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I have PCOS for years and just recently about 2 years ago my period started to become more regular. Before then my monthly cycle was so unpredictable that I would go months without having my period.



In the beginning of May I had an amazing time with my sister and took a vacation off from work and went out of state to enjoy the wonderful weather we had that week...until the last day after spending the entire day laughing and having fun, I encountered this sudden rush of guilt and depression that came out of the blue that made me scared for my life.  :(  It faded away the next day so I didn't think it was anything serious.


Then one day after that incident my life changed dramatically. One day near the end of May, a week before my period, the weather changed and the day was very humid and I had this horrible sensation where I couldn't take a breath. I was breathing fine and I was taking in deep breaths perfectly well but it felt like I couldn't breath at all. I thought it was asthma and the humid air might have triggered it but I was not gasping for air or wheezing. It lasted the whole day but went away the next day.


This sensation would come and go with fatigue and a tense feeling but when I realized that my period came I was relieved and thought that it was because of my period. I would always blame my period for the strange symptoms I would get during the time. This period was a little bit different, I was constantly anxious and on the edge. There was no way for me to relax and I kept feeling scared and nervous for absolutely no reason. Then after my period ended I felt that strange depression again :(


My OBGYN said that it was normal to feel this type of way during, after and before periods but I am scared because I never had these before. Now my next period is supposed to come and I spend about 3 days non stop with the breathing problem (chronic hyperventilation) and the intense anxiety (being scared for no reason) and the intense depression (feeling scared that I might hurt myself) and the dramatic mood changes (crying for no reason, feeling very frustrated). I am very scared of these symptoms because previously whenever I would get my period I would feel calm and would never get cramps. I would be happy to get my period because it used to be irregular because of my PCOS and I feel like now since my period is more regular my hormones are out of control.


My doctor checked my blood, everything is normal (except my vitamin D and B12 is a little low) and says it is all anxiety and all in my head, I got admitted to the emergency room and they did chest x rays for the shortness of breath and EKG, and all came out normal so they ruled it out as anxiety as well. I have an appointment for the psychiatrist later this week but I don't want to go on SSRIs :unsure: .


Does anyone else suffer from this? I feel so alone. I feel like nobody has these strong mood changes and most likely the people who have PMS (like my sister) gets irritable and start snapping at everyone (which I do not do). Can Whole30 help with these issues?


The depression is horrible, completely scary, out of the blue. I have been through heart breaks, break ups, lost loved ones, lost jobs, etc. but this type of depression I get is very severe but doesn't last the whole day. It is like anxiety one minute, then depression, then anxiety, etc. It is too much stress on my body and my mind :wacko: !



Sorry for such a long post, had to get this off my chest for a long time. :( Please, any info on this would help.



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First off, your doctor is a fool for suggesting it's in your head.  I don't know how anyone could make up those specific symptoms.  Please ignore your doctor's comments regarding that.  I wouldn't put up with that from a doctor.  If that were me, I'd find another doctor...  


Second, if you're low in B and D, please find a way to increase those levels.  When my vit D is low vs. when it's not, I feel a HUGE difference in my demeanor.  Vit B is really important for energy as well.  Assuming your doctor didn't give you any suggestions, find a good B complex.  Or did she suggest vit B shots at all?  You can find food sources as well, obviously, but that may not be enough.  


As for the sudden feelings just before your period, please understand that just before your period, your hormone levels drop, sometimes pretty quickly.  That drop can cause a whole host of odd symptoms - headaches, dizziness, fatigue, etc.  Food-wise, make sure you're getting enough carbs the week before your period as that can sometimes help with normal PMS symptoms.  Your body needs more carbs during that time period so don't deny it.  It seems that your symptoms are more severe and cause for concern - trust your gut and keep pushing for help/answers - but give the extra carbs a shot, too.  

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I was diagnosed with PMDD this spring.  You aren't alone.  I'm about to hit the week before my period, so after that is all over I want to try the Whole30 program.  I want to start during my best week (right after my period).  I am more than a little nervous about it.


my previous GYN wanted to put me on SSRIs immediately, without taking a look at changing the hormonal pills I was taking, my diet, lifestyle, etc.  I switched to a new GYN and she is so much more understanding and willing to find the root of the problem instead of just putting me on a pill.  if, in the end, that is the way I have to go to survive, I understand that... but I want to try some other things first.


I am desperate for relief.

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My personal symptoms were not as severe as what you are describing but I do have a history of depression and anxiety and both improved greatly during my W30 and the improvements have continued post W30-as long as I don't fall too far off the wagon!  I spent two years on anti depressants and many years after that under the care of a naturapath and taking supplements.  I'm supplement free now and feel much more in control.


Karen is right you need more carbs during your PMS week.  You also need to ensure you're drinking enough water.  Dehydration can cause a whole host of weird brain symptoms.  Our bodies must stay hydrated.  You don't mention age but I know my hormones changed after I turned 30 and my PMS was much worse.  My doc was kind enough to tell me it was because I was getting old-totally my words, not hers!  For me, a huge depression/anxiety trigger is alcohol.  If you drink, stop, especially in the week leading up to your period.  Sugar binges also lead to Crazy Krista-again my words-I get angry, jumpy, irritable.  Same with too much caffeine.  Giving up all of these things-plus more-is what you'll do over your W30.  Honestly just taking control and only making good, healthy choices for your body for a full 30 days is so empowering and satisfying it could really help. 

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Just adding my 2 cents here, being low in vitamin B has a huge effect on your mood and anxiety level.

My son was getting very anxious and depressed, our doctor sent him for blood tests and we learned his Vit B was low. Once we brought that up all was well in the world again.

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