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Just wondering if someone smarter than me can advise on the right amount of sauerkraut to eat per day to help with digestion/regularity?


I have been trying to remember to have a couple of forkfuls after each lunch and dinner, and when I do, it does seem to help. But just wondering if there is an optimum amount, or if it's just different for everyone and you have to find your own right amount?


Does anyone find that they have to also take digestive enzymes or magnesium in pill form if they are eating fermented foods? I prefer not having to buy supplements if possible ($$$$).



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You could eat too many fermented foods, but a few forkfuls per day should we well inside the good-for-you range.


I have never needed digestive enzymes. I took them for a while and did not notice them making a difference. I get diarrhea every time I take a probiotic in pill form, so I don't. I drink a bottle of kombucha every day and eat sauerkraut a few times per week.


I eat a lot of dark leafy greens, which supply magnesium, so I experimented with not taking Natural Calm at night. Natural Calm is a great magnesium supplement that many people use as a sleep aid. I missed the sedative effect of the Natural Calm, so I mix a heaping teaspoon with water every night even though I probably don't technically need the magnesium.


I stopped taking fish oil pills. To make sure I am getting enough omega3s, I eat salmon or sardines 4 or 5 times per week.

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