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Headaches and Light-headedness


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I had a headache for a few days too.  As far as the light-headedness are you eating enough?  Not sure about that one except you arent getting enough to eat.  Make sure to drink plenty of water too.  The headaches should go away.  I am sure someone else can chime in and give you better advice, but I know about the dull headache that doesn't want to go away. It does. :)  

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For the headache you may just have to tough it out, try adding a sweet potato to a meal today and see if that helps.

My 22 yr old daughter was getting light headed (specifically upon standing/rising) we took her blood pressure and it was pretty low. We increased her salt and water in take and it has been fine. You may want to check your BP and increase the salt. We salt EVERYTHING!

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