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Does my typical day look ok to you? I feel fine, but my concerns are some days I retain a lot of water (clothes noticeably tighter) and some days I feel like my food was never digested and is just sitting in my stomach (not too comfortable or flattering). I know vegetables can cause bloating, but I have been paleo for more than 3 years. I also drink Kombucha which has probiotics. Thoughts?

Typical day:

Breakfast: 2 eggs, 1-2tbsp coconut oil, tomatoes, spinach, coffee

Lunch: Kombucha, 4ounce fish, greens, 1whole red bell pepper, sometimes other vegetables, 1tbsp olive oil, vinegar, .25 avocado

Sometimes snack: almonds, apple

Dinner: 4ounce chicken or beef, 1-2tbsp coconut oil, some mix of vegetables such as onion, mushroom, zucchini, carrot, broccoli

Sometimes I throw in a sweet potato somewhere if I need the fuel.


I mix it up with yoga 2-3x per week, running 3miles 3-4x per week, light weight lifting 2x per week, and I walk at least an hour a week.

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I think you need to eat more. A LOT more. For example, the template for eggs says as many as can fit into your hand; I have pretty small hands but I can fit 3 easily, and 4 if I stand still. I would need more food than that even sitting on the couch, and with your workout schedule it looks like you're doing some days with 2 workouts and at least something every day!


For water retention: what's your salt intake like? You don't want to go either too low or too high, and it's easy to get too low when you're not eating processed junk.


Digestion: have you tried taking digestive enzymes or betaine HCL with meals?


Vegetables/bloating: have you looked into FODMAPs at all?


Random other thing: what kind of fish are you eating? If it's not bone-in fish, you may want to look into bone-in sardines or salmon, or start drinking bone broth for some more calcium.

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Thanks for the tips. I cook with a little bit of sea salt and iodized salt. How much do I need each day? I've tried digestive enzymes but haven't stuck with them for extended periods of time. I can try them again. I looked up FODMAPs. I certainly have all those symptoms. It's worth a shot. It says coconut is off limits. Does that include coconut oil? Thanks.

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Unless you are one of those people who would eat salt by the teaspoon, just salting your food to a pleasant taste while cooking should give you enough. The problem that most people have is avoiding salt when cooking, not using too much. 


I have heard of people with FODMAP issues doing okay using coconut oil, but I don't have direct experience. You might want to try eliminating other FODMAPS while holding onto coconut oil and give it up if you don't experience satisfactory improvements.

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I don't know about you but for me, nuts (especially almonds) are a straight ticket to bloatville. Maybe try giving them up for a week or two and see how you do?


For other easy snacks, I like those individual foil pouches of tuna (you can get them anywhere, and you don't need a can opener for them; super convenient), guacamole with veggies, or just a small piece of meat. I cooked up a big pot of turkey hearts from my CSA the other day; 2 or 3 of those are perfect for a snack.

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