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First Whole30 results with pic


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So I hummed and hawed about starting my first Whole30 for months. There always seemed to be a reason to put it off, birthdays, work travel, another birthday, summer...well one day I just decided there was never going to be a perfect time to start and started Aug1 despite the excuses I could have told myself. Vacation started Aug2, I had to make 8 dozen cupcakes for a wedding on Aug4, my wedding anniversary was Aug29, my husband and daughter were not participating and happily ate VERY non-compliant food around me, and it's summer...hello BBQ's and cold beer!

Well I rocked my Whole30! The first week was hard but the daily emails kept me on track, I did NOT want to check the link "I made some bad choices...lets start my whole30 over". Over the course of my Whole30 journey my energy improved, my skin became clearer, and after that first week i was in such a fantastic mood. The best part though was how I felt about food. Food still had to taste good but more importantly I ate to fuel my body. I never had a meal that made me feel uncomfortably stuffed, bloated, ill, or in need of a nap. I didn't start my W30 to fix any medical concerns I just had a really bad relationship with food. I would eat something because it tasted good not because I was hungry, then go back for seconds, because it was there. Now I find raw, steamed and roasted veggies are amazing, and my meals are so delish and satisfying. At the end of my first Whole30 I decided to do another one starting September 1st :).

As for stats... well I'm quite overweight so based on reading other people's success stories I was optimistic I would lose a fair bit of poundage but on the scale I only lost 7.6lb. It did bum me out initially but luckily i took before and after photos, looked at them and decided it was time for me to break up with the scale, he's just not good for me and only knows how to tell part truths.

So here's a pic of my Aug1 and Aug31...I'm not great at taking selfies, I never know where to look...lol


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Great job! Did you per chance take tape measurements? 7.6 lbs in a month is not really anything to sneeze at either.

I have measurements from a few months back but didn't take any directly before or after. If its a number I will obsess about it and have difficulty looking at the results objectively. Case in point the 7.6lb loss, like you said it's nothing to sneeze it which is absolutely true but in my head I thought the number would be around 10 based on how my clothes were fitting so when it was less than that I was dissapointed which is really stupid.

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