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Laura's log starting 7.10.12


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Day 1

Meal 1- egg frittata topped with avocado and homemade salsa, 1/4 pear, black coffee

Meal 2- spinach and cabbage salad topped with canned wild caught salmon, tomatoes, 1/4 avocado and homeade salsa

Meal 3- shrimp green curry with cabbage, carrots, okra (1 1/2 servings)

Snack-mini cherry pie larabar, handful raw mixed nuts

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Day 2

Meal 1 - 5 am- Applegate farms hotdog and 2 fried eggs, served with Eden sauerkraut

Meal 2 - 10:30 am- leftover shrimp curry and microwaved sweet potato

Snack - 1:00 pm - apple pie larabar

Dinner- 6:00 pm - roast chicken (leg and wing), broccoli sautéed in ghee, carrots and onions

Aaaand just when things were going so well, my pms got the best of me...I just polished off two larabars @ 7:30 and 8...not technically off plan but definitely binge behavior...going to have to get that jumbo value size box of larabars out of my house! Also waking up with the kid @ 3:45 and eating breakfast @ 5 am definitely made my schedule feel weird, I felt hungry all day, even post meals. Tomorrow is a new day!

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Carie you were so right!! I added more fat today and it was smooth sailing, all day long! My energy level was high and steady all through my work day, and the chocolate chip cookies that my boss baked (I'm a housekeeper) were totally resistable!! That's saying a lot since I'm pmsing and my sugar dragon has grown quite large over the years!!

Meal 1 : 6:30 am - Applegate farms hotdog and two eggs fried in coconut oil, cabbage and a few cherries, coffee with coconut cream (I normally drink my coffee black but this stuff is so, so good!!)

Meal 2 : 12:30 pm - leftover shrimp curry with extra cabbage added, leftover broccoli...actually left food in my bowl, got full (this never happens, I am a card carrying member of the clean plate club!)

Meal 3 (snack) : 3:30 pm - fresh cherries (yum!) generous handful, and toasted coconut flakes (2 tablespoons?)

Meal 4 : 5:30 pm - homeade slow cooker beef stew from everyday paleo book-loving my slow cooker!!

Ran 3.5 miles

Meal 5 : 7:30 pm (post workout) wasn't sure if I should eat again or not, was kinda afraid of a hunger attack later so erred on the side of caution and had a couple ounces of leftover roast chicken breast and a few bites of canteloupe (no sweet potatoes around!) think it was a good call because I am nice and satisfied and off to bed. Drank my natural calm and hoping that will start working soon!

Day 3 complete, boom!

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Well, I am so glad I could help…thank you for the feedback.

And, you absolutely did the right thing…eating post work out is important. Preferably within 15 min or so. And, I am so IMPRESSED…your post work out included protein! You called yourself out on the cantaloupe, now you know…make sure to have some dense carb sources on hand for your post workout. Done and done. Great job!!!

So happy for you!

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Yesterday (day 4) food log: I can't believe I survived today! I took my kids to ArtWalk and said no to a glass of wine, a beautiful chocolate cake with marshmallow fondant, and the taco bell my stepdaughter insisted I buy her afterwards! (saying no to the taco bell wasn't so hard, it really smelled pretty gross once she got it in the car!) it is so incredibly empowering to be making these positive decisions regarding my eating!!

Meal 1: 6:30 am - frittata with homeade salsa and avocado, 1/2 tomato, coffee with coconut oil

Meal 2: 12:30 pm - leftover beef stew, banana

I had a huge house to clean yesterday and thought the banana might give me some good energy, but I really started feeling crampy about an hour later, so next time I'll skip it...gotta get those sweet potatoes!

Meal 3: 3:00 pm Apple pie larabar

Meal 4: 6:00 pm - spinach and cabbage salad topped with canned wild caught salmon and avocado, little olive oil, scant handful of mixed raw nuts

Meal/snack 5: 10:00 pm - home from artWalk and starving!! Had an egg fried in coconut oil and my evening 1 tsp natural calm

All in all today was amazing! I had really steady energy (almost giddy feeling) all morning! Did lose steam mid afternoon, next time I'll add more fat to lunch and skip that banana.

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Day 5 (and the first weekend day) is complete! Thank God, cause it was a toughie. It rained all day here, so I was stuck inside the majority of the day, and that always lends itself to grazing behavior. I tried to stick to my meals, and sorta succeeded. My husband and kids ordered pizza tonight, and had m&ms for dessert, and that was rough. I was trying not to be grumpy but that pizza looked so damn good. I just kept reminding myself that I won't feel like sh** in the morning like I would if I ate that pizza-yay for that!!

Meal 1: 8:30 am - 2 eggs fried in coconut oil, sauteed applegate hotdog, bed of romaine with fresh basil, coffee with coconut oil.

small grazing snack 12:00 pm - a couple bites of roast chicken, handful of baby carrots

Meal 2: 2:30 pm - (postworkout as well-3 mile run w/intervals) - sweet potato hash with 2 fried eggs, 2 oz roast chicken, 1/4 avocado, handful of mixed nuts

Still felt hungry so.....3:30 pm - Larabar with hot tea

Meal 3: 6:30 pm - leftover beef stew, spinach salad with tomatoes and homeade salsa, generous handful of toasted coconut flakes.

I'll be honest, today was hard. I slept terribly last night, felt lethargic, blah, and HUNGRY all day (probably just boredom/cravings). Did manage to exercise so that's a plus. I keep getting this sneaking feeling that I'm eating too much fat. Maybe just my subconscious response to years of "low-fat" programming. I do feel proud that I resisted pizza and m&ms...that would normally be a deadly combo for me. I am starting to feel that while my choices are still not easy, they are becoming more automatic. I didn't even consider taking a bite of that pizza, because I am doing this thing!!!

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Day 6 - another "glad it's over" kinda day

Really think I overate today...lots of temptation, feeling a little frustrated

Meal 1 - 6:30 - 2 eggs fried in coconut oil, applegate turkey hotdog, bed of romaine, few bites of canteloupe, coffee with coconut oil

Meal/snack 2 - 10:00 - larabar

Meal 3 - 12:30 - romaine salad with 1/2 avocado, roast chicken, and turkey hotdog, tomatoes, and homeade salsa

Meal/snack 4 - 3:30 - mixed raw nuts

Meal 5- 5:30 - ate out at Red Lobster with fam, ordered house salad (86 dressing and croutons), sirloin and shrimp (plain, no seasoning/butter sauce) and steamed broccoli, small doggie bag to go, handful coconut flakes when I got home.

Natural calm (1 tsp) before bed.

I really wanted one of those garlic cheddar crack biscuits...I really want some damn chocolate....but I also really want to be healthy and LEAN....boo on tough decisions...

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PattiM, it's good to know I'm not alone!! And bravo for all of your pre-cooking! I have not yet been able to do that, but it would be so, so helpful! Today marks Day 7 of this thing, and today was actually a bit better, so much less temptation built into my normal routine (thank the lord in heaven, because willpower is totally a muscle, and the weekend fatigued the hell outta mine).

Meal 1 : 6:30 am (post 45 min power yoga workout): applegate turkey dog, two eggs fried in coconut oil, served on top of romaine, 1/4 avocado, and some Eden saurkraut, coffee with coconut oil

*My coffee consumption went down today, only 1 cup instead of 2-3!

Meal 2 : 12:00 pm - mega sized romaine and cabbage salad topped with 1/4 avocado, 1/4 can wild caught salmon, carrots, green peppers from the garden, squeeze of lemon and a little EVOO and red wine vinagrette, 1/2 fig (not good, didn't eat the whole thing)

Meal 3 (snack) 3:00 pm - Cherry Pie larabar (forgot the hardboiled eggs I had made-I really couldve used that lil bit of protein!!)

Meal 4 : 6:30 pm - Got home late, starving!! threw together leftover roast chicken (leg and thigh), tomatoes, carrots, 1/8 avocado, and wrapped it up in romaine, had 2 plouts (amazing!!) a few cherries, and some coconut flakes for "dessert"

tsp. natural calm and my crockpot has bone broth a brewin with my chicken carcass!

I have to say that overall I felt pretty good today! Today was one of those days that I wanted to get in bed with a heating pad from about 8 am on (darn being a woman sometimes, but yay for not preggo!) Compared to how I feel historically on this day, I had an amazing amount of patience and resilience. I attribute this totally to the Whole30. I also watched my 240 lb diabetic boss lament over her lack of weight loss at Weight Watchers yesterday while simultaneously eating some frozen food like substance (Stupid, err, I mean Smart Ones). My salad was massive, it took me twice as long to eat, and I felt full and happy. (I was humming the song "Damn it feels good to be a gangster" in my head the whole time I was eating ;) I was very tempted to jump on the scale this morning, but decided against it, as #1 it's against the rules and #2 I can't see any difference in my body yet, and no numerical shift would just impede my progress at this stage of the game.

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Oh sorry Derval, I mistyped that, I meant Pluot (they're similar to a plum, small and delicious!!)

Day 8 log:

Meal 1-6:30 am : Applegate turkey hotdog, 2 hardboiled eggs, saurkraut, 1/2 tomato

Meal 2-11:45 am : wild salmon salad, carrots, tomato, cabbage, white balsalmic and drizzle EVOO, 1/4 serving leftover beef stew, 1 small sweet potato with coconut oil

Meal 3- 3:00 pm : 2 hardboiled eggs, larabar, some dehydrated pinapple chunks

Meal 4-6:30 pm : 1 1/2 grassfed hamburgers on a bed of spinach and topped with onion, tomato, and 1/4 avocado large side of red cabbage, broccoli and onion sauteed in coconut oil, scant handful of blueberries, pluot

Drinking my natural calm now and trying to talk myself away from the kitchen...I totally want more fruit!! Maybe that sweet potato at lunch triggered my sweet tooth? My kitchen totally needs to get cleaned but I'm literally scared to walk in there! Otherwise pretty stable energy level today.

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Day 9 log

Great day today, stable energy, no real cravings (miraculous!!)

Meal 1 : 6:30 am - applegate turkey hotdog, two fried eggs, bed of spinach and saurkraut

Meal 2: 12:30 pm - wild salmon salad with cabbage, carrots, and avocado (1/4), topped with fresh salsa

Meal(snack) 3: 3:30 pm - hard boiled egg, 1/2 handful of nuts, 1/4 avocado

Meal 4: 6:00 pm - flat steak sauteed in ghee, leftover cabbage, broccoli, and onion sauteed in coconut oil, spinach salad with tomato and avocado, pluot and 2 strawberries

Natural calm (1 tsp.)

Really need to meal plan and grocery shop-going to try to do a big prep on Sunday to have more variety next week.

Love that the candy jar at the house I cleaned today, which normally speaks to me constantly, was silent today. All the candy inside looked like little poison packs-ha!

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Day 10

So so day, definitely had some cravings, and tonight I am just in a piss poor mood...hopefully a good night sleep will cure that!

Meal 1 - 630 am - applegate turkey dog, 2 fried eggs over spinach, side of kraut, coffee with coconut oil

Meal 2 - 11:45 am - leftover flat steak, leftover broccoli and cabbage sauteed in coconut oil, some spinach, tomato, and avocado, topped with a little white balsalmic

Meal 3 2:45 pm (pre-workout a.k.a. serious housecleaning job) - hardboiled egg, 1/2 larabar

Meal 4 4:45 pm (post-kickass housecleaning job) - hardboiled egg, 1/2 larabar, handful of cantelope

Meal 5 7:00 pm - grassfed beef hamburger patty topped with avocado, tomato, onion, served with spin salad, 6 cherries, scant handful of nuts

Feeling bored, grumpy, and tired...also am afraid I'm reacting to eggs as I have a runny nose that I can't seem to shake...hate to think of having to give up eggs but might be resigned to trying it for a few days.

Not sure exactly how to eat to fuel my job. Was definitely running low on energy this afternoon so I treated my second housecleaning job like a workout and ate before and after...not sure if that's ok or not?

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Day 11 meal log

Meal 1 - 6:30 am- Applegate turkey dog, 2 fried eggs, bed of spinach, coffee with coconut oil

Meal 2 -11:45 am - leftover grass fed burger, spinach, avocado, onion and tomato, white balsalmic

Meal 3 - 3:30pm- hard boiled egg, 1/2 hotdog, handful almonds

Meal 4 - 7:30 pm- spaghetti with green peppers, tomatoes and onions on a bed of spaghetti squash, navel orange

Natural calm

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Didn't post over the weekend, stayed mostly on track but definitely too much snacking/grazing...eggs/spin/sauerkraut both mornings for breakfast, sat lunch was leftover meat sauce with spaghetti squash, dinner out @ sushi restaurant. Ordered tuna and salmon (raw), roe. Berries/coconut flakes for dessert. Small amounts of fruit/Campari tomatoes throughout the day (those tomatoes are so good I just eat them like an apple!)

Sunday lunch was meat sauce and spaghetti leftovers again as well as cantaloupe and watermelon (too much fruit over the weekend!) dinner was slow cooker chicken, sweet potato fries, kale chips and avocado dressing.

I had almond butter today @ a family members house. Didnt check the label, but after the fact I realized it had sugar...I'm not starting over but I will learn from it and be more careful next time.

Monday 7.23.12 (day 14)

Meal 1 - 7:00- fried eggs, turkey dog, roasted onions and squash

Meal 2 - 12:00 - leftover meat sauce and spaghetti squash, 1/4 peach, spin salad with 1/2 avocado and celery

Meal 2 - 3:30 - hardboiled egg, handful raw nuts, spoonful almond butter

Meal 4- slow cooker chicken leg and 1/4 breast, sweet potato fries, roasted broccoli, tomato and avocado slices, strawberries and blueberries

Natural calm 1 1/2 tsp

Feeling a little uninspired, going to get up and do yoga in the morning. Almost halfway there!

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I think the magic might be starting to happen...I woke up @ 5am, did a Ripped in 30 workout and killed it! I had solid energy all day, no cravings, just felt great overall. Loving this...also loving my crockpot and walking in to a ready cooked meal!

Meal 1 - 6:30 am (post workout) 2 fried eggs, side of squash and onions roasted in coconut oil, coffee with coconut milk

Meal 2 - 12:00 pm - roast chicken salad: spinach, 2 campari tomatoes, hardboiled egg, carrots, tbsp of olive oil and a squeeze of lemon, 1 navel orange

Meal 3 - 3:30 pm - couple slices of roast chicken, handful of almonds, 1/3 apple, green tea

45 min walk with my son (slow pace :)

Meal 4 - 6:30 pm - red curry pork stew, strawberries and blueberries w/coconut flakes

Passed ISWF to my mom last night, then read something on the forums about a carb curve-somehow I missed that part! Damnit! Not sure if I'm eating enough/too little carbs?!

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Light yoga/meditation

Meal 1 - 6:30am - 3 egg pancakes (LOVE these, thanks http://nomnompaleo.com/post/5568966009/egg-foo-young-ish-spinach-egg-ham-coconut) side of 1/2 orange pepper, coffee w/ coconut oil

Meal 2 - 12:00 pm - leftover red curry pork stew, large spinach salad topped w/tomato, orange pepper and 2 tbsp olive oil

Meal 3 - 3:30 pm - 3 leftover egg pancakes, 6-7 almonds, chai tea

Meal 4 - 6:30 pm - red curry pork stew, broccoli roasted in coconut oil

Today was so, so...woke up really sore from my workout yesterday, and felt pretty low energy all day, especially late afternoon. Didn't eat any sweet potatoes/fruit so that might have caused the low energy? I really want to become fat adapted and am trying to keep my carbs under 75g a day or so, but my job is fairly active so I'm not sure if this will work for me or not? Is it possible to eat more carbs and still burn fat for fuel?Halfway through now and not really noticing any body comp changes like I was hoping for...should I tough it out through the lack of energy and keep away from the fruit/sweet potatoes for a while? Any insight would be awesome!

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Meal 1 - 6:30 am - two eggs fried in green pepper cups, topped with green onions, chinese 5 spice and coconut aminos-delicious!! Side of broccoli sauteed in coconut oil, coffee

Meal 2 - 12:00 pm - pork curry stew, side of broccoli

Meal 3 - 3:45 pm - 2 hardboiled eggs, few strips of orange pepper

awesome yoga class, worked mainly on shoulders and core

Meal 4 - 8:00 pm - repeat of breakfast minus the broccoli, sweet potato with coconut oil, handful of blueberries

Great day today, good steady energy level...been having some wierd food dreams at night. That is the strangest thing!!

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Day 18

30 min walk-steady pace

Meal 1 - 6:30 am- egg "pancakes" with salmon, peppers, and spin, 1/4 avocado, side of orange pepper, coffee with coconut oil

Meal 2 - 12:00 pm big ass salad topped with salmon, 1/4 avocado, peppers, and 1 tbsp olive oil

Meal 3 - 6:30 pm - creamy chicken tomato soup, handful almonds, handful raisins, 2 tbsp almond butter!!

I cleaned houses for 9 hours today, and looking back I realized that I totally didn't eat enough to sustain me...my energy was stable throughout the day but I was ravenous when I got home! I could not get myself out of the kitchen, I was sneaking in for baby spoon size servings of almond butter out of the jar! Learning about myself though, and my job is just too active to go so low carb all day-good info to know!

On the other hand, my husband came home from working out of town all week and said I look visibly smaller and way more toned! Woo hoo!! We're planning a weekend getaway mid August so I might run my Whole30 a bit longer up until a few days before our trip. Another day down!

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Meal 1 - 8:00 am - egg pancakes x 3, guacamole on the side, coffee

Meal 2 - 12:30 pm - huge salad from mellow mushroom: mushrooms, olives, peppers, onions, chicken, carrots, radishes, and lemon

Meal/snack 3 - 3:30 pm - 2/3 banana, celery with guac, handful almonds, couple bites of an apple (at the beach, I was nibbly)

Meal 4 - 7:30 pm - creamy chicken tomato soup, celery with guac, 2 tbsp almond butter, couple handfuls of fresh cherries

I stayed strong at lunch today, we stopped @ sonic on the way to the beach and I walked next door to get a salad, which turned out to be delish. Still hard to resist ice cream though...then tonight we ordered pizza for the pile of kids at my house. I've been grazing post-dinner but still don't feel satisfied...pretty tired of feeling this way....but I love my steady energy and lack of stomach troubles all day. Guess its a trade-off.

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Staying Whole30 compliant on the weekends is a bitch, at least around my family. My mother in law had us over for lunch and served filets (marinated in dales seasonings so I had to eat a NY Strip instead), red potatoes roasted in butter, deviled eggs, homeade yeast rolls, fruit, and carrot cake (homeade) for dessert. I stayed compliant (yay!!) but then had a total binge SWYPO experience when I got home....my husband is working out of town for the summer and saying goodbye to him on sun afternoon SUCKS. I always just want to emotionally eat my way to bed, which I pretty much did, but I managed to technically stay compliant. At least I didn't dive into the leftover cheese pizza in my fridge (which is going in the dumpster tomorrow!)

Without further ado, here's day 20's damage (may the calorie gods take pity on me and my body fat comp):

Meal 1- 8:30- two eggs fried in coconut oil, spin, side of kraut, 1 egg pancake with a smear of guac, small serving of diced plums/bananas, coffee

Meal 2 - 12:30- handful almonds, two bites chicken, coffee with coconut milk

Meal 3 - 3:30- ny strip, large salad with tomatoes, green beans, watermelon and pineapple

Meal 4 - 8:30ish- SWYPO binge: banana "ice cream", cocoa date balls x 8 or 9, two bites of leftover steak

All in all not my best day, but considering the fact that a month or so ago I put away a whole bag of Newman O's on top of a big mac and some fries I'm going to call it a win. Progress is progress. The End.

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Haven't logged the past few days, life has been really busy!

I have been doing pretty well with my meals, egg/veg/fat for breakfast, salad w/ protein for lunch, protein/veg/fruit for dinner...

I did have a couple of nights of SWYPO foods-damn those delicious date balls!! Luckily I'm out of dates and almond butter, and won't be buying anymore until after my Whole30 is up-less than one week left now!

Today was good, did have 1/2 sweet potato w/ bfast (post power yoga workout) and a handful of grapes/coconut flakes after dinner, but good other than that. I screwed up and broke a rule and got on the scale this morning...bad idea, truly.

Almost the weekend again...last one of my current whole30! Need to meal plan this weekend and start thinking about reintroduction. Going to start a new Whole30 beginning of Sept.

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This will be my final (current) W30 weekend, too! Seems like it has gone by fast, somehow. I'm pretty unsure still about what I want things to look like post-W30, so I'm planning on spending some quality time with ISWF to re-read that part of the book and do a little planning. I'm not sure when I'll do my next Whole30, but I'm thinking very soon I might do a "Walking30" -- challenging myself to get out and go for a walk every single day for 30 days. The food thing I'm fairly good at exercising self-discipline, but exercise, I can't seem to get myself motivated for more than a day or two at a time. A 30-day challenge might just do the trick!

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