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I think the main reason I'm worried is that I can't give up the old notion that eating fat (esp saturated fat) makes you fat and gives you bad cholesterol, triglycerides, etc. I understand the explanation in ISWF, but I guess it's just very hard to believe something which is so far from the mainstream thinking. But I just can't imagine that a diet which makes you feel this good and healthy could have any kind of negative health impact -- if I'm feeling this good, I MUST be healthier!! \

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I'm curious what the moderators would say about it. For instance, does marijuana mess with your hormonal response? Seems like it would certainly promote an unhealthy psychological response – we are lighting up (no pun intended) our pleasure and reward centers for a different reason than nature intended. And we're sort of trying to get that pleasure/reward thing to a healthy place, right? I guess I see it as perhaps a post-30 occasional “treat†(but I also wouldn't reset my W30 because of it -- especially at 28 days like where you are Laura, good job!).

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Day 30!!! Yesterday was Day 30 for me!!!!! I will post my "success story" on that part of the forum, but in a nutshell, I'm down 9.6#, sleeping like a baby most nights, and feel terrific! I plan to stick with a mostly paleo diet from here forward, adding in wine and occasionally dairy and very occasionally a sweet treat.

My copy of Well Fed arrived on Monday, and I SO wish I had bought it sooner. There's a whole section about weekly preparation, and how to make super quick "Hot Plate" meals from the items you've already prepped, which would have made my 30 days a little easier. Anyone reading this who is just starting out -- I highly recommend it!

Meal 1

2 fried eggs

Spinach sauteed in coconut oil

1/2 avocado

Meal 2

Leftover Brazilian chicken w/coconut milk (onions, tomatoes, lots of different seasonings)

Salad greens with tomato, red onion, radishes, olive oil/balsamic

1/2 avocado


Dried pineapple rings (2)

Meal 3

Well Fed "Hot Plate" - ground pork, tomatoes, onions, zucchini, and spinach seasoned with Ras el Hanout

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