Mothball mouth?

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Might as well start with the embarrasing questions first! ;)

I started the Whole30 on Saturday. Just today (Wednesday, five days after starting) I am having some hellfire breath. It smells like mothballs. ??

Been eating: chicken, homemade ghee, fruits and berries, nuts (walnut, pistachio, hazelnut, almond), spinach, date dots (nuts, coconut, coconut oil, dates, dried cherries), good chicken sausage, avocado

Recently added: coconut milk, porkchops, bananas

I might be missing a few items but that is the basics.

I had headaches in the afternoon for the first few days but today I am feeling more in control of my cravings. No headaches. I don't feel magically super awesome but I don't feel crappy either. I have been eating fruit when I want, so I am not going ultralowcarb.

Anyone know what might be happening that is making my breath killer all of a sudden?

Everyones's noses thank you. Including mine.


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Weird. I wasn't trying for ketosis. Can one accidently get into ketosis? I always thought it was something you had to work hard for. I have not been restricting my carbs to a super low amount. I eat fruit when I like.

Mothball mouth hasn't completey resolved itself but it is sure less, today than a week ago.

Thanks again.


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You weren't asking for a consult on your food, but you only mention one vegetable. Spinach is a good one, but you need a variety of veggies and lots of them to achieve your best level of health. And it might help with the mothball mouth thing.

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