberries topped with a few almonds

- black coffee


10:30 a.m. – J had a snack of jicama sticks and almonds while at work; I did not snack although I was a bit hungry because I was too busy with work.


MEAL #2 – 12:00 p.m.

- poached chicken breast (blech, not feeling this AT ALL)

- salad of green leaf lettuce and tomato dressed with EVOO and balsamic vinegar (boring)

- parsnips and apple mashed with ghee and spiced with nutmeg and cinnamon (not bad)

- a few almonds


No afternoon snack needed! Amazing.


MEAL #3 – 6:00 p.m.

- baked salmon with EVOO, s&p, and lemon slices

- sauteed spinach in EVOO

- balsamic strawberries topped with coconut flakes


Evening snacks – none so far, not feeling likely to be hungry before the night is over, either




This morning I woke up feeling hangover-y again, but by mid-afternoon it had faded a bit. Not feeling so snacky, but in fact my whole appetite has kind of gone kaput.


I hate chicken. I'll try it again next weekend, but only BBQed. Gimme beef and eggs! (Who am I? This is not normally the way my tastebuds operate.)


It took me like an hour to struggle through my lunch today. I was not full, so I knew I needed to eat, but oh gosh. Finally I just took my plate back to my desk with and worked while I ate. That took my mind off the labour of chewing and I got through it.


I think I'm cooking too dry. I need recipes with some moisture, but I'm used to getting that moisture from dairy, so I'm a bit at a loss. Definitely going to try making some homemade mayo later this week!


Tomorrow is grocery shopping day; I shall try not to spend a million dollars. :rolleyes:

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The homemade mayo is amazing. I definitely recommend.


Glad you are feeling a little better. I was so tired today too. And this is not so different from how I've been eating. What gives?!

Your raving about the mayo pointed me in the right direction, methinks!

I was thinking the same thing, but I realized that even leading up to the Whole30, when I was eating compliant-ish for two meals a day, I was still eating cereal or oatmeal for breakfast, both laced with sweeteners, as well as a bit of chocolate after most meals. That adds up pretty quickly to a lot of refined sugar per day, especially compared to zero sugar.

Adding more fruit into my meals (refusing to snack on it though!) seems to have helped with energy and feeling full longer.

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Day 4 Midday Update...


Today kinda sucks so far. I had a terrible sleep last night, weird dreams, really restless. Woke up feeling like I hadn't slept a wink. Also haven't been able to muster the energy to go the gym since starting W30. PLEASE COME BACK, gym energy!


I did grocery shopping for the week this morning and was horribly demoralized at how much money I spent (realistically only about $20 more than pre-W30) and how there is no bacon or sausage in the whole wide world that's compliant. /exaggeration  So basically I'm not in "Kill All The Things!" mode, but I AM in a really wonderful "Everything Is The Worst And I'm Horribly Incompetent" mood.


Bright side? I know it will pass, and I know it means W30 is making a difference in my body. AND I can take a nap this afternoon.


Here's what we've eaten today...


Meal #1 – 7:00 am

- leftover bratwurst slices (hey! compliant sausage! too bad it's only available once a month at the farmer's market :blink: ) and baby kale scrambled with eggs in olive oil

- fruit salad of black and blueberries and oranges


Meal #2 – 12:00 pm

- taco salad – ground beef fried up with chopped peppers and onion, on top of romaine and chopped tomatoes, with homemade guac and (not homemade) salsa

- added a couple forkfuls of sauerkraut afterward to keep things moving



Here's to naps and perseverance!

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Go for naps. That sounds wonderful.


I was so weepy yesterday morning and this morning I yelled at my husband (to a distant audience of the boiler inspection guy in the basement who I had forgotten all about) for refusing to move out of the way when I was trying to retrieve a fork from the silverware drawer, because OBVIOUSLY THAT IS THE WORST THING ANYONE COULD POSSIBLY DO and it makes sense that I would go completely ballistic on him for this, because really, what would you have me do? I mean he was standing in front of the forks. And he wouldn't move. So I had to step to the side and sort of slide the drawer out and get the fork that way and who does that to another person, right? If you see what I'm saying...


BUT...I was also more clear-headed and focused today (things seemed to even out my afternoon both days) and had a great, short run at lunch. Wasn't timing anything,  but it felt simultaneously easier and faster than my usual runs. So good things are coming your way, I'm sure.


Perseverance! And taco salad (yes vote).

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It is quite normal for gym performance to be lack luster during the first couple of weeks while your body adjusts from a carb based fuel source to a fat based fuel source. It will definitely pass. Make sure you are getting enough starchy veggies especially on your gym days.


There are quite a few recipes to make your own breakfast sausage without sugar and other nasties and it is pretty easy. I just stir in the homemade seasoning mix to a lb of pork, make patties, and fry them in coconut oil or ghee or another animal fat. I have been lucky to find a compliant bacon. Can you order from US Wellness Meats in Canada?


Regarding chicken - are you only eating chicken breasts? I find thighs and legs much more satisfying and they are usually cheaper cuts.


Have you tried lamb? I love me some lamb! So good!


Keep going! Day 5ish is the kill all the things day usually so just stay the course!

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Can you order from US Wellness Meats in Canada?


Regarding chicken - are you only eating chicken breasts? I find thighs and legs much more satisfying and they are usually cheaper cuts.


Have you tried lamb? I love me some lamb! So good!

Thanks for the suggestions and encouragement! US Wellness Meats doesn't ship to Canada, and their shipping methods don't seem conducive to shipping to a parcel receiver across the border and going to pick it up (which is very common here as we are about 30 minutes from the border).

I was thinking about trying some other cuts of chicken -- next week for sure! Great tip. I have eaten lamb many a time, but have always been to timid to try cooking it at home. Maybe I'll try that next week too!

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Welp, I lay down for a 20-minute nap this afternoon (alarm set and everything), never heard the alarm, slept for over an hour. Which is usually a bad thing, BUT I actually feel quite a bit better and have more energy. My brain fog seems to have cleared up somewhat as well. *relief*

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Yay for a much needed nap!


I think the easiest way to eat lamb is to get some chops/steaks and grill them. So tasty! Lamb roast in the slow cooker is lovely too. 


Have you purchased any Paleo cook books yet? I have Practical Paleo and Well Fed and love them both! So many great ideas! 


If you come down to the Seattle area I got my bacon at PPC Natural Market. I'm sure you could get that across the border in a cooler yes?

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Nice! Doesn't Trader Joe's have compliant bacon as well? There's one not far over the border.

Have not invested in cookbooks yet, and should probably spend more time on the recipe blogs... I find that once I take my spin around the forums here, I can't think about food anymore and I have to get off the Internet and do something else, heh.

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I'm personally better about cooking from books than from blogs. Books are harder to lose than pieces of printed paper. :-)


I have heard that some people have found compliant bacon at TJs but I have not personally found it. 

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Day 4, cont.


MEAL #3 – 5:45 pm

- grilled ribeye steaks with the mocha spice rub from ISWF – SO appetizing and delicious

- baked sweet potato fries in olive oil with s&p

- salad of lettuce, tomato, snap peas with EVOO/balsamic vinegar

- whole black olives

- I also had some more sauerkraut





Feeling MUCH better this afternoon/evening after my nap. Really hoping I've turned a corner from the exhaustion of the past four days.


So great to eat something that I actually felt like eating for dinner.





Hubby has been having snacks of spicy chicken pepperoni (had one last night after dinner, had another after lunch today – this was after I started crying because I hadn't made him a big enough meal, heh... emo day! – and he had one before dinner today). I think this is a good option for him as they're organic and contain nothing but ground chicken and spices. Should I be encouraging him to have veg/fat with these snacks as well? Or really pushing for bigger meals so there is zero snacking happening? Thanks!

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The goal is no snacking but, as Tom and Kirsteen say, there's a learning curve in the beginning. But, yes, mini meal is best if you want to snack. Otherwise it tends to get mindless and turn into a habit.

Most ppl also seem to lose the taste for chicken. It tends to be bland, too low jn fat and doesn't keep you sated. I am ok with it for dinner, but need something more nutrient dense for breakfast and lunch. Even when I make skin-on thighs they don't seem to keep me full enough to not snack between meals. (Fine for dinner though.)

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Malie, I'm having fun reading your blog. I'm in 

Day 2 of my second W30. For your getting very sick of chicken, here's a thought: I buy 3-4 different kinds of ground meat every week: turkey, beef, lamb, bison, even pork once when I found some clean.


I need heavy protein in the morning, so I usually fry up some bacon bits and onions and then drop in 4-6 ounces of ground meat. Season it with salt, pepper, garlic (fresh or powder), and maybe a little sage or poultry seasoning. This morning I added some chopped broccoli, and sometimes I'll add cabbage or spinach, and maybe mushrooms as well.


I agree with the poster who said you might try dark meat chicken. Love me some thighs. It really is a different taste, and fattier than breast meat.


And maybe if you can't find compliant bacon, you're aiming high?  I found that the cheapest bacon in the commercial grocery store is cured without sugar! Yay. Brand name is Gwaltney -- I don't know if that's available to you.


Also, as far as moisture is concerned, Ifind when I cook up ground lamb, it is very moist (fatty?) and kinda makes its own gravy.


Best wishes for a great W30!

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Thanks for the wonderful suggestions, martihana!

As for bacon, I did spot my very first no-sugar brand today, just one of the local grocery store brands, nothing fancy. But it had sodium sulphite/sulfite, as do most sausages I've found... Except for the one guy who makes the farmer's market rounds. His sausage is sold at one store in town, but would you believe they stock every variety he makes EXCEPT the two that are free of both sugar and corn flour?!? *eyeroll* Ai yi yi.

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Woohoo, Day 5 and feeling MUCH better. Slept ok last night (still unusually restless, but better than the previous night) and woke up before the alarm with GYM ENERGY!! Yesssss. Went to the gym and did 30 minutes on the elliptical at about half the intensity I usually do, which still felt like a lot of work. But I made it through and it felt great to exercise!

We have not been doing pre/post-WO meals yet, but I'll see how the next day or two goes and likely will start introducing them as my appetite evens out. Not sure that I'll ever be able to convince J to eat before 7 a.m., though!! :lol: Also not really sure if our (or my, anyway) workouts count as high-intensity enough to require the extra fuel. Thoughts?

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Day 5 is going great.


MEAL 1 – 7:00 a.m.

- eggs scrambled with spinach and leftover chicken (J) or salmon (me)

- guacamole and salsa

- black and blueberries and cubed jicama

- black coffee


MEAL 2 – 12:00 p.m.

- Actually Delicious Turkey Burgers (which are actually delicious!) minus the breadcrumbs and with whole eggs instead of egg whites

- arugula salad with chopped tomato, green apple, and avocado, dressed with EVOO and lemon


MINI-MEAL (just me) – 3:30 p.m.

I guess lunch was a little small and I was pretty hungry this afternoon, so I hardboiled an egg and ate it with guacamole and carrot sticks.

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Day 5, cont.

MEAL 3 – 5:45 p.m.

- South African boerworst sausage (no, I didn't make it; yes, it's compliant)

- sweet potatoes mashed with ghee, cinnamon, and nutmeg

- steamed carrots and green beans tossed in evoo and s&p

I've been having a couple forkfuls of sauerkraut after every lunch and dinner to help with digestion as well.

Feeling great today!! (Noticed J has been a little cranky yesterday and today, so I guess Days 4 and 5 did hit him a bit. Poor guy. Hehe.)

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